Lawsuit filed against makers of Ozempic and Mounjaro l GMA

In a surprising turn events, the manufacturers the widely-used loss drugs Ozempic and Manjaro find themselves entangled in a legal battle. These diabetes medications, known for their slimming side effects, have gained immense popularity amongst individuals looking to shed those extra pounds. However, a new lawsuit alleges that these drugs may also have dangerous side effects that have not been adequately disclosed.

The demand for Ozempic and Manjaro has skyrocketed as people have shared their success stories using these drugs, which are primarily meant for treating type 2 diabetes but are often prescribed off-label for loss. In the lawsuit, a woman claims to have lost an impressive 150 pounds, but argues that the manufacturers failed to sufficiently warn about the risk gastroparesis – a condition characterized by the slowing or stopping food movement in the . Although she hasn’t received an official diagnosis, her severe problems have forced her to visit the emergency room multiple times, including just last weekend.

Dr. Darian Sutton, a medical contributor for ABC News, explains that while isolated cases of stomach paralysis have been observed, no large-scale studies have confirmed this effect. Nonetheless, the consequences can be severe, with suffering from dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and symptoms that are difficult to control, often requiring hospitalization.

The drug labels do include warnings about side effects such as nausea and vomiting, as well as a cautionary note about delayed gastric emptying. The manufacturers maintain that the has undergone extensive study, with Novo Nordisk, the maker of Ozempic, stating that gastrointestinal events are well-known side effects, primarily mild to moderate and of short duration. Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of Manjaro, affirms their commitment to monitoring and reporting safety information for all their medicines.

Interestingly, this legal battle emerges amidst reports that many employers are ceasing to provide insurance coverage for similar loss drugs due to their exorbitant costs, which can exceed $1,300 per month. This decision is reportedly straining employer-funded healthcare plans, and it remains to be seen how this will impact the popularity of these drugs.

It is evident that this lawsuit has raised important questions regarding the potential side effects of Ozempic and Manjaro. As the legal battle unfolds, the manufacturers will undoubtedly face scrutiny over their responsibility to adequately warn consumers about potential risks associated with their products. Meanwhile, individuals seeking weight loss solutions may need to consider the financial implications of these medications, given the increasing challenges in obtaining insurance coverage for them.


  • Ozempic is dangerous!
    I'm laying here in bed because I took Ozempic (Semaglutide) for 3 months and almost died. This drug caused me constant bloating which made me feel full, but sick when I did force myself to eat. By the 3rd month the damage was done. My liver developed advanced cirrhosis which led to bleeding in my stomach and upper GI tract. I lost so much blood that my hemoglobin went down to 9 and I needed 2 units of blood at the ER. I had then scheduled a upper GI Endoscopy for 3 weeks later. But on the second week just before my appointment my hemoglobin went down to 5.1 and I became delirious and unconscious. My friends hadn't heard from me and broke into my house and quickly called me an ambulance. I was rushed to a nearby ER for 2 pints of blood they quickly squeezed into me to stabilize me and then taken by helicopter to a major hospital where they had to quickly squeeze 2 more pints of blood into me. They found fluids in my chest (dead blood cells) that has been drained out and performed the Upper GI Endoscopy where they had to band the bleeders. I had received 1 more unit of blood (for a total of 7 units in 2 weeks) just to bring me back up to a hemoglobin of 9. I was discharged a week later. I have no memory of the first two days after becoming unconscious. Then 6 weeks later my hemoglobin was down to 6.1 and again I was hospitalized for 6 days after another life flight from my local hospital. Once again the GI Doctor had to place 5 bands around bleeders. My organs are damaged now and I have been seeing doctors 2 or more times a week. I may need a liver transplant now from biliary cirrhosis. I did have a prior fatty liver, but I hadn't had a drink in over 8 years. There is a October 2022 published report from Indiana University School of Medicine of someone else my age (male 50's) that required a liver and kidney transplant after using Semaglutide for 6 months. The report found no other explanation for his diagnosis. There are also other lawsuits over the harm from this drug. My hemoglobin counts are slowly improving, but I am unable to leave my bed for more than a few minutes due to all the complications it has caused my body. Using this product is not worth the health risk. If you're diabetic, I recommend Victoza. I used Victoza for years without side effects and it will also help with slow weight loss. I wish I had stayed with it instead of listening to the Wegovy and Ozempic commercials for quicker weight loss.

  • Every drug has side effects.

  • Yes, read the side effect panel. It causes slower gastric emptying as one of its mechanisms of action. Stop taking the medication when gi problems occur will help. Also, Mounjaro is NOT fda approved for weight loss and is dosed higher by lots of online prescribers. Gastroparesis is common in diabetics as well.
    This should not be taken with patients with history of gerd, other gi complications, or anyone with a familial history of medullary thyroid cancer. It’s clearly listed as adverse reactions.

  • Lawsuit isn't going to go anywhere, lol. Did ppl really forget what happened to the oxycontin lawsuit? LOL
    Also, ppl who are bitching that this is for diabetics. No, this is as much for diabetics as it is for weight loss. BOTH can be achieved w/out being pill poppers by changing your lifestyle. You all shouldn't be bitching that you are entitled to this drug just because you didn't give a shit about your health and got diabetes.

  • Gastro paresis happens with diabetic patients all the time. It’s a diabetes medication. It’s optional if you’re fat. No one is forcing you to take it.

  • Hollywood and it's rot is the biggest reason this drug isn't covered by most private and state insurance. Over half of all non-diabetic rx for this drug are prescribed in California.

  • The people that are (ab)using it are the test subjects, since the Kardashians and others started promoting it before it could be tested.

  • I am on Ozempic for my diabetes. Each pen comes with a large pamphlet in the box that explains ALL of the possible side effects and what to do in case any occur. Unfortunately, too many people can't be bothered to read the information that comes with medication. That is one thing that should always be done, read the paperwork that comes with your medications, including the warning print outs that the pharmacist provides. You may find that there are reasons that you shouldn't be on the medication or will know what to look for as far as side effects go. People need to take more personal responsibility.

  • This lawsuit is bull……somebody wants some dollars.

  • It's called drink ALOT of water and eat right and if your on pain meds make sure you take a Laxative so you can poop the right way. People that don't do what your doctor tells you when you take any of this kind of medicine THEN it's not the Drug Manufacturing sector. It's the people taking the medicine.

  • We do see gastroparesis and bowel obstruction in the ED related to these meds but once the issue is known they are stopped. She didn’t lose 150lbs and THEN develop issues. She knew and took it anyway because she felt the benefit outweighed the risk!

  • I find it amazing how everyone just wanted you to get the Covid vaccine and even treated you horribly if you didn't want to immediately trust some new vaccine that was just manufactured and didn't even have the time to pass the proper clinical trials. Some were even forced to get it to keep their jobs, yet all the time new lawsuits are popping up against pharmaceutical companies and their wonder drugs because apparently they cause things way worse than what they claimed to treat. Just like the countless number of people with myocarditis and bells palsy and other conditions related to the covid vaccine. I'm so glad I stood strong to my beliefs and didn't get that junk injected into myself.

  • it warms against that and as with all medications drinking plenty of fluids and nutrients dense diet is always encouraged, at least that's what my doc told me. I was told to use it as a tool not a solution. it definitely makes you feel full faster and you have a bowel movement like twice a week. warnings are there though.

  • Yes I lost 130 on it and yes it so strong its so bad but a blessing all the same you got to follow some strict rules to stay healthy while on the medication.

  • I spent 60 days in bed so sick I could barely function. 15 years is NOT intensely studied. T2 due to gallbladder issues

  • Shocker- people using a drug for weight loss is giving them problems 😂
    Diet and exercise people!

  • I did not lose many weight. I have type 2 diabetes. I got violently sick and I've called the ambulance numerous times. My eyes have gotten horribly bad while on ozempic. This stuff is dangerous

  • If it is listed as a side effect on the label. They have no lawsuit.

  • Every drug on the market has side effects. Even aspirin has side effects.

  • I’m diabetic and have difficulty getting my refill of Mounjaro because of people trying to cut corners with weight loss.

  • Did she read the entire package insert? If not no sympathy. The level of non-accountability in our country is disgusting. The best way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. Full stop. I wish we would stop suggesting otherwise. Fat acceptance is the same as encouraging people to commit slow suicide IMO.

  • First the vaccines, now this. Do the math, people.

  • gastroparesis is a complication of long-term uncontrolled diabetes, there are other secondary causes that can delay gastric emptying, but as a side effect of ozempic, the `diagnosis` is not "gastroparesis". the effect of semaglutide is to intensify satiety, activating the incretin hormones in the intestine, and at the gastric level to cause early satiety, by influencing the gastric hormones that transmit to the brain signals of "this much I can eat and no more".
    all side effects are specific to each patient, but the problem seems to me to come from dose option!

    I am on ozempic, with an intermediate dose between 0.25 and 0.5, but titrating 10 lines every 3rd day, I felt the effects (nausea, satiety, loss of appetite), but as I dropped to 7 lines, the symptoms appear on the 3rd day following to administer my next dose, at an intensity very well tolerated for my level of activity (I talk a lot, travel, I can't stand nausea).
    I noticed the major effect of semaglutide: it reduces insulin resistance for which diets are ineffective; associated with intermittent fasting, hydration according to prescription (including the consumption of electrolytes), eating in the food window based on fiber, protein, vegetables and fruits, injectable/per os medication in low doses (and high doses of patience) avoid dangerous side effects.

    what's even more strange, since I administer ozempic, I feel nauseous especially after eating sweets.

  • Drink lots of water, and take docusate or some kind of bowel movement helper. Should be all good.

  • E H

    I know 2 ladies at work that are on this. Their eating choices are still the same.

  • I guess I’ve taken it upon myself to read the inserts with the medications I’ve taken. This patient probably also should have recognized this is NOT an approved use for the medication, her suit should be thrown out as she made her own choice

  • Short cuts just won’t do it, you have to take control of yourself.

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