My BackPain Coach Review – Is It An Ideal Program For All?



gradually becomes a problem for many people, regardless of age or gender. This agony will not exclude you from the list, whether your job is as an office worker or a farmer. It is worth mentioning that the pain feels extremely bad!

In addition to taking , therapy or proper exercise is also often a concern. Many tutorials help you balance and relieve painful symptoms, including My BackPain Coach. Learn more about it in the next part!

What Is Called My BackPain Coach?

Although medications, ointments, and patches may provide some , they only act as painkillers; your will eventually return. You keep using their formulas because they are not designed to address the issue’s root.

However, with My Coach, you not only eliminate the but also deal with its underlying cause.

It is a training method that will demonstrate a 16-minute routine of 8 movements for treating back pain. You may complete the entire routine in no more than twenty minutes, so it is suitable for even busy bees.

The workouts target the underlying cause of the pain by flooding your system with biochemicals. This treats your back pain at its base and provides pain .

According to the program’s claims, you can relieve the misery of your pain simply by incorporating simple movements into your daily routine.

How Does It Function?

The knowledge of human anatomy that Boyan has is used in the program. Ian Hart offers eight physical activities to help your muscles regain balance. It would be helpful if you had a pillow or towel, a chair, and two minutes to do each exercise.

This development coach claims that the eight moves in this program are all science-backed. Those who formerly had a sedentary job will find this to be very beneficial. As per the author’s research, the sciatic nerve is the biggest in the body.

Its teacher states that the exercises also give the muscles and spinal neurons the proper nutrition and oxygen. Therefore, if you perform the eight exercises as directed, you might be rid of back pain within three weeks.

The Program Content

Movement 1

The initial motion will engage the back muscles that are out of balance and prepare them for release. Its first action is intended to engage your back muscles and prepare them for relief since sitting incorrectly can weaken them.

Movement 2

Your inactive hip muscles will become active after this exercise. Therefore, you will need to exert a lot of force to engage every unbalanced back muscle.

Movement 3

Ian Hart created this exercise to increase circulation or blood flow to your back muscles. It will boost the force and promote lower back mobility.

Movement 4

Your organs are now open, allowing the much-needed blood, nutrients, and oxygen to saturate your muscles and provide them with the energy they require. The #3 movement requires a strong back, and the #4 movement creates a pathway to reach their intended location.

Movement 5

This motion will decompress your lower back. In general, the relief wave grows stronger at this point.

Movement 6

In contrast to the previous ones, it aims to improve your entire system. Additionally, this activity may aid in bettering your body’s blood circulation.

Movement 7

In the #7 movement, your hips, spines, and back are stabilized. The muscles are restored to their pain-free, natural orientations.

Movement 8

It gently compresses the disks to wash out all the extra blood clots and stimulate a surge of fresh blood.


  • The routines only take 16 minutes every day to finish.
  • The program increases your mobility while relieving your back discomfort.
  • It will also help your body’s structural alignment and prevent issues brought on by prolonged sitting.
  • Everyone can participate in the program, including those who don’t have back issues.
  • The application will be useful if you have a desk job that needs you to spend a lot of time slumped over a computer screen.
  • Surgery or drugs are not necessary for the program.
  • It advises using natural remedies and shows you how to work out your body to help balance your muscles.


  • The only way to access the program is online. To purchase it, you must have a debit or credit card.
  • Some forms of back pain might not be relieved by the suggested exercises.
  • You will require surgery or expert medical care if you have spinal issues.
  • You must maintain consistency, at least 16 minutes daily to see the results.

The program will enhance your back condition

How Much Does It Cost, And Is It Worth Buying?

You will pay $67 for the training and no ongoing monthly fees. You can use the complete program after making the payment. The official website also gives you the 60-day money-back guarantee.

We can say it isn’t a scam compared with what it brings to users. It is worthwhile purchasing if you experience persistent neck or back pain.

Every video in the program gets right to the point and doesn’t suggest any workouts that aren’t necessary. What you need to do to see results right now is to complete the workouts and instructions.

The program’s ability to fix your body alignment is its main advantage. So, in addition to reducing back pain, it will resolve any issues involving muscles.


My Backpain Coach program is a one-time worthy investment. As we mentioned above, the exercises and results it brings are worth the money you spend.

The important thing is that you need to be patient. Although each person’s effect will differ, ensure to practice correctly and for the right amount of time each day to bring the desired results.

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