Do YOU have Erectile Dysfunction ? | Why it Happens and How to Fix it


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  • 15 years of diabetes now (46) the last year the erection is really a problem, never thought i will have that problem, it always was rockhard. Diabetes starting to attack everything, eyes, penis, everything.

  • Is it because of covid vaccine?

  • As a fit guy who eats well and suffered from ED for some years, I can tell you that the list of "causes" for ED is poorly understood by even the best urologists (I know, for I have been to see them). It is only when I realised years later that I suffered from poor breathing that I discovered the root cause. Breathing is key to everything, it is key to life. But we develop bad habits over time. I ended up suffering from bad sleep because of it. The problem is, most people don't notice it and of course will never guess that poor breathing could be a cause. But it really can be. My blood test showed bordeline levels of high red blood cell count. Often this can be found in people who live in High altitudes because of the lack of air. But no, it was my breathing – which to me seemed fine but it really wasn't. There are scientific papers that actually confirm this but bizarely, doctors never talk about it.

  • These comments are extremely sketchy and sound completely fake

  • When a man can't get his wife wet anymore nobody says she has lubrication dysfunction, it's just because her husband doesn't do it for her anymore. No man has erectile dysfunction when he's with a 19 year old hottie.

  • im 28 and whenever we have s*x with my partner i got erectile dysfunction in the middle of penetration why is this happening??

  • There's a lot of toxins out there which disrupts your natural experience.
    The damage has been done.

  • Accolades to my doctor Dr Ogoh I have so much respect for how much positivity you put out while curing my Weak Erection (ED) ❤❤ 0:02

  • Accolades to my doctor Dr Ogoh I have so much respect for how much positivity you put out while curing my Weak Erection (ED) ❤❤ 0:02

  • What if a man has tried various pills, an injection & c0ck rings but nothing has helped???

  • Thank you Dr osagh for giving me the best medical care, you helped ease my pain. The treatment you gave me increased the chances of me getting well, but more so it’s the encouraging words you gave went that went the extra mile in making me feel better I am forever grateful.❤❤❤

  • Thank you @drosagh on youtube for the professionalism with which you do your work. You listen to your client and you always put their needs first, to ensure they live another day healthily and vibrant. Cheers to you my doctor, I celebrate the way you do your job. If it was up to me I would give you the award of being the best doctor. Thank you doctor for all you do am grateful.

  • I got hit in the private part today while i was playing football. Probably an hour ago. The pain is gone but i am not feeling like i am having any type of erection. Should I be concerned. Please help. 🙏🙏

  • Your Generosity towards curing my WEAK ERECTION {ED} is Incomparable. You assured me of gotten healed and surprisingly after 2 weeks of taking the medication . Thanks Dr Ogoh, I will keep letting the world know about your YouTube channel 🍄🍄🎁


  • Yes I do have erectile dysfunction and no it is not affecting my sex life as I have never had one! Being a fat ugly virgin at 53, it's not likely to happen either!

  • You not only love your work but you also show care and comfort to all your patients, I want to thank you for the extra time you took to ensure my ED medication worked successfully , Thank you, Dr ogie ✨0:02

  • You not only love your work but you also show care and comfort to all your patients, I want to thank you for the extra time you took to ensure my ED medication worked successfully , Thank you, Dr ogie ✨0:02

  • I wonder what could have become of me if you weren't the one who came to an interval in my life. Thank you for curing my ED naturally Dr Gboya . I immensely appreciate you. ❤

  • Instead of thinking ''He can't get it up'' you could also argue that ''She can't get it up.'' I don't know but I am a man and I don't have some magic switch that switches on an erection or something like that. I need to be stimulated. And that is a 2 persons job. I had a lot of erection problems during my 15 years of marriage. I really thought it was me that was the problem. After I divorced and found a girl that was much more on one line with me in bed all the problems were gone. Rock solide 😅 So solide in fact it sometimes hurt 😆 Like it was going to explode 🤣 For me I think the main problem was that my wife was too authoritarian and she only wanted to do the stuff she liked.

  • Can't believe the amount of people who don't understand erectile dysfunction….. i mean it is not very hard😜

  • So, it’s been something like 3 years at this point that I know my erections to not be at their 100% and sometimes I can even struggle to keep them (thankfully that’s rarer but still very annoying when it happens).

    I mean I don’t smoke, drink, nor take any drugs. I don’t have diabetes, although I suspect that my testosterone levels might be low…

    I imagine though that what you call “my mental health” is probably where I lack the most…

    Indeed, I own and run multiple companies and own and develop many properties (all by myself). And that results in a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis for me…

    My sleeping is much better now than back in the days, but now I tend to sleep too much, and be very tired almost 24/7. With me taking naps at every opportunities….

    This situation leaves me with less self-confidence, and where I used to be super motivated and sexually active back just a few years, things are harder for me now in that respect…

    BUT, what am I supposed to do about it really ? I can’t stop working and leave my responsibilities behind… !!!

  • Hey, I’ve done masturbation for years and had stopped about around early 2020, since then, I’ve had it everywhere that I’ll wake up of the morning, normally between the hours of two and nine in the morning, and I’ll just jizz in my pants for some reason and want to know what it is, why it happens, and how to stop it

  • Those who are spying on me and sending me messages/recommendations
    Suffer from this and brain heart soul dysfunction, nothing can solve it accept a revenge from My Almighty in a Swift reckoning manner..
    wait for it

  • please read all the comments here regarding dr.egho and dr.osyu are fake ….
    they are just paid comments.
    thank me later 😂😂😂

  • Thanks so much Dr.ademise for helping me get back to my normal state after suffering from genital warts for over 4 years

  • Sometimes erectile dysfunction happens due to infection in testicles or bladder

  • Making Love

    The intention to have sex creates expectations, pressure to perform and fear of failure. If you've been sexually traumatized, it's even worse. Making love, on the other hand, is something that almost any being can do at any time. Even sexually traumatized people can do this if they are naturally loving people. JAnd we can practice it on ourselves and on others. Then the sex is irrelevant and we can love others physically.

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