This is what happens when you stop taking Ozempic

Ozempic, it’s actually most within nation proper now, however what occurs once you cease taking it? Ozempic is a part of a category of known as glp-1 Agonist, and they’re actually essential, secure and efficient for folks with kind 2 .

However about 10 years in past on earth of weight problems drugs, it was found, as we do, with a variety of drugs that there’s a aspect impact could also be helpful and we’re speaking in regards to aspect impact of weight reduction quick ahead.

One in every of these drugs lately was FDA, authorized for particularly weight reduction for people who find themselves overweight or obese and, in fact, like many drugs. They’re additionally used off label particularly and completely and intentionally, to have an effect on weight reduction.

These are normally injections they’re given by the person. By the sufferers within the stomach is the commonest location as soon as per week. These drugs are usually nicely tolerated, however one of many methods during which they have been work is by slowing the emptying of the abdomen.

So one of many uncomfortable side effects, not surprisingly, might be GI. Nausea, in some circumstances, even vomiting, of his diarrhea or bowel points and in uncommon circumstances, pancreatitis and irritation of the pancreas and these do carry a black field warning for a uncommon kind of thyroid most cancers.

So what occurs if somebody have been to take one in every of these drugs like ozempic, lose some weight after which discontinue or cease taking the remedy? Clearly it is variable, it isn’t one. Measurement suits all and particular person outcomes and long-term outcomes will are likely to range, however basically we now have to keep in mind that the circumstances of obese and weight problems are advanced.

Persistent issues which have a large number of things resulting in them habits is one in every of them. Setting, genetics, even different drugs which may be related to weight achieve, are an enormous a part of the image.

So if you happen to take away a kind of variables, on this case, a drugs that has been useful in reaching weight reduction, it’s attainable, if unlikely, that the individual will regain some or all or much more, of the load that they’ve misplaced.

It is dependent upon how a lot was was misplaced within the first place. It is dependent upon the individual and their particular person particular elements.


  • It is a poison, 6 months of hell

  • Stay away from every drug people. Especially those from Pharma…

  • We don't know how safe it is yet.

  • There is no shortage of Ozempic, Denmark where it is made has plenty. I also think America could have produced Ozempic themselves years ago. But money is in junk food, fad diets, weight loss surgeries, heart surgeries, diabetes medication and even funerals. They are saying Ozempic can even help with Diabetes type 1 which is a game changer. Hope Denmark produces shed loads and this becomes more valuable than gold. This is better than Covid vaccinations and probably will wipe out a lot of issues than many companies make billions from.

  • Obesity is not any less serious than diabetes.

  • My doctor offered me Ozempic twice, and I turned it down twice, but I'm tempted to take it.

  • I think it is foolish of people to take Ozempic without adjusting their lifestyles along with its use.

  • What happens?
    We won't tell you, Norvo Nordisk gives us the moneys.
    What a waste of 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

  • Quick tip it’s all about money not the health of the people and once you stop using the drug guess what your probly going to do the same diet which was in a calorie surplus so you’ll gain it back and you wouldn’t of gone through a journey of exercising so you want even really feel accomplished and get what women when ya workout your not ganna get big if anything a little muscle makes you even sexier stop falling for the quick first it’s almost always not the answer and marketing will getcha

  • Thyroid cancer? Excuse me? Yeah thank God o searched up this drug before I injected myself rn with it. THANK YOU for bringing this into awareness. 🙏🏻

  • It's popular because it gives every bloated House Frau the opportunity to once again lose weight without effort.

  • So prerty much depends on the person, case by case 🙄

  • No matter what you choose, diet, exercise or meds. Weight loss is not easy. I recently shared my story on my channel, on how I lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks, which could be really helpful to anyone struggling with weight loss.

  • My girlfriend went to the doctor to get this. She wasnt even obese. Now shes lost so much weight i'm not even attracted to her anymore. She has no intention of stopping to use it. So the only solution for me will be to leave her.

  • oh brother. no sh!t Sherlock. stop taking it u gain weight back. how ground breaking

  • Such lies. Obesity is not caused by “many” factors. It’s caused by one. Overeating. Period. Full stop.

    This medication works by causing people’s appetite’s to fall off a cliff. So they enter a state of calorie deficit. So they lose weight. So it follows then that if they stop taking the drug and then return to old eating patterns because they never developed the discipline to tell their body “no” just because it gives them a little hunger pang…and they then return to overeating….they will gain the weight back.

    Ozempic is essentially a medication that people who are just so lacking in mental toughness they they just refuse to endure basic discomfort of something as common as hunger…can still get the results they want without making any significant sacrifices involving discomfort.

    I am achieving similar results right now without taking this drug. I just….don’t eat on Wednesday and Friday. At all. Then eat modestly the rest of the week.

    I need 2200 calories a day to maintain my current weight so fasting 2 full days a week means I am -4400 calories for the week. Since a pound of fat is 3500 calories…I lose a pound a week and then some. Every week.

    No Ozempic needed.

    Now do I have to endure some discomfort? Yes. But once you do it 4 weeks in a row it isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s like going to work. That’s not fun either…but you get used to it.

  • So it depends. Thanks for the information 👍🏼

  • Wish she could have given a nice straight forward answers. That's what I dont like about these reporters, they lure w eye catching simple leading questions. Actually the comments are more valuable than the reporters'.

  • This isn't GMA, its an ad.

  • I was put on Ozempic years ago and it hasn't done a thing for me, except pollute my body with more garbage

  • M S

    What happens when you stop taking Ozempic?
    The same thing that happens when you stop any diet. You lose control and gain weight again. So if you have always been obese and lose a lot of weight you need to always follow a strict routine so you don't go back. The same with Ozempic… but at least it helps you NOT to have that awful food noice in your head that will always be a threat to your weight. When you have reached your goal you can lower the dose, since you don't need to lose more. But it will help you keep control. That might be worth it for many people.

  • Eating grass fed and grass finished cows meat and some organs and fasting also will help you tremendously.

  • Its crap dont take it just do carnivore diet and you will reverse type 2 diabetes

  • C C

    Rare type of thyroid cancer. Nope, I'm going to the gym and cutting back my earing.

  • Not a single useful statement made. 2:45 to say "dunno"

  • Studies have recently found that obesity is a side effect of gluttony, who would have thunk

  • Anything the drug companies are trying to sell you is poison.

  • How do you say a lot then say nothing …

  • I mean who doesn’t want their stomach paralyzed ? 🥴

  • I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off over the past 16 months doing Keto. My goal was to be within the guidelines for my BMI and give my joints a break from carrying the extra weight around. Check out Dr Berg and hear what he says about insulin resistance. 👍

  • No one is fat for no reason. Most common cause is overconsumption of mainly poor quality foods and a sedentary lifestyle. Fix those two things first.

  • TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 DIABETES CAN BE HEALED BY ONE'S DIET. STOP EATING "CARBS" – I healed all my issues by just my diet. Find a nutritionist and stop listening to these doctors who know NOTHING about metabolic syndrome. Some good Doctors on youtube Dr Berry, Dr Huberman and Dr Eckberg (eckberg is hard core he does his videos like you are a pre-med student), This is doctor berry's video:

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