What’s it like taking Ozempic? Patients share their stories


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  • I get better results with OMAD. Down 26 pounds and no appetite in fasting window. Great blood sugar numbers. Much healthier!

  • I get so discouraged reading some of these comments. I've been on Ozempic since May (6 months now) and have not lost one pound. NOT ONE. And to read these comments is so upsetting. 🙁 The good news is my sugar levels are stable now.

  • All these people that don’t want to get off their lazy selves and work out!!!!

  • I love Ozempic and love with no side affects it but availability in SA is completely impossible, to find stock and my sugar levels are fantastic but you have to constantly use it for my diabetes it is ideal…unfortunately it is not readily available 🥲

  • I lost 200 pounds but my top weight was 190? Uh oh


  • The doctor who did the trials said you needed to be on OZ for 2 years, to allow your body time to adapt to your new weight, otherwise it will try to go back to the larger 'baseline state'. something like that.

    Starting my third week on .25 tomorrow. It's crazy how this works. I just don't need to eat as much. I used to portion out 1.5 to 2x what I would normally portion for my wife, and now I give each of us the same amount. Sometimes I don't even finish that portion, and my brain is like, 'you don't need more!'

  • I just started it and some people need to understand it meant to help not cure some people don’t change their lifestyle.

  • It's common sense that you will gain the weight back if you get off it. Again, it's made for diabetics, so the chances of getting off it if it proves successful will be low. If you take if for weight loss, you are going to gain the weight back once you get off of it, which a lot of people do once they reach their weight loss goal.

  • It's meant for individuals with diabetes. The shortages are caused by those people who are prescribed it for weight loss (because they're not willing to make natural efforts), which affects diabetics who genuinely need it!

  • Like anything it has side effects, in my case these subsided with time, I actually take every 2 weeks instead of weekly and manage weight loss/side effects/cost that way, this is my 3rd injection in 6 months and the weight loss is real. I eat the same food just half the portions

  • I’ve been taking ozempic for 16 weeks and have lost 44lbs so far. Only side effects for me are slight nausea and constipation. I take magnesium everyday to help with constipation. I started off at a lower dose (.25 mg) and have only had to increase to .75 mg.

  • Makes you feel full but stress and comfort eating have nothing to do with feeling hungry or full. Had constipation/diarrhea on and off for the 8 weeks I was on it. Had headaches almost daily and felt tired all the time (might be some dehydration causing that). Nausea was an almost constant with the evenings being the least impacted. Taste buds changed daily and sometimes the same day. Most often bland starchy foods were all I could manage. No weight loss observed. Felt crappy pretty much 24/7. Couldn't focus and didn't want to do anything. It did bring my blood glucose down but I will go back to Metformin and the side effects it causes me as they are more manageable and at least I have a life. Ozempic is not for everyone…

  • So, no silver bullets yet. 😫😩😓

  • I’ve been on ozempic for 6 months have lost 30 lbs and have made no real diet change. Side effects substantially reduced after two week on each new dose. Now I have none. I’ve all been taken off of all blood sugar lowering or stabilizing medication and my A1C is a 5.6. It’s kinda a wonder drug for type 2 and PCOS i feel a lot better and it’s one weekly injection I take Zyrtec more 😂

  • It’s the medicine plus changing your eating diets once your off

  • GeeZ I just don't get why people can't get through their heads that the only real solution to weight loss is a balanced diet, portion control, exercise and most importantly SELF DISCIPLINE!

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