Mayan Shaman’s Guide to Medicinal Plants in Belize

In the small village of Sokots, nestled just a stone’s throw away from here, there exists a rich tapestry of traditional healers. Growing up, I was fortunate enough witness the incredible abilities of these shamans, who possessed the knowledge and wisdom cure various ailments that plagued our community. Among the numerous sicknesses they combated, such as cirro, ojo, chileo, indiablao, and the formidable malecho, they relied the powers of five plants that have become the cornerstone of my well-being: chaya, ruda, apasote, ortiga, and sabila.

These plants hold a special place in my heart as they have been my trusted companions during moments of illness. Their remarkable healing properties have never failed me, providing relief and restoring health time and time again. However, it is not just their medicinal prowess that makes them invaluable; they also harbor the potential for survival in the unforgiving jungle. Take, for instance, the cania brava, a remarkable plant whose stalk, when peeled and chewed, can sustain an individual for an entire day in the wilderness. It is prudent carry a sufficient amount of this plant, as it can alleviate thirst and hunger when access food and water is scarce.

Allow me to introduce you to the shilka, a remarkable known for its alleged ability to bring good luck to businesses. Such is the enchantment of the flora in this region that even insect bites and bee stings can be soothed and healed by certain plants found right here in Belize. One such example is the pierre de bacchanum, a potent antidote to venom. In dire situations one encounters a venomous snake, simply placing two or three leaves of the cow foot tree on the tongue can neutralize the venom’s effects.

These plants are not only powerful healers but also serve as exquisite adornments for our homes. The bleeding heart, with its delicate beauty, adds a touch of elegance to any space. The mata de aire, or tree of air, exudes a sense of tranquility and brings a breath of fresh air to our living environments. Additionally, the early conures species graces us with its vibrant presence, elevating our connection with nature. Even the humble sakate, a common grass, holds immense value as it aids in the extraction of intestinal stones, proving that the most unassuming of plants can possess remarkable qualities.

Warumu, a plant of great significance to me, plays a pivotal role in the birthing process. By combining its root with that of the lime plant, a concoction is created and administered to expectant mothers. Within minutes, the miraculous powers of these plants facilitate the birth of a healthy baby. It is stories like these that remind us of the profound impact these have on our lives.

As we reflect upon the countless benefits bestowed upon us by these plants, it becomes evident that their preservation and conservation are of paramount importance. They hold the key to our well-being, symbolizing a treasure trove of health and wellness that must be protected for generations to come.

In conclusion, the of Belize have proven time and again to be our steadfast allies in the pursuit of health and vitality. They possess the ability to heal, protect, and bring luck, all while gracing us with their beauty. It is our sacred duty to safeguard and honor these precious gifts from nature, ensuring their availability for future generations.


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  • Wonderful! Do you have a list of the plants he said? Like the blue flower? ( xilca?)

  • Hello, where in Belize does Martinez live? Do you know if he takes students to study Shamanism or happen to have his contact information please? I am visiting Belize January 31-March 23 and want to learn about survival plants.

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