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  • Do you have any exercises which could help eliminate a sudden double vision I experiences. My double vision disappears when I look to left but appears when i look straight and to the riight side. Two views are shifted laterally by some fixed distance! Is it a good idea to get a temporary prism lens correction?

  • So many from pharmaceutical companies to crooked MDs are against dr Berg's real knowledge. This man is Robinhood!

  • Yep, I've been watching too many Dr. Berg videos. I need to get out more, and take in the scenery. 😀 Seriously, I think this is good advice. When I was young my parents took us kids on a lot of car trips both at day and at night. Since all these electronic gadgets had not yet been invented, all I had to do was take in the scenery. My eyesight is not perfect, but the only glasses I wear these days are for reading and UV/blue-light protection.

  • How about those who have developing cataract.

  • I swear I can feel that little muscle in my eye and I can't contract it but I can expand it properly…im 41 and not sure wtf is going on😮

  • I was eating my eggs hard boiled. My eyes started feeling dry and looking red. I started putting egg yolks in my smoothies. It took 2 days for my eyes to feel better.

  • Kana sigala wasthuwa 💚💛❤️

  • does this apply for distance vision too?

  • Kindly tell about astigmatism farsightedness in 5 year old child treatment

  • Of cours Doctor has right, its too much reading, watching on close things, screen. I get one eye+ (another -) a little , in young age because of my hair style over one eye, my Mother was wise warned me it will be like that. And optition sayd must look some minuts at one big curcle glued on window and after this as long as posible through window on one subject

  • It means eye ball growth is a myth? In myopia

  • Treatment of astigmatism in child age 4 years??

  • Thanks so much for a very valuable advice, however when we go for a walk should we look in the distance with or without glasses?

  • For me a PC montor 3 meters away is a distant object. I think I can train just by sitting farther from screen.

  • agree with that through personal experience… also up & down movements are missing… if spending the whole day on devices its only one thing: short and down… and shorbreathing aswell. This devices cause us so much harm in so many ways😊 Thank you!!!*

  • Being in nature for extended periods your eyes adjust to a whole different set up.
    If you spend most of your time indoors then go out deep into nature, at first you can feel your eyes getting used to using more of certain muscles just to take it all in then you adjust.
    I would assume it’s great for eyesight. But maybe I’m just genetically lucky. I’m 40 and still near perfect vision as far as I can tell.
    Always had a slight stigma that comes and goes if my screen time goes to high. This effects reading text a bit but soon recovers after a couple of good bike rides.
    I imagine early man would spend huge amounts of time just scanning the landscape foraging and hunting game. Looking at things very far away and close. Discerning detail and movement in dense brush and forest.
    Hugely different to how we use our eyes in our messed up modern world .

  • I sure hope this works. The arm snapped off my glasses last week at the same time I declared bankruptcy. No money to replace the glasses. Please root for me folks!

  • how about pinhole glasses?

  • I've had glasses since I was 8 years old. I'm forty five now And I know that these glasses have held me back in a lot of ways.its probably too late for me to fix anything but Thank you doctor berg i'm going to Show this video to my children. One of them is potentially needing glasses and I'm going to have her exercise.

  • Hi Dr berg I have questions for you why after surgery nee wear eye glasses coz say can't correct eyes why should have surgery cataract if they don't correct my eyes so it said so I can see far so I'll be the one decide witch far or close I don't want wearing forever glasses I thought when you surgery for nataract you able to see farvor clise why is like that my cataract is in my way my cataract is in the midle of pupils so that can't see clearly annoying my rightside it said need operation cos worse than left side it ok than the rigtside I know taken away my line potting fake I'm realy sad why it happen to I'm blame that works working late night and home late using chemicals sometimes splash to my eyes for cleaning it has mix acid in it that coz my more cataract cos two years ago my eyes start itchy and dry but is fine sometimes my tears my eyes come out when im lying down reading or looking my fb sometimes blurry from cold winter but is gone still itchy so dry when summer cleaning starting that working day dush garbage throwing the dust splash to my eyes before covid kick in and then same splash again that day cleaning again that 3 years ago but still ok my eyes then last year that starting itchy something crowling to eyes blurry or Fogg so I dubbing aple cider binigar a little bit with cotton side my eyes wear the tears eyes so the Fogg is worse stay not gone that starting then when I smell chemicals makes my eye foog or blurry both but worse my rightside even alcohol for hands the smell ararateted my eyes cos like has a entail in it so make Fogg my eyes I don't know what to dobi feel prostreting and sa why it happen to me like my life now is dead I'm not happy anymore dissapoint my self like I feel kill my self I'm not fat I'm petit I'm 5"2 Asian from philipines live canada my husband canadian I'm hard worker here canada sometimes my eyes red from works cos tired late home almost home midnight to much works for me that night distryed your sleep hard to sleep sometimes months I can't sleep if did just 3 or five hours thats it I'm hopping you help me what I'm to do before my operation coming coz I watch your one vefio cataract can't order the NAC why is that dissapoint then search again is there but can't order when I search again Alaways come out name eye drop CAN -C acettlye carnosin lubricant I comment you that vedio cos I order can c eyes drop cos I try make worse my rigtside eyes blurry more or Fogg realy can't see mybleft I put a little bit same realy Fogg why is not d
    Good that is in box 2 pics and has a free capsule color dark brown I'm not taken cs said when you take not take supplement dietary supplement hmm so I'm scared iwash y eyes after 30 minutes I scared then hour mybeyes dry itchy and soar around my eyes mostly bottom of my eyes and upper outside my eyes pls help me dr berg what should I do and where can buy nac pls help me try email you but I don't know what happen no one reply or maybe can't sent but said it sending my email so no one look ,,,plz I need your advice and where can buy nac in online plz help me thanks 🙏

  • Thanks a lot, that makes a lot of sense. Our future generations will be just like the ones in 'Wall-e' movie and blind too. But, there are cell rejuvenating vitamins too, right?

  • Does this work after having cataract operation on both eyes please

  • Please recommend on the site effect for using mydriatics every day. Is it safe to use on children?Many thanks!

  • If I look at something through a mirror that reflects something far away is it the same thing?

  • Actually I've been focusing on observing objects. When I concentrate I see this line around whatever I am observing.

  • What's the minimum and maximum distance you recommend we look to relax our eyes?

  • When we were little we had friends that lived across the street. Their Dad would read the newspaper through a pinhole that he put in a little piece of cardboard. He said it strengthened his eyes.🤔

  • I started wearing polarized sunglasses all day every day because i drive for a living. I felt that the glasses was stranging the muscle in my eyes and causing my issue. I feel this video confirms that polarized glasses is causing my vision problems

  • How long should i do it for

  • my dude really said go touch grass

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