The Problems with Ozempic [What the Research Shows…]


  • I was also wondering if Ozempic causes Ed, and what I mean is not that it lowers libido, but it interferes with the stiffness of an erection?

  • How do I talk to someone who is on it and I care about to get them to perhaps start moving toward a healthier lifestyle?

  • If Ozempic suppresses your appetite why not just do carnivore which naturally suppresses your appetite. I would never take something like that.

  • Although I have no intention of taking these weight loss drugs, even if I could afford them, my instincts said there are going to be side effects. Low carb, high vegetable diet with wild caught salmon, organic chicken and grass-fed beef, plus avoiding dairy and other foods I am allergic to (turned out I had a dairy allergy plus other food allergies like green beans, kale, and come other things that I discovered with blood work ordered by a naturopathic practitioner), and then the weight came off more easily. Eating right all the time is impossible since I can't find a plant based cheddar cheese that tastes good, but I am now more stable at 35 pounds lower than my highest weight.

    Of course, I want to lose more weight and be perfect but not at the cost of my overall health in the long run. As one ages, a little extra weight does not show wrinkles like it does on thin people. It is my natural Botox.

    Let's see what happens to Oprah and it looks like Kelly Clarkson is on that bandwagon as well, to be very overweight and then all of a sudden be thin. If they start taking really fast it could be meth or cocaine.

    Thank you, Dr. Berry. This video confirmed my suspicions with excellent facts, adding that this is experimental as little is known about injecting these drugs long term. Plus, I hate needles.

  • Clown. NO credentials. where did he go to MEd school? His webpage does not work. Lies. All for promotion.

  • What about Berberine instead of Ozempic?

  • Thanks for the heads up…I'm in the camp the medical industry wants food control by all means and necessity….It's tough to screw with natural processes. And thanks again.

  • How long do you have to be on ozempic to double your fat cells? Does anyone know?

  • I totally agree with all you are saying.
    I have struggled with my weight for year’s. I had to keep tubs with my big clothes, my medium size clothes and my small clothes. It saved me lots of money over the years!
    About ten years ago I started doing Keto. I have been on and off it over the years but only for a few months or weeks at a time. I would gain back a few pounds over Holidays, my Birthday month or when I was sick. But then I realized I never gained all or even half the weight back because I have learned on keto how many carbs are in which food and how much better I feel when I’m on keto even dirty Keto!

  • The nurse in my doctors office proudly told me that on Oz she can now only eat half a sub instead of a whole sub! Oh dear! They just don’t get it! Carnivore for me! Thanks for all you do!

  • If you want to reduce your blood sugar levels? Why not just take Moringa Moringa.

  • I like this dr but no one is saying
    Eat SAD
    Or not Train with weights.

    So maybe try low dose.
    Eat carnivore
    Train with weights

    I mainly do carnivore but still overeat
    I never eat trans fats or takeout or sugar but still find carnivore hard
    Still drink too much alcohol

    What’s wrong with trying g this for a short time to change patterns and habits.

    No ones saying stay on it forever

    Being 20 kilos overweight has loads of health risks.

    Thanks Dr great channel

  • I totally agree Dr. Berry, this drug is no good. It comes from the venom of the Gila Monster Lizard, so it's no surprise that it helps get rid of fat and muscle. The venom is designed to digest the fat and muscle of the prey its injected into.

  • Semiglutide is a tool to reduce your insulin resistance and visceral fat. This is only to be used until you get to your health goals. Along with GLP-1, you must modify your diet and exercise at least 3 times a week to increase muscle.

  • This was such an information-rich video! I’m currently on a calorie deficit and have lost 18 pounds thus far. My doctor tried to prescribe me ozempic but my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I’m starting to think that’s a blessing.

  • I think doctors prescribing dangerous drugs such as this need to be held accountable. I was one of those morbidly obese women who blamed myself for not controlling my addictive eating. I didn’t care so much about the dangers as long as I could get shots, the food point system, the packaged food, or whatever the popular diet of the month was.

    The mental, physical and spiritual pain involved is unbelievable and heartbreaking. The addiction is soul killing. And then, I must trust the doctors who look at me in disgust (as I agree with them that I am disgusting) and trust them to suggest I take meds that could cause me great harm. It seems to be such an evil scenario.

    I’m no longer on that path. I found Dr Berry, Dr Bozworth, Dr Fung, Dr Berg, Dr Pell and others who give of their time to show us the way out of a hellish lifestyle.

    I am not Keto perfect and a pretty slow learner, but the excess weight is about gone, the skin is shrinking instead of looking like it is melting, and I am calm.

    I pray that those still suffering can find these doctors in their search for sanity around food. ❤

  • I tried ozempic for three months, I rarely ate before taking it but drs assumed it was eating even though I wrote down what I was eating they didn’t pay attention. On ozempic I couldn’t eat at all if I did I’d be so nauseous and often vomited. My body ached so bad I was in bed in pain. I’ve taken myself off it because I don’t want an eating disorder and anything that makes you feel like shit isn’t good for you. I’m now eating anti inflammatory, carnivore/ketogenic and I feel so much better, naturally. I hate having to go to my dr and have him try to talk down to me as if I’m stupid for not wanting pharmaceuticals with terrible side affects both short and long term.

  • Is there a natural way to stimulate the GLC-1 in the brain that won’t raise blood insulin?

  • Thank you. Can you do a video on Tru Licity also please?

  • Ozempic is a dangerous drug for an older persons with neuropathy. I was prescribed Ozempic for Type II DM. I had two very dangerous falls because Ozempic aggravated orthostatic hypotension to such an extent it caused me to blackout suddenly and fall. The first fall caused a severe break in my left ankle which required surgery, and a head injury. The second fall caused a broken hip. It took weeks of hospitalization before my doctors figured out Ozempic was causing my BP to drop so low I would pass out upon standing. It took eight weeks for Ozempic to clear my system and allow me to stand up without blacking out. No one has mentioned this problem with these types of medications but it should thoroughly be explored.

  • Thanks for your honesty, it's refreshing. (Never used this drug or any drug used for type 2 diabetes because big Pharma isn't trustworthy).

  • Disappointing that you didn't explain exactly what a GLP-1 agonist is. GLP stand for Glucagon-LIKE Peptide. So how "like" or unlike is it from actual glucagon? Is it merely an agonist that stops up the receptor, making your body THINK there's been a release of glucagon? No lipolysis of adipose tissue for beta-oxidation? Any suppression of insulin? I think this 'weight-loss panacea' is so sophisticated and yet so fraught that is requires very close scrutiny and very precise explanation to a very eager and vulnerable public.

  • My doctor didn't want me to take it due to the thyroid cancer issues. Now I'm more a certain not thanks.

  • Why does it produce more fat cells?

  • How is there no long term data if first GLP-1 receptor aganist was approved in 2005 by FDA?? Its almost 20 years ago…

  • Im on OZm for 3 months now. This is my second time on it. I was on it 2 months before. I was walking 30 min. A day, I now walk an hour a day . I finally feel like I'm losing weight. I do watch my carbs. But I do eat carbs . But I think I'll change my diet too. Thank you for this video.

  • Just like the old Fen fen ! Everybody dropped a ton of weight, but years later came down with heart valve damage, heart attacks, and death.. people really are the lab rats. Stupid! Everybody wants a quick fix and then BOOM, regret always comes down the road….!

  • Maybe it’ll be a generic by the time you lose your job and insurance in the distant future. ; )

  • Doctor is .50 too high of a dosage for a type 2 diabetic?

  • True. After years of regular use they discovered ipecac syrup destroyed heart muscle and the heart is a muscle, not good. The danger list goes on with new drugs.

  • Your videos are always so helpful. Thank you.

  • Well, it’s no different than getting the Covid19 shot. Millions of people are ginny pigs. Everyone is a lab rat.

  • What do we know about long term issues we don't. I'll pass thank you!

  • Good review doctor. I begain Ozempic August 15th, 2023 @ 0.25mg. I am a 66 year old male gymrat and walker (both knees TKR). Four weeks later I moved to 0.5mg. Four weeks later I moved up to 1.0mg. I became very ill after the 1.0mg injection. Three days of vomiting and diarrhea. I promptly called a GI group and visted the doc. I had a CT, upper endoscopy and lower colonoscopy and fecal test. Nothing found wrong. I stopped the drug early December 2023. I never wanted to lose weight. I only wanted to control my Glucose. It did work as my A1C dropped from 6.8 to 6.1. I weigh 240 US Pounds and I'm 6ft 3 inches. I'm back on Metformin. Daily Sugar ranges from 90mg/dl to about 170mg/dl after a meal. I eat grilled chicken and fish with veggies daily. I personally believe Ozempic needs more time to be tested as a GLP-1 Agonist. People will die from this drug. It is not a natural way to lose weight. And many don't eat because of the nausea. I feel better after ending the drug and I have not gained weight. In my body, Ozempic made for a poorer quality of life. And BTW I was getting the drug for free.

  • The key word is “probably more fat cells”. There is no science backing this. Maybe for fat cells. Maybe you lose your insurance. Maybe or prob is all this video offers.

  • Lots of lab rats in the comments 😂

  • If you do Keto right you will lower A1C, lose your hunger and get all those same feeling full benefits from Ozempic. If you're in nutritional ketosis
    long term which is as low as 0.3-0.5 ketones you'll still be in the zone to NOT feel very hungry.

  • I've been on Ozempic pretty much since it first came out … My Dr's reason was NOT for weight loss but A1C control …. my A1C now is between 5 and 6 ….. sorry to agree but disagree … it works and have given much more energy and a better feeling about myself and life … I have lost 20 lbs but again the weight loss wasn't the intention … I'm on 1mg once a week …… using job loss and other scare tactics is a bit much

  • That is why we love Dr. Berry, you speak truth ❤❤

  • Yes. Lost 60 pounds couple years ago on ozempic. Had nausea to the point Dr had to prescribe zofran.
    Could not tolerate any meats or shop on meat aisle..
    Then abdominal pain.
    Pancreatic cyst found on imaging.
    Stopped Ozempic. Pain and nausea resolved after several months. Now I have imaging to monitor cyst for 5 years, to make sure it does not turn to cancer.
    Gained all the weight back plus 20 pounds.
    I feel soo much better.
    Wish I had never taken it.
    Ty Dr.

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