Intro to Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs

Nicely good morning people. That is Maria Bowie.  I work as a Program Coordinator within the   Workplace of the Affiliate Dean for Extension, and  this morning now we have an awesome program for you   on rising and utilizing .

Noelle  Pleasure has a certificates in natural drugs and   an M.S. in Horticulture from the College of  Georgia. Her analysis truly targeted on   holy basil, and she or he now serves because the Director of  at UGArden, an illustration farm   on the College of Georgia.

She’s additionally working  on her PhD in Horticulture at UGA, finding out hemp.   Rebecca Hardiman serves because the County  Extension Coordinator in Clayton County,   and she or he offers management within the three  program areas, an administrative oversight   for program enhancement useful resource allocation,  and financial compliance with over 20 years of   expertise in non-traditional training.

She’s a  lifelong learner and all the time in search of extra data.   So with that, I will flip  this system over to Noelle. hey everybody thanks a lot for being right here  as we speak i am actually excited to share about rising   medicinal herbI it is undoubtedly one thing that I am  most enthusiastic about and will speak about perpetually   there’s a variety of issues that I wish to  cowl within the subsequent couple of minutes however yeah to only   go on somewhat bit extra concerning the  introduction I handle you backyard herbs   which is a medicinal herb program at you backyard  which is a scholar instructing farm right here at uga   and we develop about 40 completely different and  then dry them and put them right into a line of natural   merchandise that we promote in the neighborhood so it is  actually cool to have the ability to supply this agricultural   enterprise that then we are able to have college students and  interns and folks are available and volunteer and   find out about herb manufacturing and enterprise and all  varieties of various issues so it has been an superior   expertise and like maria mentioned i am additionally working  on my phd finding out hemp and simply actually    on this concept of horticulture and chemistry and  rising crops which have these medicinal compounds   that may have an effect on our well being in constructive methods  and type of understanding that relationship   of how we are able to develop actually prime quality crops so  yeah i am actually excited concerning the alternative to   share with you as we speak about some issues about  rising herbs so i will share my display and begin the presentation okay nice so uh yeah my title is noelle pleasure and  excited to get into it rising okay so uh at any time when somebody is beginning to  uh plan a backyard or wish to put in some new   herbs as a result of i am type of focusing this discuss  in the direction of if somebody desires to develop of their yard   in some pots or in a spot of their backyard some  issues to consider are what herbs do you want   there’s a variety of completely different herbs  which can be prospects they usually can   match into a variety of completely different areas  possibly you wish to develop herbs for tea   or possibly you wish to develop herbs which you could put  contemporary into cooking a variety of completely different choices   so it is good to begin with what you want as a result of  normally it is simpler to develop issues that you simply like   how do you intend to make use of them and the way a lot time do  you’ve how a lot area do you’ve there’s rather a lot   of various concerns and it is good to suppose  about this stuff as a result of it may be simple to only   sow a bunch of seeds or get excited  a couple of bunch of crops after which it   can really feel disappointing or tough if later  on within the season it isn’t truly one thing   you want or you do not have time to work with  it and so yeah planning forward is all the time good   some extra inquiries to ask are what are  your property limitations and alternatives   it is good with as a result of there’s so  many alternative varieties we are able to incorporate them in a   lot of various methods so possibly you’ve woods  in your yard or you’ve a very moist space   or possibly there’s like space between the solar and  the woods it is type of shady half sunny half shady   or an open discipline or some pots in your yard  or a windowsill in your kitchen so as a result of   there’s so many alternative herbs, and a  lot of them have completely different necessities.

That   means you’ve a variety of choices of the place  you can tuck them into completely different areas   the place they are going to develop rather well for  you, and you are not having to do a bunch of   work to change the panorama.

You may type of  simply put them the place they wish to develop. So it is good to consider that and type of  match the plant with the realm in your property   and fascinated by issues like  area, gentle, soil, and water.

and actually yeah there are numerous completely different  varieties of herbs you can select primarily based on   uh you may select particular ones primarily based  on the solutions to those questions so   possibly it is the researcher in me um possibly i am  only one who likes to plan forward however having this   actually good basis after which selecting crops  from there i really feel like is basically helpful and   actually units you up for fulfillment so what i am going  to do as a result of i am extra of a techniques thinker   is speak about among the other ways  or issues that you simply wish to take into consideration   when rising medicinal herbs and then you definately  can type of take that info and seeing   questions you may wish to ask or belongings you need  to consider whenever you’re then choosing herbs   on your property so beginning with seed sourcing  um listed below are some firms that i actually like   it is undoubtedly not an exhaustive listing however  um there’s some there’s a variety of   nice firms however these are those that  we use one among them is strictly medicinal seed   they’ve a variety of actually good they’ve  just about any herb seed you may consider   southern publicity seed trade is extra regional  and it they’ve a variety of actually good choices   and issues that they’ve trialled within the  southeast after which johnny seeds i like as a result of   they’ve sure varieties which have possibly  illness resistance or different traits   once more that is type of bred and particularly suited  for the southeast and are type of excessive humidity   sizzling temperatures so these are some nice ones and  with medicinal herb seeds a variety of occasions they’re   extra wild and so generally they require particular  type of particular remedy and so belongings you may   come throughout whenever you’re making an attempt to begin medicinal  herb seeds is one thing referred to as scarification   and that implies that it is advisable to nick or  type of break the seed coat in a sure manner   to assist it ease make it simpler for the seed to  germinate and so which may imply rubbing it with   some sandpaper or nicking it with an exacto knife  or one thing like that and even generally type of   break breaking it open with a rock i’ve i’ve heard  some folks doing that and um the thought with these   issues is that in nature it there’s sure  processes that would want to occur for the   seed to type of be signaled to germinate and so  we’re making an attempt to recreate these situations so it’s going to   it’s going to germinate for us and one other factor  which may must occur is stratification   the place it is um been below like possibly uh in nature  it is uncovered to chilly interval for some time and it   wants that to to type of affect the hormones  to have the ability to germinate the seed and so we are able to   recreate that by placing it in some damp  sand and placing it within the fridge for   anyplace from a pair weeks to a few  of months and one thing else that you simply may   come throughout as warmth necessities particularly for  a few of these actually heat-loving summer season herbs if   you are wanting to begin them early inside or  possibly in a small greenhouse it is good to place   them on a warmth mat after which they will pop proper  up the place in the event that they did not have that it might take   a very long time to germinate and and one thing else  could be soaking possibly simply placing them in some   heat water in a single day earlier than you sow them and these  are yeah just a few issues that you simply may discover on   seed packets whenever you’re beginning to develop herbs  and once more that is type of like having it match   situations that it might have in nature that  could be required for it to germinate in phrases   of planting i did not have a variety of footage of  placing crops in a backyard outdoors or   in pots however i feel a variety of the identical ideas  apply that you simply wish to take into consideration the soil and   the fertilizer of the soil so possibly doing a soil  check or getting a particular kind of potting soil   and what we use we develop all organically and when  we’re rising the crops within the trays and proper   after we plant them we’ll fertilize with a fish  emulsion and that is a very uh fast to uptake   type of fertilizer for the crops to assist them um  to assist them type of bounce again actually rapidly   after which or not bounce again however give them a flush  of development after which we’ll put hen feather   meal and blend it into the soil and that is a gradual  launch type of nitrogen as a result of a variety of crops   um or crops want nitrogen to have actually wholesome  inexperienced leafy development and so we attempt to discover natural   sources of these and people are the fertilizers we  use however there’s a variety of nice choices on the market   but it surely’s essential to consider having good  fertility within the soil ensuring you are checking   crops going through a variety of crops have completely different area  necessities and type of going to what i mentioned   earlier observing microclimates in your property  possibly you’ve somewhat moist spot and as a substitute of   bringing in soil or placing in a raised mattress to  make it drain higher possibly there is a plant that   actually likes moist toes that you can put there  that may be excellent for that micro local weather and   so we truly simply as a fast instance now we have  a discipline that’s type of the highest of the sector is   somewhat bit increased up after which it dips down a  little bit and so within the prime half of the sector   we develop our mediterranean herbs that actually like  well-drained soil like rosemary and thyme and   after which decrease within the plot we develop herbs  that prefer it somewhat bit extra moist like plantain   and comfrey and goldenrod and so what we’re  making an attempt to do is figure with nature principally and   once more match crops to environments they  prefer to be in so now we have to do much less work so   one thing else i wished to rapidly point out is pest  management and type of this concept of how a lot we would like   to child our herbs as a result of herbs these medicinal  compounds which can be discovered within the herbs they’ve   a variety of medicinal motion issues like  important oils or antioxidants and it is   humorous to consider however they do not produce these  compounds for us they produce these compounds to   defend themselves from solar harm and from pests  and to draw pollinators to forestall illness   and so we do not wish to child the crops an excessive amount of  we do not wish to over fertilize or over water   and even like spray a variety of pesticides or something  like that even when they’re pure ones as a result of   having somewhat little bit of stress will truly  assist the crops to be extra sturdy and extra   medicinal and stronger and extra flavorful  so in fact if one thing’s like attacking   the plant and it may die we will  care for that however on the whole if it is only a   little little bit of pest strain we’ll simply depart it  and type of let the plant work by way of it itself   um and after which that type of results in increased  high quality crops in my in my expertise and so it is   we’re type of i like this concept or i take into consideration  this concept of like we’re we’re type of rising   crops for his or her secondary metabolites and so what  we would like is a variety of um a variety of these compounds   um and it is gonna like i mentioned give us extra  taste so one thing to consider when   you are rising herbs and possibly somewhat  little bit of neglect may may do them good   okay so after we’re harvesting um each herb  is exclusive and so we wish to take into consideration is   what a part of the plant we wish to harvest  what time of yr after which how does it want   to be processed and dried in order that we’re prepared  for it when it is when it is time to occur so   um there one kind of plant half that you simply may  harvest is the flowers an instance of that’s roses   on the fitting right here and chamomile on the left and  after we’re harvesting flowers or any plant half   we’re wanting to consider the place the vitality is  within the plant and so with flowers the vitality is   going to that half a part of the plant proper because the  flower’s opening um if we wait till after it is   been opened for some time and it has been pollinated  and going into seed manufacturing then we’re that   that is not that flower will not be going to be as  vibrant or not as medicinal and so sure in order that’s   one thing whenever you’re fascinated by flowers you  wish to get them proper as they’re opening one other   instance of a plant half you may harvest is simply  the leaf so earlier than it flowers and lemon balm is on   the left right here and lemongrass is on the fitting these  are some examples of herbs that you’d harvest   in leaf and so um yeah desirous to get it when  it is actually lush and inexperienced and exquisite one other   instance could be one thing that we name ariel  elements and which means it is the leaf and flower and   we’re desirous to get it when a lot of the plant is  blooming the blooms are type of opening midway up   and that is when it is at its peak flowering time  and what we’ll do for holy basil and different crops   like that is we’ll lower it off um we’ll type of lower  the entire plant again and it’ll have the leaf and   flower that we dry after which we’ll depart sufficient of  the plant possibly six to eight inches of the plant   that then will regrow and we are able to take  a number of harvests all through the season so   yep that is one other instance of a plant half that  you may harvest the place it is leaf and flower and   it is attention-grabbing if you consider like culinary  basil when it flowers the chemistry adjustments so   with culinary basil the it will get rather a lot sharper of a  style and possibly not as good and so that you wish to lower   your basil earlier than it flowers as a result of the important  oil profile adjustments when it goes below flowering   and so with different medicinal herbs like holy basil  we would like that transition of the important oils   in order that it is like probably the most fascinating when it is  flowering and in order that’s one thing to consider   whenever you’re rising an herb is is it  higher to reap it earlier than or after flowering   after which lastly um whenever you’re harvesting  roots this truly is dandelion root proper   right here however we additionally harv we additionally develop ginger  which i assume is a rhizome and never a root   however grows underground and when  we’re harvesting roots we wish to harvest   it when the climate cools off and the above  floor elements of the plant begin to die again   and that implies that all of the vitality within the plant  goes in the direction of the roots and the sugars and the   vitamins to type of retailer it over the winter and  that is when it is probably the most vibrant and most important   and juiciest so the roots we truly harvest at  the top of the season going into the winter so   these are some examples of plant elements that you simply  may harvest and whenever you may harvest them   what we do for many of our herbs until  it is simply buds like roses we do not wash   as a result of they’re so delicate however most every thing  else any leafy crops or roots we’ll do a wash   on them and that is simply to get off any dust that is  been splashed up um or any bug    like if there are some bugs on there if it is  received some stays from that or something crawling   by way of the sector we’re simply desirous to  wash off that that residue and so we’ll try this   um it is good observe after which for drying i would like  to speak somewhat bit about that that is type of my   specialty as a result of we develop a variety of herbs that we  dry after which put into teas and seasoning blends   rebecca shall be speaking about another issues  that you are able to do with herbs by way of including   them to cooking so undoubtedly keep on and pay attention  to her discuss um however yeah so i wished to say   just some issues about drying and that is type of  the harvest so you may develop one thing   possibly you wish to begin a tea backyard and you may  dry these herbs after which use them all through the   remainder of the yr after the season is over so  just a few issues to consider with drying   is that it is influenced by airflow temperature  and humidity and so you may alter these issues to   alter the drying time of your of your crop so  you may undoubtedly when you’ve got a dehydrator you   can use a dehydrator that may dry it actually  rapidly after which here is another setups that   i’ve utilized in a house setting for drying as a result of  you are most likely not going to be rising   this a lot holy basil which we have hanging  up on a panel in a dry room on the farm however   on a smaller scale you should utilize a cookie  rack what i’ve finished is bundle some herbs and   with some twine after which put a  paperclip on it to type of hook it onto   a a hanger that i’ve on a curtain rod in order that’s  one factor when you see within the prime left after which   this larger image within the center i simply had an  accordion garments drying rack with some repurposed   screens that i i placed on there that i may you  know unfold out my herbs after which i simply put that   below a ceiling fan in a room in a home i used  to stay in so there’s some nice choices right here um   from actually small scale to somewhat bit bigger  scale of how which you could dry herbs at dwelling   and a few herbs require processing earlier than drying so  that is some ginger that we sliced up that we grew   after which the dandelion image that  i gave you an instance of earlier   if we tried to dry that entire  factor with out chopping it up   it would be a difficulty for 2 causes one it might dry  on the skin however mould on the within um however then   additionally when you dried it as one huge chunk it might  be not possible to powder or break up after that   and so simply once more one thing to consider if  you’re desirous to develop any type of roots then   they will most likely want some type of slicing  earlier than you dry them after which a variety of different herbs   as soon as they’re dried like leafy herbs you’ll  possibly course of them after they’re dried with rather a lot   of medicinal herbs which can be leafy the stem would not  actually include a variety of important oils so that you’d   wish to strip the leaf or the leaf and flour off  the stem however i wished to speak rapidly about how   if an herb is dried as a result of generally it  can type of be powerful to inform so normally the stem   is what comprises probably the most moisture within the crops  and so to inform when one thing is dry when you snap   the stem and if it snaps in half actually simply  and would not bend that is a great way of realizing that   it is dried after which you may take a leaf and type  of crumble it in your palms and if it crumbles   simply and is not like flexible or moist feeling then  it is dry and so as a result of we do not need   to be dropping a bunch of the important oils or  the antioxidants or different helpful   qualities within the plant as quickly because it’s dry we  wish to we wish to put it right into a container so so   that we protect all these actually good compounds  all these all that good drugs and so um yeah   you it is good to retailer it in a cool darkish place  as soon as it is dry after which it’s going to final for a very   very long time um dried herbs normally final between a  yr or two when it has been saved rather well and   after that you will nonetheless have you may nonetheless use  it it simply will not have as a lot taste type of like   spices when you’ve got it in your cupboard for a pair  years it type of loses high quality over time   so that is my second to final slide i wished  to type of undergo it rapidly to ensure   that now we have sufficient time for everyone however right here  are a few of my favourite annuals and perennials   these are issues that we develop  at you backyard they usually’ve been   yeah they produce rather well they love our  local weather and actually there’s a variety of choices of   issues you are able to do with these herbs contemporary or dried  and you may take a screenshot of this and i am additionally   joyful to share these slides afterwards i feel  maria had talked about making these out there so   yeah you may undoubtedly reference this later  as nicely the final slide shall be my contact data   if you wish to take a look at extra about what  we’re doing you may go to yougardenervs.

com   you may comply with me on instagram i share rather a lot about  my journey and my phd and what we’re doing on the   farm at i’m noelle pleasure and you can even ship  me an electronic mail when you’ve got any questions or would   like some extra sources so i will cease  sharing and cross it off to rebecca she’s going   to be speaking about type of what to do with  the herbs and actually excited to study from her   superior thanks noelle i respect that um  nicely i am so joyful to be right here as we speak and excited to   share um a few of my info with you all  um so let me simply pull this up all proper so my   title is rebecca hardiman and lots of people  know me as chef becca i am a county extension   coordinator and household and client science agent  serving clayton county the place we largely give attention to   most of our courses and workshops within the space of  power illness prevention diet and total   wholesome residing in 2018 i earned my certificates in  culinary arts from the augusta scoffier faculty of   culinary arts so i like the truth that i can convey  this new and completely different culinary arts perspective   to extension so and i am truly very joyful  to have the ability to share that with you as we speak   um there’s a professor emeritus mr uh wayne  mcglaren uh who wrote a publication referred to as herbs   in southern gardens um and on this publication  he not solely mentioned the methods to develop and care   on your herbs however he additionally highlighted lots of  the advantages of these herbs after they’re grown   and noel talked about that this morning most  of us take into consideration rising herbs simply to prepare dinner   them or use them as a garnish or um to make use of them  in a tea however along with natural teas there   are herb vinegars there are herb oils um and  there are even full meals which you could make   and i will display one in a couple of  minutes and i am excited to share that with you   i hear a number of folks complain about  how herbs go unhealthy so rapidly um and so   uh i wish to undoubtedly encourage you to  attain out to your native extension workplace   as a result of they may give you detailed steps on how  to get get the very best life out of your herbs however   noelle talked about how when to select your  herbs what’s the fitting time to have the ability to get the   finest life out of them however what i do and what  the nationwide heart for dwelling meals preservation   guides us to do is um if i will use  them within the subsequent couple of days i merely   wash them pat them dry place them in some  paper towels inside a resealable bag and that i   can have them within the fridge for a few  days um to protect them somewhat bit longer um   i can truly use my freezer and so i do the  similar form of course of by washing them patting   them dry um however then i wish to use a freezer wrap  and there truly is um freezer wrap it isn’t   the identical as saran wrap it isn’t the identical as foil  you undoubtedly wish to search for freezer wrap and   place that in a um freezer bag and place that in  the freezer and that may final you a large number longer   and that is how one can prolong the lifetime of the  herbs that you simply that you simply both develop or buy.

All proper. So let’s speak about among the  prime herbs that you’re most likely accustomed to   and focus on other ways during which they are often um  ready rosemary um rosemary is definitely one among   my daughter’s favourite herbs it helps to forestall  harm to your blood vessels it will probably additionally assist with   cardiovascular well being it is a very strongly  flavored herb however rosemary goes nice with um entire hen rosemary has many alternative advantages  to your well being similar with parsley   it’s totally excessive in antioxidants very excessive in  nutritional vitamins a and c lots of people use parsley   as a garnish however i do encourage you to strive parsley  in your precise dishes i feel you may discover that it   provides a very nice taste and also you’re getting extra  of the profit as a result of your your consumption is increased ginger seems to be efficient for treating rather a lot  of gastrointestinal points particularly relieving   nausea but it surely’s a strong anti-inflammatory it is  been proven to scale back joint ache in some conditions   and what i’d encourage you to do is to  take into consideration including ginger to your desserts   as a result of you will get the profit from the ginger   however the style is wonderful and it pairs nicely with  many different meals i feel it pairs rather well with   tart fruits and so i’ve a recipe for a  berry ginger pancake that is actually good um   and it additionally uh provides like an additional increase to the  flavors i only in the near past got here again from a visit to   west africa and whereas i used to be there lots of people  simply strolling round are chewing on ginger root   and that i requested why why is that this finished  they usually do it as a preventative measure to   preserve their abdomen in line as a result of they eat a  lot of spicy meals so there’s an awesome tip there   most likely probably the most well-known of the herbs  is garlic it’s a therapeutic herb helps with   hypertension and even may also help with the widespread  chilly i do know that um i’ve not too long ago acquired um   a suggestion from a pal um who mentioned when you  simply put some garlic cloves into some sizzling water   and sip it like a tea it may truly assist  relieve a few of these um chilly um the issues   that include a chilly so and truly it labored  um so i do encourage you to strive including garlic   into a few of your your meals it is an awesome  taste enhancer particularly in soups and stews   and clearly it is utilized in many alternative cultures   so let’s discuss somewhat bit about these completely different  cultures as a result of there are undoubtedly some   distinct herbs which can be utilized in completely different cultures  to boost their meals so for instance you’ve the   italian delicacies a variety of the delicacies is concentrated  on and parsley garlic basil and fennel.

The opposite day, I did a session on Fb stay, and  we made Ratatouille, and people are the entire herbs   that I utilized in that dish with the eggplant,  and the tomatoes, and the squash, and zucchini.

South African tradition and delicacies makes use of rather a lot  of cumin, and coriander, fennel, and scallions.   French delicacies makes use of your thyme, your  parsley, your marjoram, your bae, your chives, and   your rosemary.

Greek delicacies focuses on the garlic,  the mint, there may be some dill, parsley, rosemary,   and . Then German delicacies which , i am simply now beginning to discover. So I am excited.   Hopefully I will make a visit to Germany Has rather a lot  of dill, a variety of fennel, and a variety of caraway, so I   encourage you to strive these when you’ve got not but, however  as we speak I do wish to give attention to one of many herbs that   Noel did speak about which is hibiscus.

Historically folks know of hibiscus as a tea,   they usually use it they boil it down and make the tea, whether or not it is iced or sizzling or what have   you. However I’ve been making an attempt to encourage folks  to make use of sure herbs like hibiscus of their   precise meals.

So what I will display  for you as we speak is that, to begin with, that it may be   finished and second of all, that it will probably truly take  on the flavour of no matter you’re including to it.   Hibiscus has been identified to forestall or assist in  stopping hypertension, reducing blood strain,   decreasing blood sugar stage.

s It is very wealthy in  Vitamin C, and it will probably’t comprises minerals similar to   flavonoids and has some laxative  properties as nicely, which many people   as we’re getting older may use. It is a bushy  annual plant, and elements of the flower are used   to make tea like I mentioned, however numerous elements of  the plant are additionally used to make jams and spices,   soups, sauces, and the flowers are  utilized in some cultures to make drugs.

That is simply one of many baggage I picked  up as we speak at our worldwide market   of the dried hibiscus, and I will present  you that somewhat bit nearer in a minute.   Now, the flavour of hibiscus.

It is a very  tart taste, and for me it makes me suppose   of like a cranberry taste or a pomegranate.  So it isn’t overly candy, and due to that,   it really works nicely in savory dishes, and it will not  overpower.

Many individuals proper now are on the lookout for   meat options of their dishes, and so this  is definitely a possibility for one thing completely different.   I might love so that you can take a look at this recipe  with me.

I am truly going to cease sharing, and I am   going to maneuver my digital camera with the intention to see what  I am doing. Let me cease that share there. I am   going to tilt it down somewhat bit, and hopefully  you may see what I’ve right here.

So what I’ve finished   is I’ve truly taken my dried hibiscus. That is  what that is, the flowers. I’ve boiled it down   for about 10 to 15 minutes. I saved the  water from boiling it as a result of I could make   that into tea in a while, so I saved that, however the  flowers after they prepare dinner down, they get good and   mushy, they usually’re virtually chewy.

In order a texture factor, it will probably   really feel in your mouth as like a meat various.  So like I mentioned, hibiscus will tackle the   taste of no matter you wish to put in it. So what  I’ve finished is, I made somewhat combine.

Right here that is my   combine for like a taco seasoning. Now let me inform  you, I by no means purchase taco seasoning on the retailer.   To begin with, the sodium content material is manner too excessive, after which additionally I could make a lot extra   at dwelling for much less price.

They’ve  to bundle it in order that it is shelf secure.   If I do it at dwelling, I get the more energizing flavors,  and I am paying much less so that is simply a mixture of   garlic powder, onion powder, some pepper, somewhat  little bit of salt, smoked paprika, cumin, dried oregano,   and a few crimson pepper flakes.

In order that’s the combination  that I’ve used, and all I’ve finished is added it to   some crimson onions, and people crimson onions have cooked  down with somewhat bit. I did it add somewhat further   with garlic cloves.

It is cooked down in order that  what you’ve right here is what’s the texture of   like a floor turkey or a floor beef. It smells  divine, and every thing has cooked down in order that   I’ve my taco filling.

So all I am going  to do is, I will get my tacos right here, and I will use this  filling as if it was floor meat.   You may add no matter you wish to this. You may add  something that you’d usually add to your tacos.

So when you wished so as to add some tomatoes, you can  try this. I’ve somewhat little bit of queso fesco right here   that I can add. You may add some avocado to the highest  or make some contemporary guacamole, however that is only a   completely different completely different mind-set about getting  a meal.

It is undoubtedly somewhat bit more healthy   as a result of I did not add all of the sodium and the additional  fats, and these hibiscus flowers can prepare dinner down   to tackle any taste you need. So one  factor I’ll suggest is making an attempt it out.

Hibiscus will not be the one herb which you could  use to prepare dinner a full meal, however the excellent news is   you are getting the entire advantages of this herb.  I’ve additionally added garlic. I may add somewhat bay leaf.

If I wished to so as to add somewhat little bit of  further profit, I’ve received tomatoes. So I am getting   every thing that it’s that I wish to get  so far as nutritional vitamins and minerals, but it surely’s in a   completely different manner.

So I might love to listen to if anyone  goes to do that recipe. I’ll truly attempt to   get it out to everybody who’s attended as we speak, and  then when you strive it, I might love to listen to about   how that tastes to you.

Once I did a style check  with folks, they didn’t notice it was not meat so   we’ll see. However I do encourage you to discover.  Get in your kitchen and discover. In case you’re taking   the time to develop your herbs and you take  the time to select your herbs and do all of the issues   and protect them, take the time to see what you  can do to prepare dinner with them or make some vinegars   or make some oils.

These are easy issues that  you are able to do with the intention to enhance the profit   that you simply’re getting from the herbs, and likewise  if you wish to begin someplace, begin with desserts.   Like I mentioned the ginger in a dessert is wonderful.

So I encourage you to discover, and that is what I   like to do, so I thanks a lot for becoming a member of  us, and I will flip this over to Maria. Nice. Thanks, Rebecca and thank  you Noel. I believe that that was   actually informative, and I realized rather a lot undoubtedly  about herbs and that makes me wish to strive your   recipe, and we did get fairly a couple of questions that  got here in when you guys had been each chatting.

So   let me attempt to undergo these and reply them in  order. The primary one which got here in is for you, Noelle. You may flip your digital camera on, that may be nice.  Melissa writes from Texas, “we had some actually laborious   freezes in Texas cease development of my outdated rosemary  died again.

Do you suppose the basis continues to be alive?”   That is an awesome query. I believe that you simply  know I am not precisely positive, however I might    because the climate’s warming up, reduce  that type of lifeless prime development, and when you   see new development popping out from the underside then  it is nice, but when not then it is most likely died   again.

So it is type of a wait and see on that one. It  is determined by simply type of observing the plant. This one can be for you, Noelle. This  is from Teresa. “Can bronze fennel be used…”   let’s examine…”can bronze fennel be used as  the identical bulb fennel for culinary dishes?”   yeah yeah i yeah i feel you should utilize the bronze  or the the opposite fennel interchangeably i feel   the bronze fennel has like somewhat bit  extra of a pungent taste possibly rebecca   has one thing so as to add to that however i’d use  them interchangeably proper thanks and um   rebecca this one is for you that is from elizabeth  will we get this recipe after the decision and   she additionally desires to know if there shall be any  different recipes that we’ll be capable to share   so sure undoubtedly i can present the  recipe after this and that i do have a couple of   others so we’ll add that to it yeah we  can undoubtedly put up these recipes with   the slides to the web site the place  you registered for the webinar   thanks after which we have mary requested how  lengthy do you bowl the hibiscus flowers   so i begin off by rinsing them rather well  you wish to rinse them till that actually deep   shade is gone um and it is identical to a lightweight pink  after which i boiled them for about possibly 10 to 15   minutes to boil them down um after which in fact  i put them within the skillet to to to um saute them   nice after which we have katie desires to know is  there a specific kind of hibiscus that rebecca   is utilizing oh nice query so i am truly simply  utilizing the it is referred to as jamaica um hibiscus flower   um and that is what i am utilizing it is simply dry  jamaica hibiscus uh and so and you will get   it at any type of worldwide market  and it is available in somewhat bag like this   i feel that solutions karen’s query  about the place you should buy dried hibiscus so   there are different locations that you’d recommend  looking for it um i some walmarts truly   promote it of their t-section for individuals who wish to  make their very own teas but it surely’s not in each walmart   okay i’ve i can discover it a variety of occasions  at latin markets additionally completely sure   which number of hibiscus i feel you answered  that yeah i’d i’d simply add to that um   whenever you’re on the lookout for seeds there’s a variety of  completely different sorts of hibiscus and the hibiscus   sabdarifa is what’s used medicinally and it is  additionally referred to as roselle the thai crimson roselle um and if   you do not thoughts i truly i deleted this from my  presentation as a result of i used to be like did not need it to   go over however i even have an image of hibiscus  rising um if if it is potential simply to point out that   actually rapidly to see yeah you may present that  completely you may be capable to share your display once more yeah now we have a variety of different um feedback too  so when you’re pulling that up i am gonna   attempt to reply these different questions that got here  up okay nice mark yeah what about turmeric yeah so simply simply it is a image of  the hibiscus and lots of people suppose   it is the flower but it surely’s truly the calyx so  it is this fleshy coating across the seed pod   after it is flowered so you may see it on the plant  right here after which that is what it seems to be like we lower it   off after which take away the seed pod after which dry  it so so the calyx truly is um is what we   use for the hibiscus and it is hibiscus sabdarifa  wow that is actually cool thanks for sharing that   um eileen asks are you able to dry  leafy herbs within the microwave so for all meals preservation i i  do suggest you go to the nationwide   heart for dwelling meals preservation  it is on-line simple to get to   and it will provide you with the most secure solution to  protect all of these issues and likewise clarify step-by-step easy methods to do the method  so that is what i like to recommend good after which   we might have already answered this however humor me   dee asks is there a specific selection  of hibiscus beneficial for cooking and so i feel we yeah i feel  we answered that and kendra requested   what are some beneficial sources for  herbs herb use and teas and rising to   rising to processing and recipes so the middle  for meals preservation that you simply talked about possibly   some other sources you’ll suggest i’d  simply encourage you to succeed in out to your native   extension workplace i imply and that is in any state  simply attain out to your native extension workplace   and your extension brokers will be capable to give  you um the research-based info nice   okay uh this one’s for edward asks  what is the distinction between holy basil and   culinary one nice query um yeah so holy basil  it is um it is a medicinal herb from india and it is   in the identical household so it is within the oximum household  it is a completely different species and it is received a special   taste profile and a special type of exercise  one of many essential compounds present in holy basil that   has been studied is eugenol it is truly related  to what’s present in cloves so a variety of occasions holy   basil can have somewhat little bit of a spicy high quality  to it however yeah it is it is a completely different species and   the holy basil is usually utilized in tea in different  preparations after which the culinary basil or   common basil i assume is usually  used extra in culinary functions   something you would like so as to add to that  rebecca nope that was proper on   all proper we have a number of different questions  rebecca requested does cooking or making ready herbs   kill off or take away a few of their advantages  and conversely does it enhance them that is an awesome query um so clearly  whenever you do prepare dinner something down   you’re eradicating among the  vitamins and the nutritional vitamins   identical to greens you do not wish to overdo  it along with your greens whenever you’re cooking them   however due to the energy of the advantages of  these herbs um you are still getting the profit   clearly you are most likely not getting the identical  quantity as when you had been simply um consuming   them earlier than boiling them however the profit’s nonetheless  there nice that is mary in wisconsin if sage has   overwintered would you suggest chopping the  lifeless trying branches off or simply leaving them   i like to go away the fabric over the winter um  i i usually do not like to chop again every thing   earlier than going into winter i prefer to  type of depart it after which see what pops up   as the brand new development after which type of like trim  again the outdated development simply so it makes it simpler   to reap the brand new development however type of as  habitat possibly for for animals or bugs   or issues like that um after which additionally serving to the  plant type of give it somewhat bit extra safety   um yeah i imply i i assume i could possibly be fallacious on that  however that is that is how we do it’s i i are likely to   depart it within the discipline after which lower it again earlier than  or as we’re getting new development nice thanks   and katie desires to know if rebecca has a web site  or a solution to share your recipes on instagram   and i’ll ensure that maria you’ve all  of that info to ship out if potential   for people who find themselves registered so i’ve rather a lot  of data to share proper we’ll try this   um that is extra of a remark invoice requested  we have heard of the good synergistic   results of sure mixtures of herbs  and or spices nevertheless i’m wondering about   possibly extra importantly is there possibly the  reverse state of affairs a harmful or unhealthy   synergistic impact in that case what are they um  he would not wish to by accident go there i am not even positive the place i’d begin to reply  that um truly i really feel like that may be an awesome   analysis undertaking in order that’s one thing that we um  can undoubtedly look into noelle i do not know if   of any i do know there’s some books out  there i haven’t got any i haven’t got them off   the highest of my head however i may look into the place you  know drug herb interactions i undoubtedly know that   there’s it is beneficial to seek the advice of  your well being major well being care supplier and that i   know that there is i do know that there is some on-line  websites and a few books that offer you info   about interactions of like herbs you do not need  to pair with sure drugs or with sure   type of well being states or situations i assume however  that may be one thing i’d suggest to speak   to your physician about and that i and that i am i able to can look  for extra info and attempt to present a useful resource   i simply cannot consider it off the highest of my head  proper now i’d echo that i did assist facilitate   a dialogue with one among our extension specialists  on campus after we had been doing a nicely a nicely a   wellness webinar and she or he actually emphasised type  of the potential for interplay between completely different   varieties of prescription drugs specifically so  there may be some info on the market if you wish to   seek for it she truly had been giving us a  handout i am going to attempt to see if i can discover it and put up   it with this this discuss and that i simply wish to add in  your exploration of those completely different herbs there   are some herbs that do not go collectively after they’re  paired with a sure meals in order that’s one thing you   can look into as nicely like i do know i feel it is  anise and dill do not go along with carrots   um it does one thing to the carrots in order that’s  one thing else to consider and trisha requested   are there any locations in athens to buy herb  crops noel i do know the reply to that   i um as i say we simply had a plant sale a  couple of weeks in the past however there may be uh nona   farm in the event that they wish to google nona farm they’ve  further crops from the plant sale that they’ve   on a barn to door web site that they are nonetheless  promoting at present they usually had a variety of actually   cool styles of some completely different herbs and  native and edible and dye crops truly so   they’re at present promoting them proper now  when you’re and it is identified a   farm okay and whenever you say you had a sale  that you simply backyard needed to promote not too long ago proper   yeah you had a superb turnout we went there have been  a lot of folks oh wonderful sure sure it was nice   yeah so um i can not pronounce this title however they  wish to know when you’ve ever tried different flowers   like i do not know easy methods to pronounce this mr are you able to  see it within the questions it is the p-l-v-e-e title   nasterum n-a-s-t-u-r-s-i-u-m i  ought to be capable to pronounce that okay   um sure i i like nasturtiums um they style type of  like arugula it is like um this the sweetness of   the flower provides it virtually like a candy arugula  style um so i i like including flowers to salads   um and and the leaves are additionally edible and type of  have a spicy taste so i neglect what the query   was however i feel it was are you able to eat it you have used  that flour yeah i feel that was the gist of it   yeah there is a query from katie on does  culinary basil have any medicinal profit sure um it does it’s totally excessive in vitamin  ok and some different uh vitamins so sure after which is there a dietary distinction between   freezing or drying herbs  that is a query from pam that may be a nice query and that i truly  am unsure so i must return to   that nationwide heart for dwelling meals  preservation to search out out good um somebody desires to know when you can  spell the scientific title of hibiscus   we are able to look that up and put up that so you do not  have to do this on-line when you do not wish to   mary asks can jerusalem sage be utilized in cooking   she planted it for the flower however wonders about  cooking with it completely it’s edible sure and   has nice advantages so sure undoubtedly and madeline  says has hibiscus powder been utilized in cooking i do know it has been utilized in drinks however i  do not see why it couldn’t be utilized in cooking   you’ll undoubtedly should mess around  with it since you do not wish to overpower   your dish however you additionally wish to be sure  you are getting the the advantages from it   nice after which now we have a query from diana  what herbs would you suggest for agroforestry   plantings within the southeast with pine and hardwood  planting so i assume that may be like within the   understory yeah truly i’d suggest them  to take a look at janine davis she is a researcher at   north carolina state college that has finished  a bunch of labor and even written a e-book about   rising woodland medicinals so i haven’t got  a variety of expertise with that however there is a   entire e-book written about it and a complete analysis  program about issues that you are able to do in a forest   with rising medicinal herbs okay a pair  extra questions from amanda how do herbs do   when began by direct seed or is it largely simply  unbiased on the species or dependent sorry um   a variety of herbs develop nice from seed generally  generally like with mint for instance type of   like apples the place when you sow a seed from an apple  tree you are not going to get the identical taste of   apple there’s a variety of genetic variety within the  seed so with mints generally when you’re making an attempt   to save lots of seed whenever you develop a plant from seed it  will not be the identical because the plant the place it got here from   you may get a special taste profile so for  sure issues i’d suggest taking cuttings   so having a plant um after which taking somewhat  piece off of it stripping off the underside half of   the leaves after which placing it in a glass of water  after which that’ll develop a root system and so that you   can type of create a brand new plant by way of this um  vegetative propagation however yeah i imply most herbs   do nicely from seed it simply may take somewhat  little bit of experimentation and time to determine   the very best situations to get it to germinate nice  all proper nicely now we have a lot of feedback thanking   you guys for doing such an awesome job and peeking  our curiosity in studying extra about herbs rising   and utilizing them i did have a pair extra feedback  simply from folks about what varieties of crops could also be   toxic so we’ll attempt to put up some sources  about that and never attempt to essentially reply these   as a result of that may get into rather a lot deeper subject  however women nice job thanks a lot for uh   spending your time with us this morning we had  an superior viewers and i’m glad that um they   had been so engaged a lot of questions means they had been  actually engaged.

One final query. I make drugs   balls on the similar time I am utilizing   extract. Can I take advantage of the precise peppermint leaf? I actually like utilizing the the true herb in  place of possibly an extract or an important oil, so   I suppose I will simply say I am in making like a  culinary oil or one thing.

I even gonna placed on   my pores and skin I actually like making infused oils  with like holy basil, or rose, or calendula,   or issues like that. So I suppose for me it is a  fairly simple reply. Like sure, undoubtedly use the   actual herb as a substitute of the extract.



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