Now I’ve talked loads on this channel about treatments for erectile dysfunction. About drugs, peptides and mechanical gadgets to enhance ED. All with plenty of scientific proof to again them up..

However right this moment, I’m going to be addressing one thing that has no research, no analysis to show it’s. Effectiveness. It’s merely one thing that I’ve observed in my very own life. I’ve observed an enormous enchancment in my erectile dysfunction.

And I believe I do know why. If you wish to gradual and even reverse the growing older course of. If you wish to flip the clock again on, growing older… then hit that subscribe button beneath and subscribe to. This channel. Go away a remark, and let me know what you consider this channel or counsel subjects you’d like me to do.

A video on. Hit the “Like” button and hit the “Bell” to be notified. After I submit a brand new video. First off, I wish to begin out by stating that that is going to be strictly my very own opinion.. As far as I do know, there isn’t any scientific proof to again this up.

. No research have been completed. No researchers or investigators have regarded into this. It’s. Merely me observing one thing out of the bizarre and attempting up provide you with a potential trigger. And the impact that I’m noticing is healthier erections.

Significantly higher erections.. Now, I’m 70 years previous and the straightforward fact is that I’ve been getting much less and fewer wooden for a very long time. Now. I’ve experimented with plenty of options to counter this…, boosting testosterone, taking drugs like Viagra and Cialis, injecting PT 141.

Even mechanical gadgets like a cock ring. And you understand what They’ve all labored to 1 diploma or one other. Nevertheless it’s been about four months since I experimented with any new medication or gadgets or methods.

And I’m kinda lazy.. Typically I pull out all of the stops and do every thing I can to attain the absolute best expertise…. However often I don’t do something in any respect and simply hope for the most effective., And I just lately observed that not doing something in any respect has develop into the norm…, as a result of the most effective that I can hope for has really turned out to be fairly rattling good.

, So good that I Just lately had a second of “What the fuck ” Now again in March, I did a video on the biology of an , however I’ll recap. It right here. Sexual arousal stimulates the discharge of , which in flip causes a rise in a chemical compound known as cyclic, Guanosine, MonoPhosphate or cyclic GMP.

And it’s. The cyclic-GMP that causes the arteries of the erectile tissue to calm down, permitting the blood to hurry in.. This sudden swelling causes the veins that carry the blood out the penis to break down, trapping the blood within the penis and inflicting an .

Now cyclic-GMP is degraded or damaged down by an enzyme known as phosphodiesterase 5 or PDE 5.. So long as sexual arousal continues, releasing as quick as PDE5 breaks down cyclic-GMP your woody’s good.

, However as quickly because the arousal diminishes, launch stops and the PDE5 takes over degrading, cyclic-GMP and finally stress-free the veins of the erectile tissue and permitting the Blood to empty from the penis.

So, like I stated for the reason that finish of Might I’ve not taken any meds or injections and I’ve stopped utilizing any gadgets.. I haven’t been doing something but. I’Ve constantly had good erections., So what’s totally different.

What have I been doing within the final three or four months that I wasn’t doing earlier than. And I can solely consider one factor., The nitric oxide dump.. I used to be first launched to this type of excessive depth interval coaching across the finish of June.

. Now, since nitric oxide performs such an enormous position in getting an , I used to be curious to see if performing the nitric oxide dump would have any speedy impact on my potential to get wooden.. So I examined it…and, I bought zero outcomes.

. It had completely no speedy influence…so. I forgot about it., However the entire level of the nitric oxide dump is to steadily over time, stimulate the physique into producing larger and better ranges of nitric oxide.

. Though It solely takes about three or four minutes to finish the nitric oxide dump is completed three instances a day., Now it’s necessary to attend at the very least 2 hours between periods, as a result of that’s how lengthy it takes the physique to switch the nitric oxide that was launched.

As The nitric oxide is launched and changed a number of instances a day. The physique turns into way more environment friendly at producing NO creating as much as three instances as a lot of it as regular., And I believe what I’m seeing right here is the results of that course of.

Each bodily perform. That is determined by nitric oxide will get an enormous enhance., Together with erections.. Now, like I stated at first of the video there’s, no scientific proof to again this up., Nobody’s completed a research on this phenomenon to find out if that is actually a factor or, if it’s, all simply in my head.

. So I suggest an off-the-cuff research proper right here on this channel. Right here’s. What I’d, such as you guys to do., Begin doing the nitric oxide dump.. This can solely take you about three or four minutes three instances a day..

I did a video on how you can carry out the nitric oxide dump and I’ll put a hyperlink to that video within the description beneath.. If you are able to do this three instances a day nice, In the event you can solely do it a couple of times a day make an observation of that.

And in 2 or three months, let me know what sort of outcomes you bought…if any. For any of you guys who’re Focused on doing this I’ll additionally put a hyperlink to a questionnaire the place you’ll be able to file how ofter you carry out the nitric oxide dump and whether or not or not you felt it had any impact in your ED.

We’re all on this collectively…let’s helps one another out.. Who is aware of? Possibly we will get somebody with some authority to do a proper research. In the event you loved this video and would love extra then severely take into consideration hitting that subscribe button and subscribing to this channel.



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