How to Improve Eyesight Naturally – Fact vs Fiction?


  • Eye Health Question! – Have you ever experienced improved vision with eye exercises or vision therapy of some kind? What are your thoughts?

  • As a doctor who makes a living prescribing glasses…. of course improving your eye naturally is FICTION! 😂😂

  • Please take a look at endMyopia. I promise you won’t regret it. Great for an Analyze video

  • An eye doctor debating a topic which renders his field useless will always be objective about it. 🤣

  • Hi. I know this video is over 3 years old, but I had to comment. Just found this after watching a video on "active vision" which was randomly served up to me. I have been wearing glasses since I was a small child for far sightedness and was straining my eyes before getting glasses. Now in my 50s I have multi focal glasses as well so the prescription is pretty high. Obviously I was interested in exercises to improve my eye sight to possibly reduce the prescription but it seems to be for myopia only, not hyperopia.

    I think one of the things that attract people to this type of theory is the reality of the price of glasses and the process of getting them, especially in lesser developed countries where the ability to see eye specialist is limited. (Thank God I am in a highly developed country with extremely good health services).

    I have now subscribed to see what else I can do at home to look after my eyes. Thank you for your content 💖

  • I used to play a game with friends omw to school
    Who could stare at the sun the longest
    I always won
    But at what cost?

  • This eye doc is so gorgeous – his eyes! 😮

  • I mean if medicine and doctors actually healed people and taught them how to care for themselves they'd loose their jobs quickly. Farmacist industry is one of the biggest if not fhe biggest industry that exists…

  • It'd make sense that if you can heal eyes with technology/science that is based on studying biology it'd be possible to also heal it with specific approach naturally
    Laser eye treatment effects fade away with time
    And we have many more people with eyesight problems now because people work with computers
    Eyes are similar to camera, with lences and other stuff, it's basically the same thing but one is biological and other is mechanical, if you can adjust camera manually to focus and get clear picture, maybe eye does the same but requires muscles to do so, and you know there is a certain pattern, that the more stationary life someone has the less developed are the muscles, so eyes maybe are in similar situation, not used enough

  • What do you do to keep your eyes healthy?

  • Hi Doctor,
    If I put both my hands in front of my eyes and bend them like a telescope and look through them, I will get a strong vision. What is the reason for this?

  • I don't know the science behind it, but my eye sight got a little better after doing eye exercises. Every morning I moved my eyes 50x up-down, 50x left right, 25 diagonal to every diagonal, 10 rolling to both sides. And mostly helped me trying to go out and use my eyes. I think my eyes were just fatigued or weak from watching pc screen too much. When I was at school and couldn't see the blackboard, I would look at something at arm distance at breaks and right after that look on something far away from the window. After a break I could see the blackboard much better

  • Just another Big Glasses shill :p

  • The only way you have "improvement", is by making your own measurements.
    With your own Snellen, and Test Lenses.
    I went from -0.75 D to +0.25 D, or 20/60, to 20/20.
    It took me two years.
    I know you have no understanding of prevention, so I had to do it by my measurements.
    I understand this issue from your Autobiography.

  • Bro

    How the fuck do I improve my eyesight?

  • You can, it takes time, but possible, i tried myself

  • Is it possible to have 20/1 vision?

  • I had my doubts about you from the start but when you mentioned the WHO that was the moment I dismissed everything you said. This is a video designed to remove all hope from self healing. Absolutely zero help was given to help anyone, just a message to say without us eye doctors you have no hope and I simply don't believe that. If people start to find the golden home cure then you are redundant so it's definitely in yoir interest to 'debunk' every possible means of self recovery or healing. You are dismissed!

  • This is not a joke guys. I am blind because of computers.

  • I went into full on ancestral dietary ketosis and I noticed my eye’s around 2 years after being on the diet, getting much worse. Eyesight was getting blurry progressively. So, I grabbed (just for fun) my older glasses and to my surprise, I could see much better. Went to my optometrist and he said, “your glasses are way to strong and he is the one the prescribed them. So, my eyes were actually getting better not worse like I thought. I told my optometrist what I had been doing and he didn’t want to have anything to do with it. He gave me a new prescription for the glasses I needed now and almost ran out of the exam room. Then my wife took up ketosis and her eyes started getting worse (at least she thought) and her eyes had improved. She sees the same optometrists, I was with her at the appointment and told him she had gone into dietary ketosis too. He just looked disgusted and wouldn’t say a word. He just did his poker face and quickly prescribed my wife glasses, then quickly disappeared. Apparently what I accidentally stumbled across would be detrimental to business if it got out, I mean he has a cabin & boat payment he has to make.

  • there is no money in proving it works
    also it's very shallow understanding of how eyes work
    they aren't organs isolated from brain and left eye isn't working the same way as right
    even your teeth condition and tongue position and breathing affects your eyes condition

  • First 10 minutes, told nothing about excercises or ways to improve eyesight.

  • MAte, you are the one that is good for a laugh! Still treating people that were discovered centuries ago… Get out of the Matrix and make some deep research insted. Health Science is all about making money. The human body has a big capacity to get well from disease. The eyes are not what they told you and still teach at universities. Get out of the matrix and go see truth insted of laughing at it and being a puppet of the system. Dig deep, man!

  • Maybe lessening a prescription a little at a time will bring eyes back to normal? They have gotten used to seeing with your current prescription so they might adjust to a lesser one?

  • So my baby, she is 6 years old, she is prescribed glasses but she doesn't like to wear them, she says I can see clearly with my own eyes then why do I need glasses. The doctor also said that she has bilateral amblyopia. I mean now, I'm confused, I don't like to force her to wear glasses but then isn't this necessary?

  • ❤ cute Dr, beautiful blue eyes…

  • Doc! Can wearing glasses improve my vision and go back to normal ?

  • I have -2.25 power in both eyes.can exercise reverse my this power is worse??

  • Thanks Doctor for the honest and open-minded video! Really interesting stuff. Out of all these natural methods, the one that sounds to me like it is actually based on science is the Reduced Lens method with active focus ("endmyopia"). I think you've left out some essential parts of the theory of how it is supposed to work, and so, you haven't succeeded in debunking it. It is not just about relaxing the ciliary muscle, as if that by itself is enough to eliminate your need for glasses. All relaxing the ciliary muscle does is to enable you to focus a little bit further than you could if the muscle is tensed up or in spasm. If you have any significant myopia (say -1D or more) this will never be sufficient to give you 20/20. The point is to combine this with reduced lens use, so that your lenses are just powerful enough to help you achieve clarity with active focus, but not powerful enough that the eye is always forced into clarity without any effort by you. So, with your reduced glasses, you can see clearly just enough that your brain maintains a reference of clarity, and is motivated to seek it out, and this provides stimulus that causes the eyeball actually to shorten over time, over months and years of gradually reducing the lens power. They say typically you can reduce .25 diopters every 3 or 4 months, or .75 per year on average. It is the same process in reverse that led to the myopia gradually growing in the first place. It is not a quick fix based on training muscles or any such thing. And it has to be combined with lifestyle changes such as improving close-up work habits, never wearing the full distance correction for close-up, and spending a lot of time outside in activities that heavily engage the distance vision.

    I found your thought experiment with the eye drops really interesting and thoughtful — I'm slightly suspicious of those dilating drops in the eye exam, and I wonder if they somehow skew the results of the test one way or the other, compared to how I see in real life. I think it is a bit of a leap to equate the paralyzing effect of the drops with the relaxing effect that is achieved during active focus. I have no idea, you might be right, but it seems equally likely to me that the paralyzing drops might actually lock the muscle in a contracted state, or at least prevent it from relaxing fully. I have heard stories about optometrists getting frustrated with active focus patients, because they can see equally well through a lot of different test lenses, so they threaten to paralyze their ciliary in order to figure out their "real" prescription! So, I imagine these drops to be anti-active focus, not equivalent to it, though I don't know how the physiology works. And like I said at the beginning, nobody claims that active focus by itself will cure myopia, without the other pieces of the puzzle.

    One thing that I can attest personally is that active focus is undoubtedly a real thing that your eyes can learn how to do. Some people cannot sing or wiggle their ears, and it's very hard to explain to such a person how to do it, but it's equally clear that the human body is capable of doing it. I can look at slightly blurry distant text and blink and bring it into focus, no exercises needed, just a familiarity with how the sensation feels. And I can wear glasses that are a full diopter less than what the optometrist prescribed me two months ago, and still see 20/20 with effort.

  • Does wearing glasses ruin your eyesight?

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