Lawsuit claims Prevagen doesn't boost memory


  • And Balance of Nature is crapola, too. Overpriced freeze-dried stuff.

  • ارجو الترجمة إلى العربية

  • So wth is it people does it work or no?

  • This was posted 6 years ago, 6 years later Prevagen commercials are still on tv 🤣

  • I forgot how I got here but I can recall that Michael Beaman (CEO) sells snake oil

  • i spent a lot of money on a bottle and been on it for a week, DONT buy it, pure junk!!

  • This product is illegitimate. Not peer reviewed and not approved by the FDA. Total scam. Does NOT work!!

  • Did I leave my kids in the car again? Can't remember. Where's my dog too?

  • What about all those poor jellyfish, they probably put them into a blender, dry it out, & feed it to you 🪼😔

  • Right on the money, if you buy Preva gin, you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. I know three elders that tried it and after 90 days they had zero results and no improvement in memory cognition or otherwise!

  • My husband and I took Neuriva memory for 7 weeks. He took his in the morning and I took mine in the evening. We noticed nothing, no change no improvement in our memory.

  • Their ads are such crap. Words like "sharpen," "clarity?" WTF does that even mean? Made from jellyfish? Yak tails? Jaguar earlobes? Wolf nipples?

  • What the heck!
    I was planning to purchase one now I know.
    They only wanna get rich. They are playing on people's pain and sufferings.

  • Darn, for the life of me l can't recall what this video's about!

  • Hey there, the name’s Jim and I’m a proctologist from Fort Wayne, Indiana! I had a patient who was severely constipated and laxatives did nothing to remedy his problem. So I inserted the Prevagen bottle into his rectal cavity and before I knew it, he had his first quality bowel movement in weeks! Thanks Prevagin!

  • I guess they didn't pay off enough politicians, and corporate media, like the vaccines corporations did.

  • Are you kidding me!?? Well, I guess I should have looked a little deeper into it before I paid 63 bucks for a bottle for my dad, who has dementia, AND! A paranoid schizophrenic! So I just got home from buying a bottle of this, because of the commercial I seen on TV! Unbelievable!

  • Probably the founders or the company is not sharing profits with the people of interest connected with the govt. Simple….

  • the idiocy of all these people in the comments acting like 10 yr olds . amazing…

  • Well I've tried hundreds maybe 200 supplements to improve my memory over 30 years. I was highly skeptical about Prevagen .Especially after seeing the FDA claim it doesn't work But then I saw were the FDA was trying to make it illegal to sell nac.nac is one of the most beneficial supplements that I can think of. More than likely extends the lifespan by about 24% in humans. It's almost as harmless as water. You can take too much and they can lower your homocysteine below six which is not good. Well anyway I digress this made me question the FDA about their honesty and decency. So I decided to try Prevagen Within one day I noticed an improvement in my memory. My memory kept getting better over time. I could never do math in my head I can do pretty sophisticated math in my head now for me.. I could never do this before started taking that stuff. My memory and recall was a lot better things they in my short-term memory longer. I don't think this is a placebo effect. One reason I've tried all sorts of supplements that claim they improve your memory and most of them don't. Most of the supplements I tried to had no effect on me. This one instantly did they say could take three weeks mine started right away. So I decided to try a blind experiment my dad has memory problems. I give him a little bowl of supplements every day and I just added Prevagen . I didn't tell my dad I was doing this. He told me he started notice that his memory was getting better out of the blue. After about a week. That's a blind experiment not a double-blind experiment. He didn't know that he was getting Prevagen . The FDA is a very questionable organization. There are in the pocket of big Pharma. I wouldn't even doubt that the FDA knows this stuff works. But their batting for big Pharma are not batting for supplement companies I'm not paid By Prevagen. I think they charge far too much for the product.I think if they were interested in doing good in the world they would charge a lot less. I think a lot of people don't buy this product because it's so expensive.Something else you have to remember everybody has different genetics. This stuff might not work for you because of your genetics.Well this wouldn't be the first time somebody Lied. The covert 19 virus the media claimed this virus came from a wet market in China. Anybody who attacked that narrative was immediately called the nutcase. told John Steward a left-wing extremists said that the virus more than likely came from a lab in China. You can't trust the media you can't trust the government. He always have to have some skepticism investigated for yourself don't blindly believe people even me. It might not work on you because of your genetics people have different genetics drugs do not work on certain people because of their genetics. People are allergic to certain drugs because of their genetics. The major majority of the people that are writing on here have not tried this stuff I'm 100% sure that.They definitely charge to Much I will Say that they could help a lot of people if they charged a lot less

  • Where can I buy jellyfish? Why go to the middle man?

  • Who is the parent company? Insufficient reporting.

  • Big pharma always trying to keep people sick until all the money is gone then get rid of them.

  • cheaters, i
    see them
    daily USA

  • I used an elixir sold out of the back of a covered wagon.

  • one cannot overdose on prevagen …cause you keep forgetting to take it

  • Actually I prefer scamagen when used as a suppository it helps me remember where I left my chains and Cat o nine tail before I head out to my S & M events and I take care not to use too much so I don't throw up in my bondage mask

  • Well, I've been taking Prevagen for about 2 years, or has it been 6? Anyhow, uh, where am I? Why am I in my pajamas and barefoot?

  • No over the counter junk doesn't help, All just to get your money.

  • HEAVY Marketing is your first Clue.
    I'm 66 & fell for the hype. This guy made a BOAT load from fools like me. Took it till the bottle was empty and didn't see a difference.

  • I bought a box yesterday. I should have researched this first but I forgot. No pun intended

  • Total fraud there just liars

  • If you want to help your memory just eat lion’s mane mushrooms and herring and mackerel and drink coffee cherry tea.

  • It seems whether a product works or not; and If someone in the government isn’t profiting from a sale of a product, they take action quickly to drop them.

    It’s just entertaining after all the covid vaccine mandates, how the vaccines isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone from preventing death, yet, it’s still being pushed and the governments keeps funding it.

  • I’m 41 interested in more information plz

  • Incredible…still making money misleading older people

  • Secret ingredient is placebo effect also brain function very subjective to user

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