The Ozempic Problem


  • Thank you for this video.

  • I take orilistat from time to time when I get off track with how much fat I have in my diet. I sometimes take too many and even if I'm eating a low fat diet, the extra high dose leads to trouble. If you're too far from a toilet, you may not make it. That one seems like the safest weight loss drug to me, but it's probably also the grossest.

  • What does it do to the people who don't have diabetes besides pancreatitis, bowel obstruction, vomiting, diarrhea or stomach stenosis, it has to lower glucose levels that may be too low or effect blood sugar in some way, it just does not sound like a pleasant drug to be on

  • Wait methamphetamine, can someone explain this. Is this the same drug that's on our streets?

  • No one else find it funny that a video titled Ozempic Problem is made by a gastric sleeve surgeon?

  • H B

    or you could just not take the medication and eat less

  • what a sick society, load the food full of chemicals and drugs, then promote more drugs to lose the weight gained, all while profiting.

  • They succesfully normalized steroids

  • You can go keto and avoid taking a pharmaceutical drug

  • Giving fat Karens some speed pills helps them stay slim and they'll happily do the household chores. The FDA was reasonable back then.

  • i was thinking exactly that 😂

  • an electrical pill though😳

  • I was 65kgs.
    Went to 90kgs.
    Now back at 80kgs…
    I can tell you one thing! You will feel better getting lighter, BUT, you WILL lose overall strength too.
    You gotta pick what's more important to you

  • I think Elon Musk should take as much ozempic as he can get his greasy, pallid little hands on.

  • The thing is, what's the alternative? At a large scale, advocating for people to eat better and exercise more has objectively not worked. Doctors have been telling people that for decades, and the obesity line just goes up. As a public health intervention, advice (or scolding, depending on how you look at it) just doesn't work. Individual success stories brimming willpower and 'relationship with food' aren't going to change the big picture. If that's the case, and you view obesity as public health problem, then we basically have two options:

    change the food environment or change ourselves.

    Changing the food environment would mean heavy-handed regulation of the food industry to force companies to go against their profit motives and sell less fattening/addictive food. Maybe that's what we should do, but it's never going to happen on the requisite scale, at least in the West. It's politically unfeasible.

    So we have to change our biology to be more suited to our food environment. I can't see any other way obesity rates fall.

  • 1:50 This framing seems a bit disingenuous to me. Sure, beauty ideals and marketing are a significant reason people have historically tried to lose weight. But another reason is around justified concern for long-term health, as well as general quality of life issues associated with being significantly overweight (e.g. mobility issues, tiredness). Framing it as all about vanity and PR seems a bit unfair to me.

  • I think I’ll stick to RAD-140 and mk 677 thanks

  • This man really be full time doctor, do tik tok and youtube, what a legend

  • A

    My favorite part of using DNP is knowing that if I get the dosing wrong I will cook from the inside out lol

  • mfs be doing everything except eating less and being more active

  • Don't understand why people want a pill over eating more legumes, rice, fruit, vegetables, and wild game.
    Nobody gets fat eating those, and most of them are very affordable.

  • My niece uses it and lost a lot of weight. She feels really good now.

  • People are so weak and spineless now with modern consumerism they can't even do the most basic maintenance on their physical body and overall health without getting some drug to do it for them, god forbid they exercise discipline and willpower. The person who avoids suffering at all costs is the most pathetic person in the room.

  • Interesting video @Dr Karan, however the historical perspective on females has nothing to do with today's standards…
    It's not purely just for women, its men as well, and its everywhere. You got 5 kilograms too much on the side? Ozempic.
    You're a known musician, artist or director – Ozempic. You're an atlet, actor or simply rich and famous – Ozempic.
    We see extreme weight loses in the press, being celebrated like in the past, but now – is it due to – Ozempic???

  • ozempic is cheating. youre still fat even if the number is down (for now) due to a literal drug you took

  • sl

    Dear prospective Ozempic addict,

    None of this is very complicated. But maybe your fried Diet Coke and corn syrup diet is impairing more than your digestion.

    Not being morbidly obese isn’t rocket science! Follow these easy steps to stop looking like an inhuman slug creature:
    1) shut up and stop acting like you have an inherent disability. You don’t.
    2) develop some self control. You need it.
    3) eat better food. You eat trash.
    4) eat a lot less food. You eat way too much trash.
    5) only drink water. Coke isn’t water by the way.
    6) move your body. Maybe try parking at the back of the parking lot, taking the stairs, or even intentional exercise.

    And finally,

    7) stop promoting your death cult mentality on social media, stop fattening up your children (its CHILD ABUSE), and stop taking drugs from other fat people that more acutely need them.

    In summary, Recognize that you are not healthy at any size, and that you are all costing us all money; whether at a clothing store, or the doctors, your decisions are bank rolled by the rest of us. You are toxic thieves. But you can change.
    take accountability, and recognize that you have the ability and responsibility to not be a disgusting subhuman that force the weight of your decisions on the rest of us.

    -a regular human❤

  • america is crazy dumb dystopian

  • Wtf is up with Elon’s ribcage? Looks wide af

  • Ozempic doesn't sound good, but taking a pill that shocks the stomach doesn't sound great either. Serotonin is mainly produced there, I wouldn't wanna risk it without a lot of evidence about the side effects.

  • Non diabetics or non morbidly-obese people just taking Ozempic with no lifestyle changes are just lazy.

  • Does this drug turn your angle from side to front facing or something? This thumb nail is misleading

  • The history of weight loss drugs has no impact on Ozempic. That is like saying that the history of the history of weight loss drugs has an impact on any other class of drug, such as beta blockers. The treatment of obesity is not just about beauty, it is about reducing the risk of number of condition, such as diabetes and ischaemic heart disease.

  • Dude just justified being fat

  • Whenever we search for 'shortcuts'- i.e. acting against nature – there are always consequences. We cannot substitute the basics and instead rely on artifical interventions. Eating well and taking care of yourself does not just effect your phisical helath positivly, but also permeates into other traits, such as self-discipline and good ethics. This must be promoted over any 'shortcut' intervention

  • I see many diabetics complaining about not being able to get their medication because of other non-diabetics getting the same medication.

    Some hard truths… don’t shoot the messenger…

    As diabetics your insurance most likely will cover Ozempic for your illness. Having said that, for weight loss insurance will typically not cover such medications.
    What does that mean, well for you (a diabetic) not much, but for the pharmacy/pharmacist it is a massive difference in earnings!
    If the pharmacy sells it to non insured customers their earnings are much higher than using insurance. So yes, do not blame people using the medication for off label, but blame the capitalist greed that will always prioritize profits over illness.

    Obviously no company or pharmacists will admit this publicly, but if you search through youtube and you will find such claims from some.

  • My mother’s grandmother died a couple of years ago at the age of 105 and she was sick for only 2 months and befythat she was living alone working everyday.. I remember she once told me that she never had diabetes or high blood pressure and these conditions are new to her.. and she thinks people eating a lot of junk food they are relying on drugs so bad while the secret to health is just not being a part of the new system of food and medicine.. the system gives you the luxury of junk food and then you rely on the system for drugs to get better.

  • Just stop eating western garbage mistaken for food and vast majority of people will be fine.

  • This guy has operated gastricypass om people! Well, he has destroyed a lot of people then.

  • 1:45 Proof? Evidence? Or could it be, that both men AND women, want to look good? Unrealistic standards? According to who? It's the women themselves who are doing these things to begin with… this is on no one but them.

  • skinny obsessed culture? You mean people who don't want to be fatasses?

  • stop the fat gaslighting about being obsessed with being skinny. you're obsessed with being FAT. obesity is the number one health and economic problem in our country.

  • For diabetes, one book I like is, "The Diabetes Code" by Dr. Jason Fung.

  • If you really want to lose weight, just do it the traditional way, ie all u gotta do is basically replace cokes or other sodas with say milk or another healthier no carbonation alternative so you then can't turn Ozymic into an excuse because I heard it is hard to get, if you stop drinking cokes for about a week you really don't crave that garbage all that much and you can control it. Literally just changing your sodas to say milk or water, you will just magically find it difficult to stay as heavy even if you try, especially if you extersize. I used to be fat and now I'm 157lbs and I'm trying to gain muscle mass and I have to try to gain the weight on a dirty bulk, like it is genuinely kind of difficult and very slow.

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