How I improved my vision naturally in 2 months. 5 Tips on vision improvement.


  • Caution: Sungazing is not for everyone. Please wear proper sun protection ie) sunglasses, sun protection for your skin if you are under the sun. Please note that this is my personal experiment and what I found to be Top 5 habits that helped improve my vision in 2 months. I encourage you to share your experience of what you found to be helping your vision improvement as well. Thank you,

    1. Print out snellen charts and look for any clarity change without glasses on to see if letters become clearer with less blur.
    2. Active Focus – when you are able to see letters less blurry after a natural blink (without squinting). This will last longer as you practice with peripheral vision.
    3. Reduce prescription of your current glasses (refer to the link above for proper method)
    4. Be outside in the sun especially between 8am to 11 am for geting vitamin D as well as U.V. that is beneficial for your eyes
    5. Reduce screen time – small screen and small texts are detrimental to myopia condition
    Thank you,

  • Thank you I spend alot of time online but I can do the break thing

  • Ok so I am using 2.75 R and 3.00 L glasses right now but my vision has gotten worse, this means that right now I am wearing low prescription glasses? I don't need to buy another one? I don't know I haven't changed my glasses in around 2 years and I feel like my eyesight has gotten a lot worse maybe 0.5 more or 1.00 more

  • Can i active focus with no glasses if i just move my head closer to the text im looking at? A lot of people recommend buying differentials but i dont want to buy that if i dint need to

  • when im outside looking far away, should i not wear glasses or contacts

  • I use to want glasses when I was little. But now I don’t want them bc I don’t look good in them. And I really want to get rid of this myopia. Also don’t trust google . It said myopia can get worser as u get older- but I’m only 12. I just really want to get rid of these stupid glasses there so annoying. I wanna have my 20/20 vision back. Also doctor, my mom spends on her phone 24/7. But her number hasn’t changed? She has a little bit but it hasn’t changed a lot. How? She’s 48

  • I am a student and I dont really wear glasses to much will it probably worsen my eye sight? And I can't reduce my prescription glasses since my parents won't listen😅 but would it be okay to just do active focus and sun gazing in morning and reduce the screen time and pls tell me wjat can I do if I can't reduce my prescription glasses.My L.E (-1.75D) R.E (-2.25D).

  • Can u explain how to do active focus ?

  • I like that this video has a summary in the end. Thank you.

  • Can I squint when staring at the chart, or no? Also I was told by several eye doctors that for people with lighter colored eyes sun exposure on the eyeballs mad harm vision over time so I should be sure to wear sunglasses. So I but darkening lenses on my glasses. I suspect this might be utter bullshit but I am afraid to risk ruining my vision further.

  • Can I look at the snellel chart while wearing my prescription glasses which is 0.7

  • Hey! My eye power is -8 on each side. Will it get better? I am now 13

  • Using Snellen Chart, do I need to wear my prescription eyeglasses to look at the chart or without it?

  • I have -11 eye power I'm 18 can i improve this

  • the eyes become longer, more prolonged, what makes the lens further awayfrom the retina, hence blur vision symptoms

    it's a muscle spasm but not in that tiny muscle you mentioned. This is a result of deep neck muscles spasm. And they are the results of problems in the deep vertebrae muscles, They are the source of this spasm.

    after we die, when all the muscles relax, prolonged myopic eyes become normal. The eyes length gets back to normal.

    I don't know a way to permanently relax these muscles. I could successfully relax them using slow breathing for hours, when i reached less than 1 breath per minute and kept it for few hours I ones was able to relax it, and I could see absolutely clear without any efforts or staring. My vision is -5 but I could see absolutely perfectly, as I've never seen even in contacts. But as you might already guess, it was temporarily and my vision got back to where it was before after a few hours

  • As someone that had eyesight problems since I was 13 (I'm 31 now), it's really simple to understand. The first time I had to get glasses , my Ophthalmologist explained it in a very simple way.
    If you have + sight, it can be improved in different ways but it's the ONLY eyesight problem that CAN be improved.
    If you have – sight (myopia), it's incurable, UNLESS you have a really small – number, up to -0.25. ANYTHING higher than that CANNOT be fixed but it can somehow be kept under control by having a slightly weaker glasses than you actually need (For example, if your sight is at -3, you'd need to get glasses -2.75 or -2.5, otherwise your eyes would get accustomed to the -3 and then get worse).
    This video is just a pure lie.

  • Thanks for your inspiring video! This should help many who are facing the problem. Especially for those who have to work on a computer for a long time at work and at home.🌄

  • I have near sightedness so should i wear my glasses while using phone or pc?

  • Can you improve astigmatism naturally?

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