• A little bit is better than nothing.

  • Well I was highly skeptical I've taken hundreds maybe 200 different brain supplements over 30 years. Most of them do not work. I tried Prevagen The first day my memory got better. I've been tested my memory was that of a second grader. After a few weeks I noticed my memory was much better. I could do fairly sophisticated math in my head. I could never do that in 1 million years. I noticed that my short-term memory was much better I could keep something in my short-term memory much longer.. I would not believe the FDA they wanted to take nac off the market which is a unbelievably good supplement really harmless but has great benefits for human health. Because they wanted to make it a pharmaceutical supplement again. They're in the pocket of big Pharma no doubt about it.I take 30 mg of Prevagen A day. I do not believe that the placebo effect.I don't believe a placebo effect would allow me to do these mathematical calculations in my brain I don't think that what Happen. Everybody has different genetics some drugs don't work on people with different types of genetics .So the supplement certainly might not work for everybody

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