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  • Hi! How cold do winters get in your area? I'm hust wondering what you do with the herb garden during winter? Do you cover the plants with anything, or do they survive as is?

  • Such a wonderful adventure you're on there with some lovely herbs. Would love to hear about how it develops. There are a few herbs there that you have that will self seed numerously, even on no-dig such as clary sage. It is so beautiful when in flower, the bees love it and it has a very distinctive scent. I grew it on No-Dig a few years back using mushroom compost and I have to say it grew so healthily and tall. Lemon balm also beautiful makes such a good companion to chamomile and lavender in tea but will spread like mint as will tansy but again beautiful and the ladybirds love to flock to it as it can often get aphids but I think all those herbs are such a wonderful way to not only stock your pantry with herbal medicine but a fine way to attract benefits insects.

  • Roses are medicinal as well! A really great channel with lots of info is danus irish herb garden!

  • Very nice you are wonderful love your work.🤠keep loving herbs

  • Can’t wait to see this garden update. Thanks for sharing

  • Love this. I am just starting on my journey to medicinal and culinary herbs. It was great to see your beginning as well!

  • Is there an herb that supports a healthy, non-raspy, fresh and upbeat sounding pitch in the voice? I hate that throat gravel sound that makes females sound like they are trying to morph into males. Don't get me wrong an up-speak is even more annoying.

  • Hi there, I have Been looking for a lot of medicinal herbs for a couple of years now, especially the unusual ones that the usual gardeners don't grow, like marshmallow (althea officinalis) and feverfew, valerian for instance.
    Can you please share with me where you order from?
    I'm going nuts trying to find them. Either the seeds or plants. I am in BC

  • Yes yes yes! This is what my garden dreams are made of! I grew a few medicinal herbs this summer even though I had no idea what to do with them! Haha. I ended up using them for herbal teas and dried a ton as well. I'm excited to plant more variety next year and learn other ways to use them other than for tea!

  • Looks great. & in a couple years it will look totally different! 🙂
    Mind if I share a couple of tips? 1) look up sizes of mature plants…some will get huge! Make sure you have walking space. 2) look up apple tree guilds…you can have useful plants for the kitchen, 1st aid & plants that will help your Apples 😊.
    Bonus tip, write a map of plants. I tried those same markers..with permanent marker! & they faded in less than a year!

  • Would love to see an update on this garden! 💗💗💗

  • I love lemon balm and mint, I do just let them do their thing, but I don't have a designated herb area. I move herbs that pop up somewhere I don't want them to the outskirts of my property and try to let everything just grow naturally. I planted horseradish this year to be able to make fire cider. I do also love yarrow and red clover. We live in an area that still gets snow in May, I was shocked at the date of the video and how big everything was already and very jealous. Starting nettle, hyssop, chamomile and some others. I spread seed for Italian dandelion that didn't do anything, hopefully it will go crazy next year.

  • Tansy, Rue and wormwood are ideal to grow next to chickens.
    Wormwood actually is also great to deter whitefly from tomatoes and brassicas.

  • I definitely support audible! I had messed up whem I cancelled my membership (plan was to just cancel temporarily) & when i called, after seeing it had heej coming out for 6 months still, they refunded le no questions asked, when they seen I hadnt been using any of my credits! Most co.panies fight you tooth & nail when theres an issue!

  • So excited for you, enjoy the journey in your new found herb garden. I am sure to follow you on this wonderful experience.

  • It's the mugwort! That grows everywhere whether you plant it or not, and is SO HARD to get rid of if you don't stay vigorously on top of it. I have had the mugwort on my hillside covered with black plastic for over a year and it's still coming up around the edges and random places in my driveway and yard. I think it must seed itself out so easily!

  • The herbalist in me is dying with excitement at your new adventure!! I know everyone is saying Lemon Balm is invasive but it compares nothing to Mugwort!! My entire property (even road) is lined with the stuff. Do not let it go to seed 🙏🏽 you’ll find it all over your homestead 🥴
    Good luck with it all and can’t wait to see what you create with all of these x

  • The Lost Book of Herbal Recipes is also a great book to own, .Nicole Apelian

  • Very nice video. I could tell there was time put into perfecting it. Your a natural in front of the camera. If I didnt know any better I would have thought I was watching a PBS show. Very interesting content, it's good when we can take a step back and say we don't know something and we want to learn it. I've been interested in herb gardens for awhile now, so I look forward to this venture on your channel. The biggest thing for me is how to use what…. Be it in cooking or medicinally. Great video God bless you on your farming adventures.

  • This makes me daydream about growing my own medicinal herbs one day and distilling my own essential oils! <3 So lovely. Such endless exploring in the garden.

  • Beautiful! I am on my second year with sorrel and it's so hearty!

  • Love to see more Shaye 🙂 I Highly recommend The Modern Herbal Dispensatory a Medicine- making Guide by Thomas Easley & Steven Horne and * Peterson Field guide in medicinal plants and Herbs" by Steven Foster & James A Duke* is hard to find good herbal books that do not contain witchcraft.

  • Can I ask where you purchased your herbs (plant or seed)

  • Heidi Villegas on You Tube is really good to follow also.

  • Mugwort spreads below the surface and has thick invasive roots.

  • Were did you order your herbs from my tyme isn't doing g well I have lemon tyme and orange tyme

  • My medicinal herb garden is in pots I have been planting trying to get as much as I can planted

  • Awesome
    I'm doing this also

  • This is SO cool! I'd love to know what books you use for reference with medicinal gardens!

  • Be careful with wormwood, other plants don’t like growing near it, and can deter good pollinators. Wormwood should be planted at the edge of a garden to try and avoid this. 🙂

  • I love lemon balm, it is my favorite smell. I clip it and hang it in my car, closet, bathroom, anywhere.

  • We have stinging nettle growing wild all over our property, beautiful and abundant. I’m assuming that’s the plant they warned you about, it sure does take over! Medicinally, it’s one of my favorite herbs, but it is also such a treat in the kitchen. Nettle salt, nettle on pizza, nettle pesto, nettle bread…all so delicious. Thank you for the reminder to jump in and learn, I get so nervous when it comes to gardening, but I just need to go for it! 🌿

  • You will be both overwhelmed & over joyed with this new garden experience

  • Been gardening for ten years
    This year is the first time we are doing herbs for medical purposes

  • Im not a native speaker but I really enjoyed how many of the herbs' names could be one of those "special" baby names people like to give these days 😂 Such as Tansy, Sorrel, Betony

  • I'm excited to learn with you!!

  • Will these all come back every year?

  • How fun! There are several I’m not familiar with…going to consult my favorite herbal reference book 🙂

    I would recommend being careful with some of these herbs. Like thyme and mint, feverfew, mugwort, and lemon balm will spread quickly and vigorously. Some by root system and some easily self sown/spread on the wind.

    Tansy is considered a noxious weed in my state (Colorado) and you aren’t supposed to plant it here. It spreads easily and is toxic to livestock, so be careful it doesn’t get in your pasture.

    I hope your nettle does so well for you! Here in arid Colorado, I can only get it to grow in the shade near our irrigation ditch.

  • Tansy is one that spreads, also I have oregano everywhere. But I just pull out what I don't want. Your garden will be awesome.

  • Lovely!! It's beautiful, Shaye!! Love your homestead and your ability to take care of it. Your channel is so refreshing!

  • It's the lemon balm….it's part of the mint family and spread just like any other mint.

  • Perfect timing! I have plans for a similar style of herb garden. I love the medicine wheel design, but I really like how you squared yours off! I was also planning to do it no-dig style. My herbs should be arriving soon so I need to get to work!

  • Good Morning from Georgia. I am pea green about your herb garden; and well done to you for putting in these wonderful medicinal herbs. One of my favorite books is by Rosemary Gladstar who's been an herbalist since before your time. Her book "Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs, a Beginner's Guide" is one to definitely get; it has pictures of the herbs with their uses and a section on how to prepare them in different ways. Please keep us updated. I always enjoy your videos, thank you for sharing your life and knowledge with us. Take care.

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