The #1 Tip To Improve Eyesight Naturally


  • You Put this in its full picture.Things are connected to other things.

  • Thank you, your video really helped.
    Now I need to put your words into action.

  • The only thing mental about myopia is the eye is connected to the brain, where was mental myopia 150 years ago and when did the mental portion start lol So reading and screens are no part of myopia huh?? Crazy to me

  • In the movement , do you focus on something directly in front and focus on it and notice the background movement, or vice versa?

  • Is your idea of noticing periphery and seeing everything at the same time contrary to central fixation?

  • I must write a review so far for all the people who are wondering how it progresses. I'll do this in bite-size chunks to get it all out without overdoing it.

    1. I am -1.25 in my right eye and -1.5 in my left eye (the difference feels large to me when I use one eye at a time) and I'm 17 years old as of now. I first stumbled upon the 'Learning with Mark Warren' youtube channel precisely a year ago, marking how long into this journey I am.

    2. My first clear flash happened near the end of last summer, after a game of football in which I was purposefully noticing my peripheral when moving around my mates and objects. The flash happened when I was cycling back home (the flashes tend to happen to me after the 'constant noticing' when I start to loosen up a bit). It triggered when I looked up quite suddenly, I happened to see a person's face far away very clearly for the first time in about 4 years (the person was around 20 meters away).

    3. Despite the realisation that reversing myopia was truly do-able (especially after my second flash – it was in a grocery shop and every sign was visible, so it felt quite surreal) my streaks ended too often, where I found myself back to my normal lack of peripheral concentration.

    4. After a few tries, each come-back feels easier and I was at a point where I was doing it every time I cycled back from my college. One afternoon doing so, I was using license plates as my central vision and I triggered a clear flash that lasted after a blink (I was still locking onto the license plate after each blink) and I thought I'd finally cracked it. Once again my motivation disappeared silently, and naturally.

    5. Now to date. I received a heap of motivation since my summer is halfway through and I want to improve my vision before I go back to college. Yesterday I was very comfortable noticing my peripheral frequently, since now I have a lot of experience after my many tries and fails. I had a major clear flash yesterday – meaning, if you did happen to leave your routine for months, it still comes back as strong. However, today when I was cycling back from the gym (yesterday's clear flash occurred when I was leaving the same gym) I had many clear flashes and I know it's getting easier each day I do these habits.

    6. In conclusion, do not give up. I have many times but I always come back. It gets easier with time and you must be patient. I understand I don't have high myopia, but i know ill never have to wear glasses in my life with Mark's information he has blessed us with. No one can take the information away, I'm sure ill remember this in years to come. I strongly believe when I'm older I will still retain this habit.

    7. I haven't seen permanent improvement in my eyesight yet but I have seen improvement in my progress and flashes.

    Good luck everyone. I'll happily answer questions to the best ability.

  • Hey mark just wanna say thank you for all your doing. Secondly, I wanna ask if you would mind touching base on the subject of eye floaters. I currently suffer from them and I’m noticing a lot more people say they do as well especially the younger generation. Would love to hear your perspective on them and if you know of any remedies to help them. The subject is hardly talked about at all. Thank you!

  • Thanks for creating such videos.

  • Keeping eyes open reminds me of the tratak tecnique.
    Did you ever try it it?.
    I did some time back to help me with my focus, but at that time i did not do any test to see if it was helping me.
    Thanks for the information.

  • Hey can you please help me with eye floaters?

  • Can ortho K lenses be used while trying to improve the eyesight naturally or the ortho K lenses are not safe

  • Thanks that was reassuring and helpful.

  • Mark, I am glad that you find a way to improve your vision and vision of others that you helped, and most of your suggestion and explanations make sense for me except one, although I don't doubt in the efficacy that you had with it – and that is related to trying not to blink for 2 mins or so while doing movement/rocking exercises. I thought that Bates and most of other natural eyesight improvement techniques made comments how people with bad eyesight do not blink frequently enough, and how blinking itself is very good relaxation action for eyes, whereas here during exercises we try not to blink for these short periods of time. Moreover, you mention that stinging and watering of eyes is result of relaxation, whereas it comes to my mind that it should be normal reaction of eyes to prolonged periods of not blinking, right?

  • Mark, I'm a little late to the game here but wanted to tell you how proud I am of you & all you're doing! I've been busy slowly improving because that's my life for now but I'm excited to get back on task, thanks to you!

  • When im aware of the peripheral, it engages active focus. When I look at what im looking at, it engages active focus, blur is cleared both ways, maybe your way is faster because you include everything not just central.

  • Wow, I have small myopia (-2,5) but I don't feel comfortable using my phone without glasses, because the screen gets slightly blurry, but I took off my eyeglasses, stretched and yawned a few times just like you said, and the vision is slightly but noticeably better 😮

  • You may already know this but….

    What you are explaining is the activation of the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex…Its often called the 6th sense…People who are dyslexic often suffer from an over-activation of the Vestibular System which can cause disorientation and or vertigo…

    There is an entire branch of physical therapy for people with hyper active VOR issues. Its the exact opposite condition as astigmatism in many cases…

    The exercises consist of focusing your eyes on one point in space while you move you head left to right…This reduces the VOR… What you explain increases the VOR, by moving the eyes and head together…

    My guess is that the medical people either arent smart enough to understand that myopia is caused by an under use of the Vestibular sense or that it is intentionally withheld from the public so as to keep the "Eyeglass" scam going which is a 100 Billion dollar industry….It took me 20 years to learn this information..Im glad you are speaking on it because there is solid nueroscience backing your conclusions….

  • Mark you say you wore glasses for 30+ years. How old were you when you began ?

  • I'd like to draw a tech comparison here. This is a video I just watched comparing the cameras of the latest two generations of base-line iPhones: Interesting thing is, the sensor ("the eye") hasn't changed at all, the only thing that has changed is the chip hence the processing of the raw signal ("the brain"). In the latest generation and with the better chip, pictures come out significantly sharper and with more detail. This is quite similar what we are doing here. We're not changing the sensor alias the eye and its physics. We are working on how the brain processes this signal. Now, a question to me that is still unanswered is this: Are we correcting an imperfect signal coming from the eye (the theory that the eyeballs of myopiatic persons is too long) while processing of a less-than-ideal signal, or are we just teaching our brain to use its full processing capabilities, which for some reason it has failed to develop when we were growing up, just pulling it to the same level where non-myopiatic persons are. We all know how powerful our brains are. Examples of persons with sensory abilities, where in turn their other senses seem to be becoming so much better, shows this most vividly.

  • May 25th 2021 – I had my yearly eye test after being "short-sighted" for 14 years and my eyesight worsened. As it did every year. Shortly after, I found your channel and did the exercises. I didn't do them as consistently as I should have, though.

    June 10th 2022 – I had my yearly eye test and guess what? My eyesight didn't get any worse! My prescription stayed the same!

    I want to thank you so much for what you have shared with us! I know eventually I will get to a point where I no longer need glasses!

    This works guys!

  • Sir, I can't understand your accent. I have astigmatism of -2 in left eye. Please write which side I have to tilt my head&eye. Thank you Sir

  • Today as I was walking I lowered my head completely to see my right foot move to walk. To the right of my foot was the road that flowed effortlessly. I said to myself "try looking at a pebble on the road" and the road stopped flowing. I played on this phenomenon for about 500 meters. I blocked the road and then let it flow again while i was walking. This got me thinking, the movement can also be seen with effort that's why maybe the stinging doesn't happen immediately. Telling ourselves "watch the movement" may be wrong because it involves a mental effort for doing it. I tell myself this instead: sit comfortably on the back of my head and receive the movement and the eyes become moist in the lower part, the vision remains clear even blinking and i receive the image.

  • Hello mark ,
    I am 14 and during lockdown i didn't go outside of my house for approx 1 year and now I have myopia -1 and -2 . But i am confused I have never worn glasses should I start wearing them with reduced prescription or should I just increase outdoor time and I dunno if I have pseudomyopia or not but the doctor checked for it by dropping atropine drops . What should I do pls help ?????

  • Thank u.. M appplying it on my son having -10 d

  • Thank you so much ❤️🌷

  • Thanks a lot for coming back after long time

  • 4:19 what are the 15 things that cause your vision to become blurry?

  • I did swinging for one week at a TV and walking on streets, my eyesight sharper now but when i am trying to play computer games or reading or watching something my eyes are getting tired and hurting after 10 minets inspite of i am swinging all that time… At least i can watch TV without tiredness. My eyesight was -6 and now, i think it's about -5.5 coz i literally see the difference.

  • Hi Mark I've noticed that everytime I do triangulation the object that where I'm focusing my eyes gets blurry. Is it normal??? Thank you for your response 🥰

  • "started seeing things differently" – quite literally.

  • Also how about using pinhole glasses rather low dioptre specs ??? Please give views.

  • Are you able to completely focus on your work along with awareness of periphery now. Did your work in hand suffer little bit when you started this.

  • Hey mark I've been doing this for about 2 months now and my eyes have been going back and forth with getting clearer to going back to worse than they were before, back to a lot clearer and so on. Until I found my own truth. Which is that I need:

    1. peripheral noticing through out the day especially when moving
    2. Releases from rocking I try to get at least 10 ciliary releases from rocking a day to build the habit of peripheral awareness
    3. triangulation, also trying to get 10 ciliary releases from this method. I found rocking and peripheral awareness did not last long if I did not do triangulation consistently. So I need to incorporate movement, awareness, rocking and triangulation allll at the same time in order to find consistent success.

    Doing 10 releases from rocks and 10 releases from triangulations plus noticing my peripheral majority of the day has been taking my eyes to a new longer lasting clarity and its only been two to three days.last thing is I've also quit video games and using my laptop too much because I haven't built a habit strong enough habit yet to notice peripheral all the time while having to focus on the tasks on screen. Which I found has helped a lot.
    mainly wanted to share this to save others 2 months of going back and forth and ill be journaling progress week to week

    week 1: after getting like 15-20 releases per day for a week i found that after intense stinging i get super clear vision for about 2 minutes. my eyes arent as bad as mark's in the first place where im just starting to need glasses becasue of zoom so ill keep updating. after today this calrity is so intense it feels weird and uncomfortable.

  • Hello Mark, I have a question, my problem is regular headaches. Which significantly hinder everyday functioning. A month ago I found out that I have a visual impairment, myopia and astigmatism (right eye -0.5 and cylinder -0.5, left -0.75). Could you give me some advice? What can I do to reduce the pain? I will be very grateful.

  • Warren,
    I always appreciate your goal and assistance!

  • Mark you should post more often to promote encouragement and awareness. Been doing your basic for a month and a half. So far results are amazing.

    I am about to get the Advanced.

  • Hi Mark, Does mulitfocal contact lens help in training my eye? Multifocal lens always come with Lo, med, and Hi power for reading. Should I use Hi Power in order to relief the eyes the strain of working on computer?

  • hey mark

    did you do lense reduction while fixing your vision?

    thinking about the 1 to 1.5 diopter reduction that endmyopia promotes

  • Some people need to adjust their bite, correct their nose breathe. Over our face we can only move three and some rare cases four muscles; they are nostrils, eyebrows, ears and lips. I can esily notice when my face muscles are distorting my field of view, mainly my left side there I use to have a bad bite connection. And, it gets easier to connect internal cheek walls to molars and front lips to front teeth. I guess lips help eyeballs to move!!

  • What were the 15 things ?

  • Hey, Mr. Warren!

    My big question is that, after a good day's active focus/peripheral awareness, I feel like it's counter productive to wear my normalized glasses again after sunset. I feel like that will worsen the gains that I just made that day.

    I've tried active focus for quite a few days before giving up on it, because I couldn't active focus to clear the blur out. I then wore my normalized glasses for several months before I came across your videos. After I watched your video about active focus and Bates' method being the same thing essentially, I was able to get clear flashes, albeit only for a split second or a couple of seconds. The huge thing for me is that I tried your method without glasses, I used to attempt active focus with my normalized glasses on. I feel like I'm making progress when I'm doing these drills outdoors during the daytime and when I go back home or it's night time, I don't feel like wearing my normalized glasses. What do you suggest?

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  • Dear Mark , ive got very important query what changes did you bring in your diet. Please do elaborate. Thanks alot for everything you do ✌⚘

  • Welcome back! I have already downloaded your basic course and is presently trying to be mindful of the techniques you have taught. It is a big challenge for me to be aware of my peripheral vision constantly but I keep reminding myself and fingers crossed I'll get into the habit soon, thank you for teaching this amazing skill!!

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