Why Ozempic for weight loss has doctors concerned

And there was a brand new weight reduction development taking on social media for customers trying to shed some kilos. Individuals are turning to a diabetes treatment, leaving docs involved over a possible scarcity as demand spikes.

ABC’s Stephanie Ramos has the story.. This morning. Ozempic, a well-liked treatment usually prescribed for folks with sort 2 diabetes, is reportedly getting used off label for weight reduction by social media customers.

. It’S right here. The FDA has reported intermittent shortages of the drug. Social media customers like tick Tock or Alyssa. Clayton praising the outcomes for slimming down Alyssa sharing these earlier than and after photographs of the consequences of the treatment over the course of 18 months.

. I wished one thing that was not invasive being pre diabetic., That is scary. For me. I imply, if I am 60 kilos lighter now than I used to be a 12 months in the past. I I really feel like that, has elevated the standard of my life and hopefully the size of my life.

Ozempic, an FDA accredited therapy for Kind 2. Diabetes is thought to enhance blood sugar alongside weight loss plan and train to scale back the chance of main cardiovascular occasions equivalent to coronary assault, stroke or dying in adults with sort 2 diabetes.

. Though Ozempic just isn’t explicitly accredited for weight administration, it may possibly’t be prescribed. Off label and used safely for this function. For people who find themselves overweight, nonetheless, the load loss drug will govie, additionally made by Novo Nordisk, is FDA, accredited for weight reduction.

. It’S the identical drug semaglutide, however prescribed at a better dosage.. Based on the FDA. Each are in brief, provide.. One of many causes now we have a scarcity of ozempic is {that a} model of the identical drugs known as we Govi has been accredited by the FDA.

, However due to provide chain points, it has been in very brief provide and so folks have been utilizing ozempic as an alternative Novo Nordisk Telling ABC Information., We’re presently experiencing intermittent provide disruptions on varied doses of ozempic.

Because of the mixture of unbelievable demand, coupled with general world provide constraints., Whereas product continues to be manufactured and shipped sufferers in some areas of the nation will expertise delays, we’re making each brief and long run Investments to unravel for these short-term challenges.


  • Weight Watchers got on board with Ozempic. The weight-loss industry is a many billion dollar industry and if they don't get on board with Ozempic or Eli Lilly or Wegovy the other weight-loss companies are going bankrupt. Just follow the mulla….

  • Cy

    Look up Dr. Valencia diet .. it’s not really a diet per se .. just a way of eating ..

  • I lost over 50 lbs in 5 months from saxenda

  • It’s actually for brain loss…you can’t have people thinking for themselves..

  • How about improving your own blood sugar, bu not eating sugar/ carbs/ junk food? Easy. Everyone wants the easy way out. Just eat healthy and exercise- no side effects. If you put your trust in drugs- good luck to you

  • Ozempic is dangerous!
    I'm laying here in bed because I took Ozempic (Semaglutide) for 3 months and almost died. This drug caused me constant bloating which made me feel full, but sick when I did force myself to eat. By the 3rd month the damage was done. My liver developed advanced cirrhosis which led to bleeding in my stomach and upper GI tract. I lost so much blood that my hemoglobin went down to 9 and I needed 2 units of blood at the ER. I had then scheduled a upper GI Endoscopy for 3 weeks later. But on the second week just before my appointment my hemoglobin went down to 5.1 and I became delirious and unconscious. My friends hadn't heard from me and broke into my house and quickly called me an ambulance. I was rushed to a nearby ER for 2 pints of blood they quickly squeezed into me to stabilize me and then taken by helicopter to a major hospital where they had to quickly squeeze 2 more pints of blood into me. They found fluids in my chest (dead blood cells) that has been drained out and performed the Upper GI Endoscopy where they had to band the bleeders. I had received 1 more unit of blood (for a total of 7 units in 2 weeks) just to bring me back up to a hemoglobin of 9. I was discharged a week later. I have no memory of the first two days after becoming unconscious. Then 6 weeks later my hemoglobin was down to 6.1 and again I was hospitalized for 6 days after another life flight from my local hospital. Once again the GI Doctor had to place 5 bands around bleeders. My organs are damaged now and I have been seeing doctors 2 or more times a week. I may need a liver transplant now from biliary cirrhosis. I did have a prior fatty liver, but I hadn't had a drink in over 8 years. There is a October 2022 published report from Indiana University School of Medicine of someone else my age (male 50's) that required a liver and kidney transplant after using Semaglutide for 6 months. The report found no other explanation for his diagnosis. There are also other lawsuits over the harm from this drug. My hemoglobin counts are slowly improving, but I am unable to leave my bed for more than a few minutes due to all the complications it has caused my body. Using this product is not worth the health risk. If you're diabetic, I recommend Victoza. I used Victoza for years without side effects and it will also help with slow weight loss. I wish I had stayed with it instead of listening to the Wegovy and Ozempic commercials for quicker weight loss.

  • Because they fear for their Lilly stocks ^^

  • Waa waaa "I'm obese & didn't control myself for long enough that I'm now diabetic & I have the balls to whine about not being able to get it because people are actually taking steps to prevent becoming a diabetic strain on the insurance industry" GMAFB. Stop whining. You did this to yourself. Entitlenlment is out of control.

  • if you're getting it for weight loss why not you know just eat better and do some cardio

  • Unfortunately. Big pharma doesn't care if you live or die, just give me the money.

  • I need to find somebody on this medication lol

  • Too expensive….I rather not eat

  • My doctor wont prescribe it for just weight loss and I started on the Ozempic a few days ago for the type 2 diabetes management.

  • If you don't have willpower, you will never be thin! Unless you're willing to take Ozempic for life.

  • Treating the problem with medication rather than treating the issue of poor diet and lack of activity is now the norm. I mean I’m all for assistance if you need it….but medication should be the last option. I just feel like pills/meds are thrown at everything nowadays.

  • if you cant get ozempic you can get the peptide version called semaglutide/glp-1

  • I am on mounjaro live in hartselle im not having any problems with my pharmacy getting my fills they have plenty. Only one side effect from it ..for those that dont know and new users..a BIG PROBLEM it's called MOUNJARO MOUNTAIN. because when its time to move said mountain bruhhh better have 20 mins set aside a fan and a cold bathroom ready i tell u what. Im 54 i aint never had constipation like this my gawd id say the day of your injection take ya laxative it says take 3 take 6 im no doctor and every one is different uhhh yea watch out for dat MOUNTAIN FR!!!!!

  • I have type 2 diabetes and had been on Truelicity for over a year to manage it. Six weeks ago, I asked my doctor if he would switch me to Ozempic to try and lose a little weight. After 4 weeks on the Ozempic, I was DONE with it. I was sick all the time, diarrhea constantly, it even changed the color of my stool to a grayish/black color, vomiting. I just couldn't tolerate it anymore. I decided losing a few pounds just wasn't worth it. This, for me anyway, was a demon drug. Never again.

  • JFC just lift weights for 45 minutes 3 times a week….

  • She wanted something non evasive? You could have stopped eating processed foods and moved more than once a day to pickup their amazon package from the door.

  • Does it not bother anyone that Ozempic carries a
    black box warning for thyroid cancer?

  • Basically, the doctors are "concerned" because the demand for the drug is outpacing its availability. There… now you do not have to see this video.

  • Was offered this. Turned it down.

  • Unearned gains never stick ⚠️

  • I don't care about loosing weight this medicine has made me feel horrible and has not reduced my blood sugar numbers. If i had known the side effects i would have never agreed to try it. Terrible

  • People who use Ozempic as a crutch instead of just eating less are some of the weakest willed humans in the world. You should not be surprised if you develop long-term side-effects, from crutching your body, while keeping an unhealthy high-sugar diet.

  • No matter what you choose, diet, exercise or meds. Weight loss is not easy. I recently shared my story on my channel, on how I lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks, which could be really helpful to anyone struggling with weight loss.

  • What's wrong with using it as a preventative?

  • Fatys taking away from people who need it

  • I took this for 9 weeks and only experience horrific horrific horrific diarrhea AND constipation at the same time. I lost 0 lb. Over 9 weeks

  • Shut up with ur shortage. This is a scheme to hike prices

  • I quit junk food & sugar 4 months ago and have lost over 50 lbs. I considered ozempic & wegovy, but it’s just too new of a drug for me. I hope that the craze around this therapy doesn’t cause issues for type 2 diabetics.

  • How bout you lose weight like a normal person and dont die of wierd side effects in 10 years

  • Lost 80 pounds in 3 months 🧢

  • A fad that will eventually lead to no good

  • Yet vaccines weren't in shortage 🤔

  • Taking Ozempic off label for weight loss can also pose a risk to the people taking it. NOTHING with a potential side effect of suicidal ideation (which Ozempic has) should EVER be taken lightly.

  • I am taking a similar drug call Saxenda. I maintained a healthy lifestyle before getting on it. That's the key, maintainance. I was borderline diabetic and this drug will only help me

  • Mr.

    $300 with insurance!! Super expensive

  • I’m gonna Check back with all the ozempic weight loss queens and kings in 3 years to see how they maintained when they get off it.
    I lost my weight in 2018. I’ve kept off 180 loss since then. I shall be checking in

  • Who is the cutie reporter in green?❤

  • Im guessing if they are pre diabetic it means they will end up on the drug anyway

  • OZEMPIC DOES NOT HELP LOSE WEIGHT IT DOESNT WORK And doctor gave me and i don’t gave diabetes for six months full dosage i lost absolutely nothing just gave me terrible stomach shooting pains severe constipation vomiting tremendous amount of burping severe acid reflux i made my normal healthy self sick i am someone who has extra pound due to medication side effects and i wasn’t over eating in the first place i am active individual but doctors prescribed me ozempic and i dont have diabetes

  • Proper diet, exercise, will do more than any pharmaceutical stuff, Bravo people Bravo so brainwashed and lazy

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