Health Canada cracking down on natural health remedies

Canada licensed greater than 10,000 pure well being merchandise like these, from natural primarily based cures to homeopathic , they’re bought subsequent to standard medicines and promised to be efficient, however what sort of is there to point out they work? We found getting a well being canada license to promote a pure well being product could be really easy.

We did it ourselves at market. Photocopied a number of pages from a homeopathic reference e book crammed out some paperwork for a product we made up and despatched it off. No analysis, no medical trials, no precise tablets quickly after we received a license to promote our personal treatment for youngsters’s fever and ache, and declare it is secure and efficient disturbing for this well being researcher.

If a product is put in the , that makes a well being declare, then that well being needs to be substantiated by proof after our investigation, social lit up with calls on authorities to crack down on unproven well being cures tweets like deeply disturbing Well being, Canada.

You’ll want to handle this horrible system, and folks deserve to have the ability to make knowledgeable selection. Now, following our investigation, Well being, Canada is altering its coverage in the case of homeopathic youngsters’s merchandise for chilly and corporations will not be capable of make well being .

Like those we questioned except they’re supported by scientific proof, however critics say the adjustments do not go far sufficient. I do not assume it makes any type of sense to attract a line at age 12 and to require proof for youngsters’s merchandise, however to not have the identical criterion for merchandise which are bought to adults.

We requested well being canada why? All homeopathic merchandise do not require scientific proof. They did not reply to that, however did say they’re involved. The similarities in packaging between typical medicines and homeopathic merchandise is likely to be complicated.


  • The Big Pharmakeia are determined that only there full of side effects and deadly drugs reach the consumer. Natural remedies that have been safe for eons are no longer safe according to the bribed up officials

  • Big pharma behind this you can guarantee it!

  • People should research the history between pharmaceutical vs naturalist.

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  • Watch at 0:50 products that make a health claim. You mean like Big Pharma death pills? Look at the long list of interactions, adverse reactions that get people hospitalized, kill people etc. When is the science of these Big Pharma pills/medicines going to be applied? Face it…Big Pharma only cares about profit and they don't want anything that can help you apart from their insanely priced "medicine".

    I cured my own strep throat with Echinacea Goldenseal, Bee Propolis and Garlic capsules. I am perfectly fine. Last time I had a problem I took antibiotics for it like 10 years ago I was having burning diarrhea for a week. I have also done Kidney cleans and Liver cleanse and feel awesome. I have never had an adverse reaction from NHPs. Hands off Dr. Death Pharma.

  • When did smoking tobacco did help somebody life?
    When did getting drunk did help somebody life?
    TELL ME!!!
    I end up taking medicines for the side effect of my medicines (12) and a bill three foot long because I can't grow almost for free something who can solve in one shot all of these symptom.

  • About time. Most of these so-called natural "remedies" are utter rubbish with no demonstrable efficacy whatsoever.

  • while i too believe any and all products natural or otherwise should have some science behind the marketing, all you sheep that think 'Health' Canada is a legit health voice are living in a fog – HC approves BIG PHARMA SHIT EVERY DAY that the manufacturers only 'science' is almost always their own 'conflict of interest 'studies ' ; AND there are numberless deaths and illnesses from their 'approved ' crap all the time – not to mention almost all sitting HC board members have stocks in Big Pharma – wake up and smell the stink from 'Health and Welfare Canada' as well as the comparatively few natural bad apple products !

  • This is total corruption. First it is almost impossible to get a herbal product licensed as it would interfere with drug based corporate profits. That is the reason. Second drugs with terrible side effects are licensed with almost no research are rubber stamped. Third, no herbs are listed as killing any one but drugs do, and yet are propped up by governments. The system is totally hypocritical.

  • Adults can't smoke pot recreationally, but hey, homeopathy is totally legit for adults, is that right Rona Ambrose? More proof that this minister of health wouldn't know what evidence was if it hit her in the face.

  • I find it laughable that people buy homeopathic BS.

  • Health Canada public servants… will be going to jail for crimes against humanity very soon. WE THE PEOPLE will take you down….for approving and unleashing aspartame on a trusting Canadian population, one of many diabolical chemical abominations for which you will all pay! Believe it.

  • the reason theyre able to sell natural cures is because its fucking natural. and 100x easier for your body to use than chemical shit they want you to use which has shit loads of negative side effects. this world is fucked

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