Throw away your Allergy Meds (Easy Herbal Allergy Remedy that really Works)

When you endure from seasonal allergy symptoms, it’s possible you’ll be searching for pure treatments to assist alleviate your signs. One of the vital efficient treatments for allergy symptoms is a mixture of alfalfa and nettles. Alfalfa and nettles are each wealthy in nutritional , minerals, and different useful compounds that may assist scale back irritation and enhance your immune system. Right here’s methods to use alfalfa and nettles as an treatment for allergy symptoms.

First, you’ll must alfalfa and nettles in both capsule or powder kind. Each will be discovered at most well being meals shops. Take one capsule or one teaspoon of powder thrice a day.

Subsequent, you’ll wish to make a utilizing alfalfa and nettles. To do that, add one teaspoon of every to a cup of boiling water. Let the steep for 10 minutes, then pressure and drink. You possibly can drink this as much as thrice a day.

Lastly, you can even make a tincture utilizing alfalfa and nettles. To do that, mix one half alfalfa and one half nettles in a jar. Fill the jar with vodka or apple cider and let it sit for 2 weeks. After two weeks, pressure the liquid and retailer it in a darkish bottle. Take one teaspoon of the tincture thrice a day.

Utilizing alfalfa and nettles as an treatment for allergy symptoms can assist scale back irritation and enhance your immune system. Be sure you seek the advice of along with your physician earlier than taking any natural treatments, and at all times comply with the beneficial dosage. With common use, you must begin to see an enchancment in your allergy signs.


  • Have you tried it as a preventative?

  • i don't have issue with rhinitis now, but hives is my biggest issue now. I am itching again all over. mosquito, and probably the plants outside.

  • I started to get seasonal allergies about five years ago. I'm not a healthy eater but thats going to change because this year my allergies have been out of control and I've just been suffering and not doing anything about it and I'm afraid to buy anything from the store due to potential side effects. Thank you for this video. Someone told me to eat raw onion and I can say I'm super impressed because I just ate one thirty minutes ago and already feel much relief. Maybe the pharmaceutical industry doesn't want us to know that God created remedies that are natural and safe. Thanks so much again Jesus really does love us.

  • I have read about poke berries. But people are saying they are good for different things. How do you feel about them?

  • Another great video!

    I luckily don't have allergies, but have friends and family who do. I will definitely add this to my list of natural medicines. Pollen also helps with allergies and a dozen other health issues. I think I'll add some pollen to this recipe to try out.

    I love your channel!

  • Can you please tell the name of that green leaves

  • Will this help for severe itchy eyes?

  • You should rename this how to fill a capsule. What is the formulation? Where is the research? Where are the testimonials?

  • Hi! Great video! I love your channel! I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for herbs to encapsulate or make a tincture from that will help combat histamine response in the case of bee stings. I am allergic and carry antihistamines and an epi-pen, but I've never needed to use that, thankfully. So, I know you're not giving medical advice and I have my Western medical protocol, but want something to complement that protocol in those situations. I'm reading about butterbur, nettle, mullein, dandelion root, centaury. I don't currently have alfalfa, but I have tons of other herbs to work with which I didn't list above. Do you think a tincture or capsule would be best?

  • This is great! If I don’t wanna do the pills, could I make a tea or something instead?

  • I wonder if the amount in the capsule is enough as they are so small.

  • What is the dosage? Sorry if it is a repeat question.

  • In many of your video titles it's mentioned to "throw away you meds" even if it's figuratively intended it would be wise to refrain from such suggestions.

  • What nettle? Is it stinging nettle?

  • Planet Ayurveda's Aller-G Care is the best remedy for any kind of Allergy

  • i have a toddler who cannot take pills any other ideas for her

  • I absolutely love you're channel and find it so helpful. Have you ever made homemade pedialyte pedialyte and tried canning it? Everything I find on line says it's good up to 3 days in the fridge

  • Any one can tell me the herb 🌿 which she used

  • This is interesting. Thank you. I grow a box of nettles and try to drink the tea regularly…I didnt get round to it enough this year and have had seasonal allergies so once done..this sounds like a good idea.

  • What if your allergies are so bad that you are even allergic to many herbs even?

  • How do you make the tincture? I don’t have the money to buy all this

  • Hi I am from SA and suffered from Angina for years untill I started making a tincture of nettle. 40 drops in a little water per day for 7months and my pains receded more and more till completely gone in 1yr. Just saying so it might help someone else❤

  • We're can I buy the capsule shells

  • c r

    Hi, what helped me was a low histamine diet bc my body does not rid itself of histamines very well.

  • OH MY GOODNESS!!! you are amazing! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for this video, and for this information! I am so excited as I've been using this supplement for 2 weeks. I see some changes in the way my sinuses usually react when I sneeze… there is a big difference just in these two weeks. I started sneezing every morning, which makes the nose runny and dripping. Yesterday I took 2 caps every two hours (during the day) and when I woke this morning, no sneezing😮 . I am so very grateful to you!🙂(((hugs))) especially since I'm canning and I use my back porch, outside and it's already 10am and I havent sneezed once

  • I found that my kicking sugar out of my diet my hayfever doesn’t flare up as much.

  • I was excited to see this video as I suffer badly with allergies, however I'm allergic to weed pollens so can't take nettle😢😢😢

  • Keeping those swabs out of your nostrils work better!!! People need to start researching what your so-called doctor is liable for doing to their patients, most are ignorant or that's what they were required to do according to the medical services!

  • Is there the same health effects when you eat them in smoothies? I'm assuming yes

  • My go to for a sinus pressure headache is purple dead nettle tea. Sudafed works great, but it raises my blood pressure. Purple dead nettle doesn't.

  • Also factor people have so many allergies is poor gut health, chemical overload from everyday products and poor diet. They want us sick and nearly dead to feed big pharma.

  • I use that capsule machine also. It is so easy and quick!

  • I ordered me the little pill maker and got the herbs and made them and I cannot tell you the difference that it has made in my allergies.

  • Mattress dust mite uv light vacuum cleaners help a lot too

  • I would love to try this! I am growing many medicinal herbs in my garden. God bless you with 11 kids!

  • I was wondering if you can sell your salves and herbal remedies at farmers' markets? If you do or if you know you can, how do you display them or describe your remedies, their purpose, and how they can be used for certain ailments or injuries without the Government using its hundred pound "HAMMER OF JUSTICE" like they did to the Amish who tried to sell dairy products and meat.

    I would also like to know where you found this information. I have bought a couple of books regarding home remedies, but any real information in them was written with total vagueness or just side stepped almost everything important from plant identification to recipes i.e. I know because of a history teacher in grade school who said white willow bark was used as a mild pain remedy for thousands of years. But the (Two) books that I read only said "Willow Bark was used for many centuries and when ingested in moderation seemed to have some positive effects with certain ailments, although you should always consult doctor or pharmacist". That was the gist of both of my books which only stated that bark from a willow had medicinal properties. They did have other things of use so I will not say they were bad or uninformative, but they did not contain what information I was seeking to learn.

    If you have knowledge of any books that are detailed with plaint identification and recipes or guidelines without being scientific and that you may feel comfortable recommending for those of us who would like to make our own "Folk Medicine" that would be appreciated.

    I was informed by my local librarian (that she believes) that the reason for such vague information is the FDA and Pharma try to prevent anyone writing these types of books which state what herbs and medicinal plants can be used to treat sicknesses, unless it is worded very carefully, which is why I have found books on this topic lacking any detailed information about what plants and minerals are used and for what purpose or cure. I was told old books would have most of what I am looking for, but I do not have information on either titles or authors.

    I am looking to learn about which plants can be used to create medication for sicknesses such as I would like to say treat a headache or a migraine and want a book that gives directions of which plant in whole or part is needed, the recipe which are known and what other ailments can the plant treat so that I may make medicine or even grow the plants myself. like in your videos I would like to learn about making my own antibiotic soap or ointment. I would also like to learn which plants to grow.

    Thank you in advance for any advice you my give which my point me in the right direct for me to research more of this topic.

  • Please give us a link to that capsule maker. ❤😊thx

  • just wondering if anyone has ever studied bright eye I have been using it in received a lot of relief from my pressure sinus ECT not to mention it helps with other various issues throughout the body and it's an antiviral also and I just thought I'd mention that on here also olive leaf extract which is an antiviral anti-bacterial antifungal and and known as the strongest anti-inflammatory on Earth which brings me to a question however off-topic it's still contingent to can you I know this is silly but I would have thought asking if you could dehydrate chicken broth would be silly to so here it is can you freeze dry or dehydrates olive oil for the purpose of adding to supplement because olive oil is one of God's super califragilistic expialidocious type of tree and leaf and plant so many amazing medicinal properties that help with allergies digestion constipation I want to work on a home remedy formula package for people dealing with issues and allergies are always a byproduct of digestive issueswell as they say the root of it all is in the gut and I'm working on redoing my gut I'm Green in all of this but after being hit with covid 3 * and doctors trying to tell me I had breast cancer and then trying to tell me I had periodontal disease that was taking me out that spread through my body than trying to tell me I had some type of other things going on in my digestive system because of infection traveling all the way through I decided that God's natural way of doing things was the way I was going to stick to it and God doesn't change unlike the diagnosis at the doctor every time and I'm so glad I didn't listen that first time about you know that cancer thing I prayed that one through and felt like it had more to do with the fact that throughout the year 2021 through 2023 my husband and I ate lots of sugary fatty comfort comfort foods and I knew that was bad 😞 but I didn't know that we would be hit with covid 3 times and that I would find out that I had periodontal disease even though my teeth except for one that I had to get a crown on our good?😊 that still boggles my mind the dentist says well the good news is is all of your teeth are good except for the one that we have to do a root canal the bad news is is you have periodontal disease and the infection did this and that and so after literally over a year of battling this I have come to the realization that the only real way to successfully do supplementation and make sure that you have good stuff that you're putting in your body and you're not getting ripped off royally is to make it and do it yourself or get in with a company that makes the products that you know you can trust have you thought of making products and selling them?

  • My wife is on allergy meds!! About a half hour after she takes them she's out of it and has to go to bed!! They literally knock her out and they DON'T even work!!

  • 🤩🌈🪷🧩🙏🎼🛸💎🦋🌟

  • How can I use my home grown alfalfa sprouts?

  • Kindly write the herbs names as it must be with different name in our language

  • How does alfalfa help with hay fever – alfalfa is hay..

  • Plz tell again about which herbs are these?

  • What about milk , gluten allergy or celiac disease

  • Looks nice.but I can't understand it properly.i have swear migraine and allergy problems ..any one can help me to define it in urdu.

  • Caroline, thank you so much for this video! This is such a relief to find something so easy to make and better for the body than what is currently out there. Do you have any ideas like this for something like inflammation or celiac? I would love to see more videos on other easy homemade remedies like this. Thank you again!

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