How To Cure Dry Scalp, Dandruff And Psoriasis With Dr.Mike

Hi Beautiful! Dr. Mike and I sit down talk about all kinds including , dandruff and Psoriasis, also ways treat these conditions!

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  • Who trying to marry Dr. Mike?

  • I used to use apple cider vinegar to kill multiple fungal infections.
    Also good for probiotics and digestion 😃

  • I can’t get enough of you two together!

  • I am never sure about what I have, but I tried a lot of different "home remedies" and some did nothing and some made it a bit worse. The worst so far has been any sort of "head and shoulders" product. Somehow it dries out my scalp even more and I end up with the worst scalp and way more flaking (which I thought was not possible). Any ideas on what could help?

  • Its so funny after I took environmental biology in college, so many ads have people making petri dishes and showing things growing and I'm like "That's literally just like that just Staph from someones skin it's not bad

  • Selsium ain't good for people with dry hair

  • Okay sooo… the mid to ends of my hair are soo dry no matter what I do, and my scalp is always oily yet I have so much dandruff and random pimple-size patches of skin with a brown dot in the middle that I scratch off… how do I fix this? Conditioners don't condition my hair, my scalp is oily asf, and it's flaking like crazy. Wtf. Help me please.

  • You can’t go about resolving an issue by treating the symptom of it and being a slave to fucking products. This is literally the most evil way of seeing the world, by thinking you were born to making a living off the suffering of others.
    The root cause of every health condition is dietary.
    Every health condition literally, but when it comes to skin issues it’s a no brainer. If you are allergic to something your skin will almost immediately have an inflammatory response creating rashes and itchiness.
    It’s all in the stomach, and before you come about developing an allergy it’s most and foremost nutrient deficiency that’s in cause.

    Certain foods like nightshades, cruciferous vegetables and plants actually block the absorption of nutrients, and in the long run it leads to deficiency. « Spinach is super healthy! » yeah, only it’s one of the poorest thing you can eat in terms of nutrients, it’s just like grass, but even worse than grass because it blocks the absorption of calcium, it’s basically slow poisoning.
    If you have any health issue, go all in into a carnivore diet made out of grass fed beef, beef has everything in it, literally everything you need and no blockage mechanism or toxins like plants have.

    This society literally makes you sick to make you buy products and keep you into the cycle, wake the f up already. This gay ass mf don’t know sheet, don’t listen to them they are corrupted in their minds

  • You said you are vegetarian. But, boar bristle brush is one in which the filament or bristle comes from the wild boar.

  • A girl told me I was giving Brad Mondo energy on the metro the other day, and I was flattered. 💕 Thanks for this video!

  • this is the collab i didn't know i needed. i love this brad <3

  • Listening to the majority of this waffle literally made me feel angry.. the only good advice from this whole video was applying tea tree oil,ones diet and most importantly, consuming water,of which I felt was not the prioritised in this video and should be the most important first steps in treating this problem. No need for all the other garbage…just my educated opinion

  • Seems like a dermatologist would be better but I do love Dr. Mike

  • Its ok to be gay, but i dont like when someone act and talk like gay. Its annoying

  • Omg you are so wicked 😂

  • “EMMA. You gotta DRINK WATER” 😂😂😂

  • So pretty much all they needed to say was TEA TREE OIL AND ALOE VERA BYEEEEE (harmonizing flamboyantly)

  • Thank you, both educational and entertaining. Keep it up Brad, you nailed it.

  • From a young age I have always picked at my scalp, I looked it up and it is dermatilomania, it's more to do with my emotions and just not stopping after a few genuine itches that I scratch. I have both used head and shoulders and Tgel when I was younger

  • I use Tgel about once a month and it keeps my scalp flake free

  • I have psoriasis but it happens around my ears in the back of my scalp around my ears and it happens on top of my ears does go lower around my neck but it's always right around my ears

  • So, fun fact for the algorithm (and the reason my doctor wants to bop me with a newspaper, and I totally understand why-): I have Aquaphobia. Meaning I have an irrational fear of water. For me it is the full-blown definition. I have an irrational fear of all water – including drinking it from a glass.
    I've somehow barely managed to live off tea and coffee, and it's not good at all – but it still took a lot to even get me to this point. Honestly do not wish this phobia on anyone, water is so important and it's the literal bane of my existence. Lovely. xD

  • I've tried Selsun Blue Before and I hate the smell it stinks bad

  • Oh man if somehow these two could have a child, they'd make the most beautiful baby on earth. 😍

  • Since i was 10/12 years old i always had dry scalp… And to this day i still have it. I've found a great shampoo that works for me and that is Head and Shoulders.
    (I use it to wash my hair 3 times when i go take a bath/shower , I have a Lemon Scented one but i don't know if it matters)
    But yeah- i started using Head and Shoulders and now my dry scalp isn't Flakey. The Flake-ness only starts after 4-5 days of not washing my hair. So whenever my scalp starts to itch and Dry Scalp Flakes start falling out whenever i rub or scratch my scalp
    (I don't scratch it very hard that it starts to bleed i use my fingers, not my nails)
    I go wash it 😊
    And it's as good as new again!

  • "I don't want to give you medical advise on something I don't know about". Thank you for your honesty, responsibility, and humbleness.

  • I freakin love you and Dr.Mike as a duo, it just warms my soul. Please do more 🙂

  • As a long term sufferer of psoriasis, first off thank you! Education/awareness can be so helpful. People look at me/make rude comments and its mostly based on lack of education. I take methotrexate to combat my psoriasis but its still too bad on my scalp to get my hair colored in a salon 🙁 one day! (Also aloe vera is so triggering to me haha the number of times random people stop me and say "have you tried aloe vera?" Is TOO DAMN HIGH 😂)

  • You guys should make an update on treatments as PsO treatments have been released in the market and SebDerm ones are on the way

  • Thank you so much. For the past many years, I've had horrible flaking around my forehead and hairline. I think it's actual dandruff. Before, I thought dandruff was the dry scalp picture.

  • Hi, I struggle with Dandruff from oily scalp. I also have color treated hair. Will using hair products strip the color away? Also is the oil build up because i am doing something wrong in washing my hair?

  • What does a funny germ called….. a fungi

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