Keto Breads Review – What’s Inside The Recipe Book By Kelley Herring?


One the biggest misconceptions about eating a “healthy diet” is that you have to give up all your favorite comfort foods. And there’s one comfort food most people find almost impossible to give up.


In nearly every country, bread is served in some form at breakfast (toasts, bagels, donuts, pastries, croissants), lunch (sandwiches, paninis), dinner (baguettes and rolls)… and as a snack (crackers and crisps).

The great news is you don’t have to give up your favorite breads to follow a healthy, low-carb or ketogenic diet… you just have to choose healthy bread.

course, the first thing that comes to mind is “gluten-free.” Unfortunately, most gluten-free bread is just as bad (and probably worse) for you as the regular kind. In fact, most gluten-free bread spikes your MORE than sugar itself! It’s no wonder a study, published in the American Journal Gastroenterology, showed that 81 percent subjects following a gluten-free diet GAINED weight after two years!

And that’s not the only reason to avoid most gluten-free bread and other snacks. You’ll discover another MAJOR reason to avoid these foods..

But it’s not all bad , because you’ll also discover use “intelligent ingredients” so you can actually enjoy your favorite bread, sandwiches and pizza – 100 percent guilt free!

And the best part is that these breads can actually support your success on KETO – because they’re very low in carbs and rich in healthy, slimming fats!

Please keep reading my Keto Breads Review to learn more about this approach.


Keto Breads is a physical book with nearly 40 meticulously-tested, grain-free and low-carb bread recipes, which taste just like the real thing! Also included is an extensive introduction, with detailed how-to instructions to make things easy for you.

This is More than a Book: It’s a Complete Baking Program…


The recipes in this book represent more than a decade of dedicated efforts in their test kitchen:

Inside, the book will show you every grain-free baking secret Kelley has learned over the years, including fail-proof tips to ensure your breads rise to their fullest potential.

That way you not only understand how to achieve the best results every time, but you also understand WHY these recipes work so well… and how to customize them to your own tastes and preferences.

Do you prefer a “hard roll” crust… or would you like a chewy crust with a shiny sheen? Either way, she’ll show you how to make these breads your own.

Check out a few more of the luxurious loaves that take just minutes to prepare:

The book also covers the ingredients and tools you need to stock your pantry and kitchen (and don’t worry, you probably have most of them in your kitchen already).

Keto Breads also provides simple tips for storing and freezing your bread… so you can bake once and enjoy for weeks to come!

And the best part is… You Don’t Need to be an Experienced Baker to Achieve Superior Results.

It wasn’t easy to develop these recipes. But all those years of time and effort have made it VERY easy for you!

They worked hard to simplify each recipe. There are no complicated techniques or drawn-out preparation methods. Most of these recipes can be made in just 15-20 minutes of hands-on time!

If you can mix a few ingredients in a bowl… shape the dough into a ball or drop it in a pan… and then slide it into the oven – you can make Keto Breads!


  • Fail-Proof Formulas – Many recipes for low-carb breads just don’t work (or the results are not worth eating). We made the instructions extremely clear and provide to-the-gram measurements – so even the most novice bakers can expect outstanding results!
  • Taste Tested to Perfection – We tasted every recipe over and over until it was perfect. So not only can you bake with confidence that your results will come out just like the pictures… you can also be sure that you and your family will love every one of these delicious creations!
  • Super-Easy Prep – Most recipes in Keto Breads™ can be made in just 15 minutes hands-on time, with little more than a mixing bowl and spoon. Then just pop the dough in the oven… and wait for the aroma of REAL bread to fill your home!
  • Allergy Substitutions – If you have allergies and food intolerances, it can be difficult to find baking recipes your body agrees with. We understand this dilemma. That’s why we also include a section on healthy substitutions for eggs, nuts and dairy.
  • Full Nutrition Info – It can be difficult to track your nutrition on the ketogenic diet. We make it easy with complete nutrition information, macronutrient ratios and net carbs per serving. So you can enjoy crusty, buttery bread… AND stay in the keto zone!


  • Perfectly keto-friendly
  • Nourishing & Healthy Bread Recipes That Taste JUST Like the Real Thing!
  • Easy recipes appeal to experienced home chefs and kitchen novices alike.
  • Easy to make
  • Every recipe includes full nutrition data and macronutrient ratios
  • Every recipe was formulated, tested and photographed in their test kitchen. No stock photos! (means you can expect the same beautiful and delicious results!)
  • Not Have to Give Up Your Favorite Bread, Sandwiches & Pizza
  • No need to Worry about Your Health, Your Blood Sugar… or Your Waistline!
  • No Need to be an Experienced Baker to Achieve Superior Results.
  • Made in just 15-20 minutes of hands-on time
  • No complicated techniques or drawn-out preparation methods
  • Each one was aligned with the “Magic Macros” of the keto diet
  • Every recipe was carefully tested to the perfect texture, crumb and ease of preparation.
  • It has 2 versions Digital copy and Physical copy which you can choose to purchase.


  • You can expect the same beautiful and delicious results, but don’t expect them to look like the photo if you’re a complete beginner at this.


These breads can actually help you stay in ketosis – the metabolic state where your body burns fat around the clock!

Thanks to the latest functional ingredients – and a LOT of hard-earned bread-making knowledge – you can eat REAL bread that tastes amazing and is ketogenic too!

I’m so confident you are going to LOVE this book, I’m happy to make you this guarantee.

If you want to enjoy ALL your favorite breads (while staying in the keto zone), you need to grab a copy of Keto Breads book!

Have Your Bread… AND Be Well Too! Finally, thank you for reading my Keto Breads till the end.

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