9 Herbs You Can Grow In Water Over And Over Again For Endless Supply

Discover the wonderful world of herb gardening right in the comfort of your own home. With just a glass jar and a source of fresh water, you can effortlessly grow a bountiful supply of herbs on your windowsill. Whether you opt for a charming mason jar or any medium-sized container, the growing process remains the same. Let’s explore the nine herbs that thrive in water, bringing flavor, fragrance, and a touch of green to your culinary adventures.

1. Peppermint:
Indulge in the invigorating essence of peppermint by growing it in a jar. Snip off a few leaves to create herbal tea, , or add a refreshing twist to your soups. This versatile herb thrives in partially sunny or shady windows, making it a perfect addition to any herb garden.

2. :
Straight from your windowsill to your pasta, sauces, and soups, fresh adds a burst of flavor to your savory creations. Gently remove a few leaves from the stem using kitchen scissors. Keep an eye on your plant as it can grow quite large.

3. :
Known for its delightful aroma, is a popular choice for both culinary and holistic purposes. Enhance the taste of eggs, chicken, lamb, or pineapple with this flavorful herb. prefers moderate sunlight and doesn’t require excessive watering.

4. Basil:
A staple in Italian cuisine, basil thrives in water and can be used in a variety of recipes, from sauces to soups. Ensure your basil jar receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day to promote healthy growth and maximize its aromatic potential.

5. Stevia:
Sweeten your tea or coffee naturally with the leaves of this hearty herb. Stevia prefers a bit of sunlight but can adapt well to shadier areas. You can even create your own sweetener by grinding the leaves into powder.

6. :
Embrace the versatility of , whether in its flowering state or harvested before blooming. Dry the stems and remove the leaves for use in cooking. Remember, craves ample sunlight, so position your jars in a bright window.

7. Rosemary:
This flavorful herb thrives in both sunlight and partially shaded areas. However, it flourishes best when basking in full sunlight. Elevate your favorite chicken dish by adding a touch of rosemary from your own homegrown supply.

8. Lemon Balm:
Harness the soothing power of lemon balm by creating your own herbal tea. Known to alleviate anxiety and aid digestion, this herb can also promote restful sleep. Ensure your lemon balm plant receives plenty of sunlight to enhance its aromatic properties.

9. Chives:
Join the onion family and enjoy the simplicity of growing chives. This versatile herb can be used in a variety of dishes. To achieve optimal growth, provide plenty of water and sunlight. It’s as easy as that!

Embark on a culinary adventure with these nine herbs that thrive in water. By utilizing glass jars and fresh water, you can effortlessly cultivate a herb garden on your windowsill. From the invigorating notes of peppermint to the aromatic allure of rosemary, these herbs will elevate your culinary creations. Give your herbs a nutrient boost by considering the addition of hydroponic nutrients to the water. Unleash your inner herbalist and savor the flavors of nature in the comfort of your own home.


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