The Science of Vision, Eye Health & Seeing Better | Huberman Lab Podcast #24


  • @Andrew Huberman, any insights about how swimming in chlorinated water without goggles affect our eyes? How bad is this for us? Aside from redness, any long term side effects?

  • Great job on all fronts, Andrew! Big fan, big follower of your stuff. Hey I wonder if you could ever do a post or even a section of a podcast on how different people perceive the northern lights differently. I’ve been guiding photo trips for the aurora for many years now and it’s amazing how people see color in darkness differently. And then of course cameras do as well. Would be cool to hear your thoughts. I know some of the basic details of rods and cones, but I think k with the aurora nearing its 11 year-high in solar cycle 25, northern lights are super topical and talked about currently. Cheers!

  • Really need to practice saying Astaxanthin 😂

  • This man will plug any company that gives him money

  • Is there anything I can do if I have myopic degeneration? Every retinal corneal specialist I’ve seen says there isn’t anything I can do to ensure my eye health 🙃

  • Is there anything I can do if I have myopic degeneration? Every retinal corneal specialist I’ve seen says there isn’t anything I can do to ensure my eye health 🙃

  • Thank you, Andrew. At 58 yrs old I have a prism for my left eye. I WILL do the near far exercises faithfully and hope to get rid of the prism in the future.

  • is it recommended to do these exercises with our without your glasses?

  • I found this fascinating episode pretty late and have a question that I didn't see anyone cover in the comments yet. Most modern contact lenses have some level of UV protection built in. My question is if that makes enough of an impact to blunt the effect of outdoor sunlight? Do I need to get that time in WITHOUT my contacts as well?

  • i had bad lasik that gave me cornea neuralgia super super painful do you have any suggestions how o can handle this?

  • hello! please consider doing a separate episode on lazy eye, specifically esotropia for adults please! would really appreciate suggestions on how to fix this without surgery if possible

  • I don't know why this never comes up, but for years, I've worked next to the open window and I can literally look out any time I take my eyes off the screen. Also easy for kids outside or something else happening to get my attention and remind me to look out. I get that everybody may not be able to set up like that, but nobody seems to be trying! I'm approaching 50. I'm a writer – I spend all day and often nights staring at the screen. Eyes are fine.

    Also for the eyes up thing, part of the problem is laptops. With a desktop, you can keep the screen higher and at some distance and keyboard and mouse low. If you keep a laptop too high, you'll wreck your wrists. Not to mention have an appalling typing speed. A fix is to slant the laptop a bit so the keyboard faces you at a 45 degree angle or more and the screen can reach higher upright. Probably not as good for the laptop which prefers being on a flat surface, but laptop being ill is better than self. We replace laptops before they die anyway.

    Smooth pursuit – kids on a swing, seesaw… As a kid, I was never allowed to have a fringe haircut because it tends to cover an eye. I often go around the room in the dark if I wake up at night, or even close my eyes and navigate using just my senses.

    I guess II sound overexcited, but given my appalling weight, triglycerides, etc (why I found your videos), this video comes as a surprise for how much of this I automatically do or was taught to do.

  • Thank you for this podcast! When doing eye exercises and getting sunlight, is it recommended to remove corrective lenses?

  • I'm an optometrist and a lot of these rules and tips produce zero to minimal results. I've tested so many people even 60+ year olds with 6/6 or 6/5 vision who don't follow this protocol. It's a lot of nonsense which no one is going to follow or stick to. If you're genetically prone to myopia/hyperopia it's going to happen regardless, if you're not, your vision will be fine without these execises and guidelines.

  • Great content! You should do an episode on massage, acupuncture, and tools like that for recovery

  • Hi Mr Huberman @hubermanlab I’m interested in your point of view on the topic “how can we feel that someone is looking at me” if this gaze is not in the field of visibility? and what do you think about Duyen syndrome and how it can affect the brain if the eyes are part of it? Thank you ☺️

  • 1:17:45 A solution for dry eye is Vitamin A! I suffered from dry eye for years. It was horrible! I used drops and that wasn’t enough so I did research and found out that if you eliminate sugar and eat good fats and take vitamin A (NOT beta carotene but Retinyl Palmitate) with good fat such as Olive Oil because vitamin A IS FAT SOLUBLE, your dry eye will go away! It took me 10 years of research to figure this out.
    If you have dry eyes, he k your vitamin A level!!

  • Remember the time where our brain guessing was incorrect? The dress, that was gold for some people, and dark blue or light blue for others.

  • Thanks for this I've learned a lot and will apply most of it as it applies to me and my waning eyesight. Can't wait to bring this to my ophthalmologist!

  • As a kid when i finally got glasses i was amazed at how "clean" everything was, id stare into the trees in awe at the individual leaves, and how i could finally see where people were looking. Its wild how long it took anyone to notice i was blind as fk.

  • Dry Eye, forcibly close eyes as if to put pressure on
    lubricating gland around eyes and that will help force
    more fluid out for better lubrication. Then those glands
    will replenish quicker. Like the doc said, do this for a few seconds,
    then focus on your work. Do this when the eyes feels dry

  • Hi from NSW Australia

    I am visually impaired (legally blind) as a result of Rubella.
    I found this session very interesting. Recently, I had a facial, and as a part of the treatment, I had green light exposure than red light exposure. My eyes immediately started to water with red light exposure. I wonder why that is.
    I am certainly going to try out your suggestions with strengthening my eye health. Thank you 😊

  • Can you do an episode on Visual Snow Syndrome? A family member was diagnosed and I believe it is a diagnosis only around for less than a decade now.

  • can't you skip all the bullshit and just TELL ME HOW TO SEE BETTER!????

  • This is the video that started it all for me! Without surgery I would be completely blind today. Andrew Huberman started me on my health journey, and I can't thank him enough!

  • Hello, Professor! And what about farsightedness?

  • as much as i want to believe this, growing up i never slept with a night light and spent almost all day every day outside. my myopia came on at about age 6 and progressed significantly. i am now at -8.00 in right eye and -9.00 in left.

  • I could not watch the end of this video, but I know that wearing eye glasses to correct vision is the worst thing anyone can do for their eyes. I improved my eyesight by reducing my lens power progressively down until I can now see without glasses and drive without them. And age is not the issue, I am 68 years with better vision than when I was 30. I have also done many eye exercises. Vision, like Huberman says is mental, but in the form of stress, causing the eye muscles to change the lens shape. By removing the stress and exercising the muscles, complete normal vision is possible. Prove it to yourself by googling natural vision approach to eye care. all the best

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