Neuriva vs. Prevagen: Battle Of The Memory Supplements

Neuriva and Prevagen are two widely known memory that claim to enhance cognitive function. However, it is crucial to examine the ingredients and scientific research behind these products in order to make an informed decision. Let’s begin with Prevagen, the jellyfish memory supplement that has gained significant attention through television advertisements. It contains two primary ingredients: 50 micrograms vitamin D (equivalent to 2000 international units) and a jellyfish protein called apocorin, which is believed to . The mechanism action this jellyfish protein involves the removal of elevated calcium levels in the brain, as individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s often exhibit higher levels of calcium. It is important to note that the apocorin protein is now synthetically produced in the lab, thus eliminating any ecological concerns associated with harvesting it from jellyfish.

When considering the preparations available, such as Prevagen regular, extra strength, professional level, and chewables, it is evident that the variations lie in the dosage of the jellyfish protein. The original Prevagen provides 10 milligrams of apocorin, while the extra strength contains 20 milligrams, the professional level offers 40 milligrams, and the chewables maintain the same dosage as the regular version. Understanding these distinctions is vital when evaluating the research and determining which formulation may be more suitable for individual needs.

Turning our attention to the scientific studies conducted on Prevagen, it is important to mention that most of the research conducted by the manufacturer, Quincy Bioscience, is not peer-reviewed. Hence, we will focus on a single clinical study called the Madison Memory Study, which was published in medical journals. This study involved approximately 220 participants who were randomly assigned to receive either a placebo or 10 milligrams of apocorin jellyfish protein for a duration of 90 days.

The results of the Madison Memory Study indicated that individuals taking the jellyfish protein showed a statistically significant improvement in verbal learning and recall on specific memory tests, namely the international list test and the delayed recall international list. However, it is crucial to delve deeper into these findings. The international list test involves providing individuals with a list of items to remember while they embark on a shopping trip. Surprisingly, when the entire study population was analyzed, there was no significant difference in the number of items correctly recalled between the control group (placebo) and the group receiving the jellyfish protein. In simpler terms, when considering the overall results, there was no memory improvement observed in individuals consuming the key ingredient in Prevagen.

However, the study did reveal a noteworthy finding. When researchers specifically analyzed individuals with normal memory function and compared their performance on memory tests before and after taking Prevagen, a significant improvement in memory recall was observed. This suggests that Prevagen may be effective in enhancing memory in individuals without existing memory problems. It is important to note that this improvement was only observed in one particular memory test, the international shopping list.

In regards to the delayed recall international shopping list, which required participants to recall the items after approximately 30 minutes, Prevagen did showcase a greater improvement in memory compared to the placebo. This finding is intriguing, as it suggests that Prevagen may be more effective in enhancing memory in a delayed recall scenario, rather than immediate recall.

In conclusion, the available research on Prevagen indicates that it may have potential in improving memory in individuals without preexisting memory issues, particularly in delayed recall situations. However, it is essential to consider the limitations of the study, such as the lack of peer-reviewed research and the fact that the observed improvements were limited to specific memory tests. Further research is necessary to fully understand the efficacy and potential benefits of Prevagen. When deciding between Prevagen and Neuriva, it is advisable to consult with a professional and consider individual needs and preferences.


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