People facing backlash after using the diabetes drug Ozempic for weight loss


  • Gee if only we could trust big pharma…

  • I'm not seeing how it is helpful to advise people who are not diabetics….. to take a medication that is for diabetes??…just to loose weight……this is not good….except for the company that owns/manufactures the medication…..they are making out like bandits…..

  • I am on week 2 I am Type 2 so SHAME me all you want! If youre not a Diabetic you got no ground to stand on UNDERSTAND!?

  • A lot of fat shamers here. The irony is that probably half of the shamers are fat themselves. If you want to hate yourself, be my guest, but don't let that hate poison everyone around you. Focus on loving yourself instead.

  • It's changed my life and dropped my insulin levels a huge amount! 60 pounds down in 6 months judge if they want but no matter a persons situation if they need it for weight or diabetes it's a need period and it all ends with benefiting a persons health. Be mad at the company who isn't producing enough not the people who are in need no matter the circumstances.

  • Lot of fat celbs on it instead of just reducing what they eat.

  • Anyone tried Ozempic for Jelly Roll? safe and works

  • It’s the best weight loss meds out there I personally lost 15kg in 5 months

  • Doctors are causing medication shortages that are effecting the people who actually depend on that medication for life, period ! Doctors take a hippocratic oath, giving medication meant for diabetics, who also have heart disease, to people who can’t lose weight, some people can die without it, or end up in the hospital, just because someone’s doctor gave our medication out for weight loss. Some Doctors are part of a problem.

  • The thing that worries me is that this is getting so popular that some people will start producing fake knock off versions that 1) will not work 2) may well be dangerous.

  • Is this an advertisement pretending to be news?

  • nahhh, its who you are.

  • Big pharma is laughing while rolling around in their money

  • Theyll run out of ozempic due to high demand/prices and gain all the weight back and more

  • Get online and read the full side effects!! If u want thyroid tumers and chronic liver disease, among other things, then, sure 🤷. Oh, and in some non diabetic people, it's causing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

  • Wegovy is actually approved for weight loss. It's just the same drug as Ozempic but at a higher dose.

  • 👢🔪🩸💉🧠🩸🌏🩸झाड़ूपोछावालीवेश्याहिराबेनकादलिद्र बिमारअपाहिजलौंडाइंडियनप्राईम मिनिस्टरतत्कालपूराकंट्रीके IAS+PSCपेवर्कर्सकावर्किंगडेटा खानदानपहचानसहितलेकरलाईवआ माधरचोदमौकापरस्त या सर्वनाशभारतका🔪🩸!

  • The best part is they can continue to eat McDonalds and Little Debbie while they shoot up.

  • If they act their age and stop telling random people what meds they’re on then nobody would be able to shame them

  • Why would people post their personal health info online in the first place?

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