What Taking Ozempic for Two Months ACTUALLY Looks Like (This Gets VERY Real…)


  • No bread no rice and no bananas they are loaded with sugar and keeps your fat cells locked because your body say I don’t need to burn your body fat I have all of this sugar to burn for fuel

  • JFC just drink some water. You're not a toddler😢 So annoying.

  • I liked your video. Thank you. I'm wondering about your palms? Have you been working with yellow food coloring? Your palms are yellow. Maybe liver issues?

  • Thank you Ginger for sharing your journey. Thanks also Abby!😍😍😍

  • After seeing someone famous on "TV". I found this video on Ozempic. I had a really hard time losing weight so I had gastric sleeve surgery. Ozempic sounds almost the same because I had to learn not to over eat because your stomach can't fit food. Then you start training your brain. When listening to Ginger its sounds like the brain automatically tells you your full and the cravings go away. I'm glad this is helping her.

  • I never had a weight problem until I developed diabetes. That’s when the food noise started. I suddenly had to think about everything I put in my mouth. I had to worry about going out to eat. Is there something on the menu that I can eat? Plus, the insulin made me ravenous. My side effects aren’t as severe as Ginger’s. All I’ve dealt with is nausea and exhaustion and it’s been almost constant. I can feel fine when I first get up, but the nausea hits throughout the day. Makes it hard to plan. The nausea isn’t to the point of vomiting, that would be a deal breaker for me, it’s more like I just got off the Tilt-a-whirl. I know I don’t drink enough water and I’m working hard at it. I’m staying at .05 for as long as possible. My BS is 100% in the normal range. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this drug for weight loss. I get full so fast. I make sure I take a good multivitamin plus extra iron because I’m anemic.
    And don’t hate on the packaged hard boiled eggs. They are easy to grab and full of protein.

  • I wanted to tell you that you could try Overeaters Anonymous-Food Addicts anonymous to get binging under control, I believe that cutting down on sugar, processed wheat will also help you regulate your blood insulin levels as well as dopamine receptors in your brain. Abbey has given a lot of good tips to you as well, especially eating protein-reach, low-fat meals on a regular basis and drinking a lot of water. Regarding meal prep, it does suck and it takes a lot of your free time, there is no way to really avoid it. My tip would be to do batch cooking like she says, to do it on days when you are not stressed and you have more time on your hands and to simplify meals. I live off porridges, soups, salads and sandwiches as well as smoothies

  • I think the jabs are worth people trying, if from a self-control point of view they are unable to change their diet. But it's not ideal, and is best regarded as a way to kickstart change in how you eat. I found that my problem with losing weight on diets was that I was frightened of feeling hungry. I was willing to change what I ate though. So a diet that provided stuff that I could eat when I was hungry (low carb diet) worked for me and I lost 12 kg in 6 weeks. The change I made was dropping bread, pasta, rice, cakes etc, and anything sugary. No jabs and no expense! Semaglutide jabs might reduce your weight while you're on the medication but if you don't cut the processed and high carb foods it will come back. When this lady revealed she had donuts in her fridge I thought "Uh-oh".

  • Go Ginger you got this. My manager lost so much weight on using that method

  • Thank you for sharing your journey! You have echoed my experience almost to a tee. I have been on Wegovy for about 9 months and have only lost about 15 lbs. I also thought the weightless would have been more drastic and much sooner. My doctor has encouraged me to stick with it. She said it is not uncommon for it to take a few months to really start seeing results.

  • Thank You both for this dialog (spelling) really real and really helpful 😊

  • I hate when I hear someone say I’m healthy, and she says look at my blood work. Then they say, I got my gallbladder removed and I don’t like eating vegetables. Ok so your not healthy then

  • Guys much like testostrone replacement. Once you start ozempic, your body stops producing leptin like a normal person… this will result in you needing to dose ozempic for life much like how bodybuilders on testostrone need a testostrone shot for life. Meaning when you stop you gain back everything and then more… You have been warned.

  • My husband makes beef jerky.It's a lot of salt but great protein and filling for a snack or 2

  • Ozempic isn’t worth losing this little weight (see serious side effects) and the possible long term detriment to your health. If you ever go off it your old body comes back. Ladies find another way.

  • 9 weeks in and fighting to not gain 😢

  • I’m 70 lb down in a year my secret…carnivore no drugs or starving,check out dr berry

  • So proud of you girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Started yesterday and i have to force myself to eat yesterday and today. Im just not hungry. I lost 3lbs, we'll see if it will progress until this coming Friday.

  • I sufferr from chronic fatigue syndrome so it is very hard to even go for a walk. If I take ozempic that would be probably even worse

  • I just started Semaglutide this week. A friend told me that she was nauseous and had diarrhea after her shots in the stomach. She switched to injecting in her thigh and both issues have gone away. I started with injecting in my thigh based on her suggestion and so far have no side effects. Maybe this will help others.

  • It doesn't sound very effective. If you are doing a lot of caloric restriction and food type choices then what is it really good for. Other than so many digestive problems that you might lose weight from the ailments. Maybe the occasional hospital stay.

  • My favorite breakfast is just to plop one scoop of Orgain chocolate or vanilla protein powder in my coffee. I use a little battery operated spinner to really mix it well and stir as I drink it. If I miss that, I tend to be hungrier later in the day. And ONE scoop is about 10 grams of protein and doesn’t hit the kidneys too hard. I like Orgain because it’s vegan and uses stevia as a sweetener. Other powder powders use sweeteners often cause me diarrhea….

  • Do ketogenic diet plus ozwmpic and you will drop it like it’s hot

  • Ivf, gall bladder removal, Ozempic. That's a lot for her body to go through. Hopefully she won't have any negative long term effects. I won't be surprised to see the commercial in a few years saying if you or a loved one was on Ozempic and suffered these problems contact our law office.

  • 8 months on Ozempic and I’ve lost 82 lbs. it’s been life changing

  • I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I’m not on ozempic but with IF I have lost my appetite as well. Freeing.

  • One very VERY IMPORTANT LESSON, which is not blamed on ozempic, but ozempic contributed, or rather… it’s side effects clearly pushed me over the edge to develop a physical issue I was not at all prepared for & when I felt something a few weeks back, I got super scared, & wish I had been doing exercises to prevent this physical issue-
    VAGINAL PROLAPSE : esp bc my doctor had only seen 3 womrn before who hadn’t had a kid get one, he was really surprised, & kept asking if I had constipation, which I don’t… I said I’ve had the opposite, alot… ha 🤷‍♀️ (ive never been pregnant & have a small bladder & rectal prolapse- the walls of my vagina are weakened & allow the organs to press & move a bit, & pelvic floor muscles are weak so Cervix has moved .5 inch downward). It’s small, & I had symptoms start before I started ozempic but I thought it was related to nerve damage & herniated sacral discs… now I see the inactivity over several yrs, weak core from back pain/probs, and other things likely combined with age, increased weight… and gravity! Then ozempic was a stressor. I wish I had known in general that women need to take care of pelvic floor muscles and do exercises to support their health/strength at any age, Irregardless… Bc hard to reverse the condition & important for female health (down there 😉).
    I believe the weight gain partly triggered it, along with the hormone Imbalance I had… and the time spent on the toilet- sometimes just sitting there for long periods of time on phone, bc I was having many in a day, or slow BMs that were loose, or go 1-2 days without a BM so then have a bigger one that was partly constipated/part really loose, but alot that took a long time bc… diarrhea. After staying on one dose, I’m regular now. But that was a strain on my body- the position, the lack of support, the relaxing muscles for long periods, etc… but I also had issues urinating at times as well which my doctors knew abt, but thought were anxiety or nerve damage…( I could pee just took a while to relax) NOONE was thinking or warning or informing me abt vaginal prolapse… so I’m here to put it on ur radar in case you have any predisposing factors (smoking is another one).

    So I may have been more susceptible: there was muscle weakness/loss, &/or progesterone/hormone levels low bc of my PCOS… age, weight, etc.
    I wish I had even just thought abt being aware and smart abt ergonomics & position, strain, limiting time sitting on toilet without support from pressure/stress, & limiting straining or stress on my pelvic floor & vaginal muscles. And def wish I had started strengthening my pelvic floor & vaginal/abdominal muscles to help support my organs & body… theres ALOT of great info on YT re: prolapse & treatment options, preventing, exercises, sex tips, & compassionate educational resources!❤️

    I don’t want to scare ppl, but I want to alert ppl to being ergonomically informed & smart, esp if you’re predisposed— pls, look up risk factors; but also how to work on strengthening your pelvic floor, bc as we ALLL get older, they get weakened, & extra weight puts added stress there too.
    So if you have hormone imbalances, or have had a kid (& pelvic floor is already somewhat stretched/weakened), or have a chronic condition that keeps you less active, mobile &/or your core weak, or take meds that cause constipation or diarrhea… etc. (like ozempic) just BE AWARE there are risk factors & stressors for prolapse that overlap with obesity and ozempic; and they may put you at risk for a prolapse (bladder, rectal, uterine) & hemorrhoids too.
    PLEASE just learn it takes more than kegels, & women afflicted w/ prolapses are ashamed/embarrassed & deal with the inconvenience/annoyance/discomfort etc. in silence…sadly- there’s MANY MANY women with this condition, most women over 50 have the beginning signs of it. But you can stop progress & prevent worsening, & even improve symptoms… So, despite many women (esp in post-menopausal life) developing them… they progress & get worse before taking action, bc they’re too ashamed & embarrassed or freaked out to get pelvic floor PT, talk to doc, or see specialist abt options/tools to help.
    Mine is small so I’m hoping I can reverse it, but pls be careful & learn from my situation… I was not proactive & the MALE doctors didn’t think/know to warn me or advise me abt this condition which can definitely be aggravated by toileting & positioning etc… but there’s things you can do to lessen the stress if taking ozempic & expect or already have side effects. PLEASE! Just look up the exercises & learn them even if you don’t take ozempic. This is something women aren’t being told about- or informed abt, and we CAN PREVENT it, or severity of it!! ❤️

  • Is it true that you have to stay on it forevever? I've been trying to get it for 6 months & my doctor says I'll have to be on it forever so she doesn't want me on it. I just wanted to be on it to jumpstart weight loss

  • Ginger – your story about food reminds me of the book The Body Keeps the Score! I too am overweight, in my 60’s, pre diabetic and would like to try one of the weight loss drugs. I am so glad you are doing this NOW, before you hit menopause. It is so much harder to lose once you do. I am watching your journey and rooting for you!!❤

  • Ginger, I support your journey. I just made 2 months on Ozempic for my diabetes and my symptoms are fatigue, sleepiness and some headaches, an occasional bout of nausea and a few bouts of light diarrhea. We got this, we can do it!🥳

  • I loved details. Ty just took my 1st .25 ozempic and stomach one day in blah. Mounjurno got o 5 mg and was horrible nausia.

  • 💕💕💕 cheers to your efforts

  • Thank you so much for asking the chicken question. I didn't know either.

  • I wasn't going to comment until something you said struck me at min 30. "you should have worked harder …" That really pisses me off and is the reason I don't tell people I'm on Oz. I've always busted my ass trying to keep my weight down. It's been a life long struggle. Even with the help I get from Oz, I have to be careful and work hard. I've been on it for near 6 months. I've lost weight and am pleased with the results but it isn't the magic bullet (for me anyway) as joked about in pop culture. It's slow but it is happening.

    People who make those comments are made differently. If they fell a bit heavier than normal, they cut out desserts for a week and drop 5 lbs … like changing their underwear. I gain weight just thinking about eating. They judge people like me based on their own good fortune (as manifested in the ease by which they can shed weight). I'm different. If it was as easy as cutting out desserts for 2 weeks, I'd do it all the time. I don't eat desserts. I exercise. And losing weight for me is incredibly hard.

  • Man, I wish I knew you guys in person. Ginger you are so real and I really appreciate it. It is so helpful to me because I totally understand where you are coming from and have the same situation. I sure wish we could be friends in real life!!!!! And thank you both for trying to remove the stigma with it. love❤

  • I've been on .25 now for 8 weeks….tried to do the .5 for two weeks but had such headache and neasous so went back to .25. Lost 15.lbs so far and trying to go up to .5 again this week. Does higher dose always equal MORE weight loss?

  • I started fasting and eating less.. you will always lose weight this wat


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