Balance of Nature Fruits & Veggies Product Review

It’S Antoinette right here, thanks for coming by for one more video for this video, I am not cooking, I am doing a really severe evaluate on this product, steadiness of nature fruits and veggies. I’Ve been taking this for about 4-5 months and I’m actually glad that I’ve held off doing this product evaluate and I hope that you’ll keep tuned for professionals and cons.

I hearken to the Chicago radio station each morning in my ear buds. At work and for over a yr or extra, I have been listening to this commercials for steadiness of nature. These testimonials from individuals who have some actual severe illnesses.

The situations have both vastly improved or clearly simply gone away, in order that they name it. The pure multivitamin various most popular buyer; it prices you 69.95 monthly and that is with free delivery.

I made a decision to attempt it should you’re not a most popular buyer. The worth is rather more than this to be a most popular buyer. That implies that you are signing up for auto cargo, which they do each 28 days, alright, so that is the factor now I made a decision I chucked all my different nutritional all dietary supplements that I used to be taking lower than a do this, so it began it arrived on a Friday And I took three the veggies and three of the fruits all weekend after which Monday morning I spotted.

Oh, my gosh. I had a lot power this week and I painted three partitions. I cleaned the entire home did all of the laundry I bought all the pieces finished after which it wasn’t until 10 o’clock a.m. earlier than I spotted. Oh, I forgot to have a cup of espresso, I am like oh, my gosh.

That have to be the steadiness of nature, and I actually consider that it was as a result of, after I neglect to take them, I can inform I’ve by no means felt a vitamin earlier than you really do really feel the steadiness of nature you are gonna know, should you forgot to take it.

So it’s fairly fabulous after that I went to the physician and my blood strain was the bottom has been since I have been in my 30s 118 over 60, I used to be floored. I bought off hypertension. Remedy was the very first thing after which I needed to get a crown in my mouth and I actually deep pockets and so they informed me for years.

All of them we will do is do these deep cleanings. It could actually’t get higher, we will solely , hold it from getting worse. Nicely, so, after 4 months of steadiness in nature, I went in there for my four-month, common, deep cleansing and so they mentioned to me: what are you doing? I mentioned: what do you imply? She goes effectively, this is not even the identical month.

That is unimaginable. I mentioned what’s it she’s calling off numbers that I have never heard in years for depth of pockets, they vastly improved, and they didn’t wish to hear that it was from some complement.

However that’s what occurred as a result of they did not perceive that they had been flabbergasted over. My mouth, in order that was simply superb to me. I’M, like, oh, my gosh, that is unimaginable! You place this a lot vitamin in you purchase all the pieces simply appears to stage itself out.

It’S loopy. So very first thing I do is inform you what’s in it. First, up fruits, Ella vera apple banana blueberry, cherry cranberry, grape grapefruit, lemon mango orange papaya, pineapple raspberry strawberry, tomato okay.

So the method that they use is a vacuum. Chilly press stabilized, the utmost nutrient ingredient, no warmth or air dry processing is to maintain all of the vitamin. In there they’re vegetarian caps, I do know animal merchandise used then within the veggies they’ve broccoli, cabbage carrot, cauliflower, cayenne, pepper, celery, inventory, , kale onion, shitake, mushroom soy bean, spinach wheatgrass, the M and zucchini alright.

So that you get 15 complete vegetable servings. Within the veggies per day, you get 16 complete fruit, servings per day of fruits, know being Keitel. I used to be very involved about. Okay, am I going to realize consuming all these fruits and so they mentioned no, it is processes in your physique otherwise.

That will not occur, and it is not so as a result of initially, I am like, I need all veggies and so they’re like no, you want the fruits too. In order that has been completely positive, so I have been very more than with the steadiness of nature and the way I really feel on the steadiness of me now to the flip aspect, the flip aspect.

Is you get these two books whenever you first together with your first order after which the their factor? Is that they have this well being coach, a counselor that you simply’re supposed to speak to and have this hour session? I did at one time as a result of it was clear to me that these aren’t well being coaches.

These are individuals attempting to upsell you to purchase extra, as a result of that is pure vitamin. You possibly can have as a lot of this as you need you are, not gonna OD on it, in order that they attempt to uh. You realize get you to purchase extra if you end up the popular buyer, they put you on a 28-day schedule, however but they need you to have these little conferences together with your well being coach so that you simply improve it and so in the identical bank card invoice.

I may have two shipments of seventy {dollars} as a result of they ship it we early proper now. I nonetheless have some laughs after which I’ve the brand new ones after which I nonetheless need to at work. That’S half full. So I lastly known as I am like you might be delivery.

These means too quick – and they attempt to upsell – you um like, as an illustration. That is what I bought in right here. My final order, it says: do you have got an itchy sword and scratchy throat sprinkle the contents of three-three, two-six, veggie capsules in a cup of heat broth stir collectively and drink additionally hold a number of further fruit capsules in your pocket to chew on whenever you really feel signs.

Approaching right this moment, since you actually can take the capsule out and sprinkle it in your yogurt as a substitute of popping the the drugs all proper, I imply it simply takes it tastes like fruits and veggies. You possibly can throw the veggies proper in your salad.

Okay, these two methods is not going to solely soothe your throat in he is coughing, however the much-needed we’ll be absorbed in your bloodstream sooner and provide you with a lift of power. All through your day when flu, chilly and allergy season comes round double up firstly and all through the season, or simply earlier than the primary signal of a symptom you will be amazed at how briskly it is going to kick in.

I do not doubt that, however they may name you. I lastly needed to say: cease calling me. I don’t want a well being coach as a result of I knew they had been simply attempting to get me to purchase extra, and I informed them. In case you do not cease calling me, then I am gonna cancel after which the decision stopped identical to that, so what I’ve to do now.

Lastly, I bought all the way down to the Nitty Gritty means after I had all these drugs and I am like okay, put me on a 2-month plan, as a result of I’ve lots, they would not do it. They mentioned, oh effectively, no, you possibly can name and put a pause on it, however should you, should you go in, should you cancel and simply be an everyday outdated buyer the place it is one other $ 20, extra an order per order, yeah, then it is gonna value.

You so they would not do it so now. What I’ve to do is resolve effectively, I do know I am nonetheless gonna do it after I bought over being so upset about it that I could not consider that they had been telling me that that they would not put me in it.

It’S a six-week plan or one thing as a result of a whole lot of occasions on the weekends I am going to neglect to take it, and in order that’s one of many the explanation why I wound up with extra. I do want to recollect to take it on the weekend, however on the weekend it may be.

I would simply take one or two of every or one thing like that, hold my most popular buyer standing. Then I’ve to name the day that my bundle arrives as a result of in any other case I am going to neglect and extra will come and you may’t return it.

You possibly can solely yeah yeah. It’s a must to get this return, a merchandise authorization, however they can not resell it even when it is nonetheless sealed so yeah name your life coat. Your well being coach and yeah they don’t seem to be gonna.

Allow you to return it, that is mainly the deal I’ve to name them and inform them the PUD applause, based mostly on my stash, how a lot I’ve as a result of in any other case, in in two to a few weeks, one other one’s gonna arrive within the mail.

I used to be fairly irritated about that and I might oh a lot in order that I used to be virtually prepared to give up, besides that it is such a superb product. I extremely suggest the steadiness of nature, not such a fan of the corporate’s enterprise practices.

If in case you have any questions in regards to the steadiness of nature, I might gladly be glad to reply them and, should you’re within the product, please go to steadiness of nature, calm and take a look at the behind it, as a result of the numbers do not lie thanks for hanging in With me for for this video, I admire it and we’ll see you within the kitchen subsequent time.


  • I need to see the fruits and veggies used to create these pills

  • Not sure if anyone else has commented this yet but I just found out that this company is ran by wise. Wise is a scientology based company. Basically they hold seminars for selling this product and suck you into scientology. Look into it theres a few videos on you tube. Very sketchy

  • Antoinette—you mentioned that you are on a Keto diet and BofN doesn’t interfere with it for you. How long before you started the supplement were you on your Keto diet? I ask because two if the improvements listed with Keto are lowered BP and improved gum health. Wondering which improved your health? Thanks.

  • News update July 2023 on Balance of Nature's claims and practices (auto-ship)
    Refunds for California residents
    A dietary supplement company agreed to pay a $1.1 million settlement after a group of California district attorneys — including several in the Bay Area — challenged the company’s claims that its freeze-dried capsules could cure diabetes, lupus and numerous other ailments.

    Evig LLC — which does business as Balance of Nature — agreed to the settlement after the California Food, Drug and Medical Device Task Force filed a civil lawsuit against the company, claiming that its advertising campaigns across California “were not supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence,” according to a news release by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

    About $250,000 of the settlement has been set aside for customer restitution, meaning that any California resident who bought a Balance of Nature product in the last six years may be able to claim a refund. The other $850,000 portion of the settlement will go toward civil penalties and investigative costs, the release said.

    “The truth can be a hard pill to swallow,” said Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, in a statement. “This company was dishonest in selling its products to the public. We will fight to make sure companies tell the truth to protect the health and welfare of our citizens.”

    The company’s misleading advertising campaign centered on capsules that claim to be filled with freeze-dried and powdered fruits and vegetables. The company claimed those capsules contained heaps of servings of fruits and vegetables — so much so that they could either cure or treat a long list of diseases, including arthritis, fibromyalgia and cancer, the task force said. But none of that was supported by actual scientific evidence, the task force said.

    The task force also claimed that Balance of Nature broke California’s Automatic Renewal Law by wrangling customers into a subscription program — which charged a monthly fee — without first clearly laying out its terms.

    “Balance of Nature made dubious claims that their products could treat or cure serious diseases placing the public’s health in danger,” Napa County District Attorney Allison Haley said in a statement. “Customers have the right to expect the products they purchase to work as advertised.”

    The company did not admit liability in the settlement. Company officials did not immediately return a call for comment from the Bay Area News Group.

    District attorney’s offices in Alameda, Marin, Napa, Santa Cruz, Solano, and Sonoma counties also joined in the lawsuit.

  • Balance of Nature is not only a fraudulent company it supports the far right Republican party's power grab.
    Boycott that company people!

  • V P

    The founder, Dr. Douglas Howard said Trump was right about hydroxychloroquine & therapeutics… Be cautious of supplements, sold by snake oil salesmen

  • Not BBB accredited. Because of high volume of complaints.

  • If you buy you have to sign up as a preferred customer. No way to cancel without a fight

  • These supplements cause explosive diarrhea. IBS. Irritates colitis. Not worth it

  • Why not just eat fruits and vegetables as opposed to take pill

  • The soy that is in this product is NOT healthy for anyone along with the cruicerferous and oxalate veggies. No one should take these capsules from BoN.This product wreaked havoc on my thyroid. I developed symptoms such as loss of swollen thyroid, scratchy throat, eyebrows, hair thinning, memory issues, inability to stay asleep, rosacea and more. Juice Plus has a far better product and a better return policy too.

  • Awesome review. We need to get the company to change the marketing practices'. I have found the same with the product it is great.

  • Advertise enough and you will brainwash people into thinking this product actually does something. What Bullshit. This is nothing but a SCAM!!!!

  • D

    The "Doctor" who started this is a Chiropractor, and anyone who pays him $910 per yr (or $1,820 for 2) should go see a doctor.
    This $910 per year equates to $17.50 per week for real fruits/veggies at a grocery store or Costco!
    Then you can also skip the "mypillowman" marketing techniques.

  • L H

    I am amazed that a Dr. would recommend this product. Of course you need the WHOLE PACKAGE, that nature made in fruits and vegetables; not a freeze dried pill.
    Fibre, phytonutrients, and all sorts of other ingredients in FRESH, WHOLE food that are put together and balanced for us by nature, not in this product.

  • It messes with my stools 😮. Any one try and Snort it? It's Hard to cancel it.

  • They are on amazon too, same price but no membership

  • Antoinette: I just purchased the BoN fruits and vegetables. Grapefruit interferes with blood pressure medicines containing statins but I know the BoN's Maintain Blend of grapefruit content will not be an issue.

    Thank you for your videos — you're thw best!!!

  • $69.00 a month but free shipping LOL

  • They were obviously more interested in selling me their products that they were in my health. I will continue to eat in organic apple and organic blueberries every day exercise, and eat properly.

  • I called to place an order but they would only allow me to use my debit card for as automatic shipping. I have never heard where you can’t call to just place an order for example, six months worth.

  • This is a scientology product that supports and contributes financially to the cult. Just no. Don't be a part of their scam.

  • Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party as I'm just seeing this. I read a few comments and is it safe to assume you do NOT take these anymore?? Is it safe to assume you are taking "Natrol Juice Festiv? or is that info old/"expired" too? What is the latest recommendation? Thanks!

  • Check the Calorie count of what you think is in it and you will see this may not be what you think. Marketing?

  • How much original fruits and vegetables are there in each serving/dose? For example, is it 2 cups of chopped F & V? Like, if you were to take a head of broccoli and dehydrate/freeze dry it, how much powder would that create? I just have a hard time believing you're getting very much in each capsule.

  • Antoinette's video continues to gain more views than all other (non-company produced) videos because it is well done AND because it remains a location where all points are openly discussed, much to the credit of Antoinette.
    I've just come across a new impartial well done review of Balance of Nature. Well worth watching.
    If you search the following on Youtube, you'll find a fascinating video — Balance of Nature: Miracle or Myth? —
    I think the presentation adds greatly to the discussion of the product (and it is NOT selling anything). I have no idea who produced it. Will love to hear your comments about its contents.

  • I'm wondering, How they get all those Fruits and Vegetables into those Tiny Capsules! Hmmm,,,,


  • Please don’t buy these products. Don’t waste your money

  • Sorry I'm not paying the outrageous price of $149 a month. I'll just eat fruits and vegetables It's much cheaper.

  • As she says INCREDIBLE! Her whole presentation is incredible.

    I have been forced to eat real fruits and vegitables because I can't afford the Balance of Nature product.

  • Sounds like a big con job to me any time a company pushes like that I don't trust them.

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