Watermelon as Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

as Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction” As famous in a latest article within Harvard Well being Letter, as much as three-quarter of males with cholesterol-narrowed coronary arteries have some extent of erectile dysfunction as properly.

There’s medication like Viagra, however they’re short-term, and an costly answer that may trigger hazardous unintended effects. Clearly, in case your arterial system is that broken, a extra intensive effort that includes rather more than popping a tablet can yield longer-term enhancements in each sexual perform and cardiovascular well being.

Plant-based diets can’t solely reverse each circumstances, however one plant particularly might be able to play a stopgap function within meantime. The way in which medication like Viagra work is by inhibiting an enzyme that inactivates one thing known as cGMP, which might in any other case dilate penile blood vessels.

So, enzyme inhibition means extra cGMP, which implies extra blood move. However there’s one other solution to enhance cGMP ranges, by going to the opposite aspect of the equation, and stimulating the enzyme that makes it.

That’s what nitric oxide does. Nitric oxide is produced from arginine. Arginine might be produced by . So I’m wondering what would occur if you happen to ate extra . “Oral [L-] supplementation improves erection hardness in males with delicate erectile dysfunction.

” And the place is citrulline discovered? . How a lot would it’s important to eat every single day to match the dose they used within the research? Three and a half servings a day— except you eat yellow , which has about 4 occasions as a lot citrulline.

So only one serving a day, one wedge, one-sixteenth of a modest melon ought to present the dose they used, permitting for a 68% improve in month-to-month intercourse frequency, which your coronary ought to be capable of deal with, given how a lot decrease your blood strain shall be with watermelon supplementation.

Watermelon’s obtained all of it.


  • I only eat 2 cups of the red part of the melon mixed with juice from the rine everyday, is that good enough?

  • What about PE? Does this help with that as well?

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  • Why not get it from meat which has 20x the amount? xd

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  • The watermelons we get in Canada these days are tasteless.


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  • Love watermelon… eat almost one daily specially in hot weather!

  • Here in Brazil we have watermelon all the time.

  • That’s it, I’m going to Costco.

  • Gonna eat watermelons and go to pound town!

  • Does seedless watermelon provide all the same benefits as seeded? I have read somewhere that seedless has no testosterone boosting benefit, but I am not sure if that was from an official study.

  • Where get? I'll make us rich

  • This must be why yellow watermelons at my grocery store is always sold out.

  • can you just drill a hole in the melon and make love to it?

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