WARNING Do NOT take Ozempic or Mounjaro until you watch this


  • I don't have diabetes and I took a bad fall 7yrs ago on a town sidewalk. My knees are shot. I can't go up and down stairs. I have 3 torn meniscii and bone on bone osteoarthritis. I gained 50lbs on my tiny frame from not being able to exercise. I lost my husband, and had some other major losses over those 7yrs, so it has not been a good time to focus on weight loss. I barely sleep and get cravings in the middle of the night. I finally saw an endocrinologist who wants me to go on Mounjaro (which has only been out a year). Since there's a shortage in the US, I'd have to get it at a compounding pharmacy in Canada that she works with. It would cost $1500/mo in the US, which I can't afford. I'm on Medicare and they won't pay. I know losing the weight would take the pressure off my knees, but I'm more worried about the long term harm from these drugs if you're not diabetic. Does it interfere with the natural production of insulin or push out too much? My Dr also told me I'd have to eat healthy when I do eat (which I do now), no cheese or fats and to exercise. Well that sounds like something one can do without these drugs. I've read horror stories of gastroparesis and pancreatitis which I had when my gallbladder burst in 2014. It's horrific. Last week my neighbor was rushed to the hospital with an impacted bowel for not drinking enough water and not taking Miralax (full of chemicals btw) daily. Why would you take something where you'd have to take laxatives all the time. My father died of pancreatic cancer, so I fear that more than anything. Lawsuits are now being filed against Ozempic, Wegovy & Mounjaro for some of the conditions I mentioned. I'm really petrified of the side effects even though I want to lose weight badly. Any thoughts?

  • One problem; Gastroparesis

  • In the past, drastic weight loss drugs like this have killed people

  • Doc, what about scar tissue formation from the injections? Is it unlikely? A shot a week seems like it may cause harm to the injection site over time. I would hate to use this medication and yes I have lost weight but now I have lumps of scar tissue from the injections

  • Its 140 pound for a month in the uk

  • Would you add Trulicity to your warning?

  • I went off it for 3wks and missed the energy and the food talk in my head.Hunger came back gained4 lbs

  • As always wegovy cost me 900 a month.

  • Polar Express pharmacy in Canada is my doc told me about.

  • I am lucky I have disability coverage so I do not have to pay for it. I have felt better since taking it. I had type 2 diabetes. I am on ozempic.

  • The only thing with these meds I don’t like. Is if you want to get off it. You gain some of the weight if not all back

  • I took Trulicity because my insurance wouldn’t pay for ozempic. Trulicity didn’t work for me at all in fact I gain weight on it. It made me so hungry along with tiredness my dr took me off it

  • Ozempic is for those who have diabetes. Monjero is strictly for weight loss

  • People need to stop relying on drugs to get in shape start exercising daily. There’s many supplements on the market at work just as well like Taurine , beta Aline!!

  • Where can I get a 2 bedroom apartment for 1500$ ??😂

  • My mounjaro doesnt come like that. Mine comes in a pre dosed needle.

  • Please Revisit your advice (or at least update it to address the problems now being reported when used for weight loss)

  • Lucky people. Bummer big time lost 90 in my 40s kept off many yrs. Gained 35 this yr!! After gallbladder removed. Now I only can lose 1 pd a week. Not covered by ins and cant switch ins!!! I have to put extreme effort not to eat.

  • I'm on it I lost 50 my A1C is getting

  • With USD1500 per month, I can buy a lot of high quality whole foods to reduce my weight and reverse my diabetes.

  • 150 dollars a month in sydney

  • I do everything I can not to use medications. 5 or 10 years from now I won't be one of the many hurt orfatalities

  • Thank you excellent information

  • Personally i think ozempic is deadly poison, it completely distroys your gut biome and causes many severe gut issues has caused many people to get very sick…some have died. Plus what nobody's talking about is that 50% of the weight you lose with these drugs is MUSCLE…weight loss or diabetes i think these GLP1 drugs are bad news. They cure what you're suffering from and then you suffer from the cure.

  • You lost me at a 2 bedroom apartment for $1500 😂

  • This med made me feel like I was experiencing anaphylaxis and severely impacted thyroid function for me. I ended up in the hospital experiencing frightening symptoms of hyper and then hypothyroidism shortly after starting and a swollen pancreas. I discontinued relatively quickly but I wish I had never gone near this stuff.

  • Scratch that title. Dont take hormones unless:
    – you need them, cos your body doesnt produce
    – want to use it as a contraceptive
    – want to reach the peak of an UNTESTED (as in drugtesed) strength sport and youre under dontor supervison, and know what you do

  • I’m on, and have been ozempic for years now, due to being Hypoglycemic. It levels my sugar levels out, so I quit having constant dizzy spells, & double vision. No, I’m not diabetic or on diabetic medications, I am insulin resistant, but have a very controlled diet and exercise program and control my condition through this, under supervision if my Diabetes/endocrinologist. Sadly no due to everyone wanting it for weight loss, my Rx, is constantly delayed and out of stock. It’s become an issue, and I’m having to work with my doctor to find another medication, even tho I’m on one that works. It’s beyond frustrating….

  • Anyone taking these drugs looks sickly. Once you stop taking the medication, everything goes back. So this is drug you have to stay on that is causing a lot of health issues after a while of use. We are now in a place in this world where people are injecting themsleves at home with drugs. Dangerous times.

  • Trucilty needle to long it hurts leave marks and rash bleeding

  • I’ll stick with a Dr ! I don’t want to pay any extra fees for a 3rd party Dr just to get a generic drug

  • I’m on metformin 8 days and I’ve already lost 5 lbs and I’m only at a starting dose of 500mgs.. My dr recommended i try this altho I’m not diabetic first she says this mite do the trick and if it didn’t work bc I’ve tried Metformin my insurance will cover the manjauro’s full cost . So it’s a win win !

  • Commenting now for finding later…

  • But it literally turns off your enjoyment of everything.

  • I take wegovy my insurance cover it , not diabetic lost 30 pounds slowly but surely . My Dr do not want to increase the dose because i keep loosing the weight i do nit crave any sweets at all i keep my diet low calories. Very happy with it

  • "Stay off my operating table " good book to read

  • Ive been on Mounjaro for about 3 months now and have lost almost 60 lbs and my blood sugar has been great! The only complaint i have is it slows down digestion so my stomach has been all sorts or messed up, especially in the morning

  • I never lost an ounce on Ozempic. A low carb diet put my blood sugar and BP to near normal in 3 weeks and I lost 8lbs. Stop eating carbs and reverse you diabetes without meds.

  • My PCP just put me on Mounjaro. I am 300 lbs, but had been a normal weight my entire life until I hit about 66 yrs old and then the pounds piled on. I hadn't changed my diet, life style or exercise at all…I don't drink either…..it just piled on. Then, with my annual checkup, it showed I was a type 2 diabetic. It was a genetic time bomb waiting to go off and it did. I've had every ailment my father had and his prescription list might have well been mine…knee replacement at 65 check, favorable, treatable prostate cancer at 71, check. My father passed 10 years ago and weight 300 lbs at 91 years old. I weigh 300 lbs and have a dense bone structure. When I discussed this with my NEW DOCTOR…the previous just retired and was a burnt out, short timer who didn't care anymore. My new Dr. has put me on Mounjaro starting at 2.5 mg. I don't eat processed foods, cook for my wife and I. I exercise, active, eat mostly protein and veggies….very little fruits (if it's white, it ain't right) like bananas. I pray Mounjaro works for me…..I pray to God this does the trick.

  • I have been getting the same results with low carb/keto diet

  • Insurance won't pay….for these drugs? But they will pay for You once You actually have Diabetes! Makes No Sense at all……they told Me I would be using it for vanity reason?
    I have to lose weight????

  • Digestive conditions and neuromuscular conditions can get worse.

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