High Profit Crops That EVERY Farmer Needs To Know To Become A Millionaire!


  • Saff on is 11$ for 2 grams on Etsy

  • An ad within 1 minute of the video…come on profit hungry seekers

  • 1. Mushrooms
    2. Ginseng
    3. Lavender
    4. Saffron
    5. Goji Berries
    6. Bamboo

  • I have never understood why bamboo isn't more common in the United States. You would think that we could always find a use for a cheap renewable resource that can create both materials for building and edible food.

  • Honey sale or bee keeping, can make you rich also

  • Tree Fountain (aka Tree of Life)

    1- Bore a hole into and up a tree being careful not to bisect the core of the tree.
    Alternative: Use bamboo or grow sugar cane as a natural and permeable plumbing and cultivate it so that the tree grows around it.

    2- Coat the inside of the hole with beeswax. I would highly recommend making a place to put a beehive in the tree near some water. The natural hum of the bees can promote health throughout the structure and through the water.

    3- Put a water basin at the top and a fire pit or fireplace at the bottom.
    The water basin can actually be used for a secondary water source that would promote growth and potentially allow for the tree to grow taller.

    4- Put copper pipe around the inside of the fire pit or up the chimney for a fireplace. This will act as a pump. (You can also use a hotplate if you prefer) The copper pipe should only be used close to the intense heat of the fire. Any amount of heat promotes upward movement in this case.

    5- Add water wheels (fidget spinners can be used for some decent mini water wheels) for electricity. This electricity can also be used to promote growth in the structure and in gardens. Check out how electricity is used to directly and drastically improve plant growth.

    6- Add hanging gardens for fresh produce. A vertical style garden will do several things to improve overall health and productivity.

    7- Splice other saplings and/or fresh tree cuttings using the tongue and groove method for shelter. This can be done with roots as well as branches. Encouraging roots to intermingle and cultivating a healthy mycelium bed are both ways that allow all the plants to share nutrients and different forms of protection. This would create a natural network that can be used similar to a computer for both the plants and people if a computer interface is plugged into the chemical language of the plants.

    This design provides food, filtered and conditioned water and air, electricity, shelter and SO much more! Everything a person needs for life and survival. Hence the "Tree of Life" nickname!

    In addition to the benefits listed and the techniques described, this structure will grow and get stronger over time.

    Crystals can be used as a natural source of low level energy creation and as forms of transistors.

    Cymatics can be used as a form of communication directly with the plants.

    There is SOOOOO much more that can be done using this method for creating structures and homes BECAUSE it is living.

    -This idea will eliminate 90% of the demand for large corporations and industries.

    – This idea will reverse air pollution and filter the world's air naturally and beneficially.

    – This idea will reveal the counterproductivity of governments and starve the governments of their power. Your fear and desperation.

    There will be no need to clear cut entire forests to build ever again and this will encourage the natural ecology in our world instead of fighting with it.

    Be a part of the change.
    Not a part of the problem through government.

    We have made excuses for ignoring the fact that we are supporting all the problems we state we are against. Let's be the change!!!

  • When you said Saffron Mellow Yello Donovan popped into my head

  • You can start a decent forest with a couple of mature specimens

  • Bamboo is incredibly invasive and not great for the environment in the United States. It outcompetes any native species that wildlife rely on and removes any sort of biodiversity from a habitat. Definitely do not plant bamboo unless it’s in a totally controlled perimeter because once it gets dense & mature, the root systems make it very difficult to remove.

  • Is this the same crotus that will grow in Indiana during the spring?

  • something is expensive at selling like saffron does't mean it's very profitble there is big confusion , so many low quality videos on youtube

  • Sounds like you know fokall about farming

  • Hmmm vanilla the world second most expensive spice– definitely think that should have made the list!!!

  • You can dry mushrooms.

  • thanks!!! going to plant at spaceoceans studios<3 -PREXENTS

  • “Agriculture contributed 136 Million $ to the US economy last year” 😂

  • You say $200,000 for SIX years of intense work/per acre? The only way that will make a million is if you ALREADY have instruments and revenue to start producing on a very substantial scale.

  • You better interview a farmer before making your next video. The higher the cost of the produce is mostly because of the LABOR and all other related expencive. Think of oil. It's free . Lol. Just drill a hole in the ground.

  • Saffron is from parts of Europe and the Middle East. Not exactly cold weather crops, so that rules them out for most places. Plus, it takes around 500 of the stems to make a single gram, and it's a specialized form of agriculture. I didn't watch the video. It just urked me with the title and the thumbnail. If saffron was easy to cultivate, it wouldn't be that expensive. Lol

  • You haven't covered weed, opium etc 😅😅

  • Bro you said the same information like 3 times over and over again.

  • Ginseng is a supplement, not a food. If evwry farmer went for cash crops we would have nothing to eat. Another situation where greed overtakes the human need. We need food, not profit crops. What use does lavender have if everyone dies from starvation?

  • And every farmer can go bankrupt running their first crop of this stuff this is the reason many steer clear of it

  • Yeah that's why the best saffran is grown in south Morocco!! Sahara region !! I' was there last year !!

  • Most commercial farmers turn over is in excess of a million dollars already. It only take a single failed crop, to loose a million dollars or everything also.

  • Someone has an awful lot to learn about farming… A farmer is very lucky to get .10 cents for every retail dollar… The other .90 cents is split between the retailer and distributors/wholesalers. So you can chop at least 90% off of ALL your estimates per acre.

    It’s a rigged game against the farmer. No matter what happens, the game is always rigged. In good years of abundance, the prices drop and in bad years, the prices go up… Too bad you couldn’t have had a good year when everyone else had a bad year… Chear up mr farmer… Perhaps next year will be your year to make some real money.

    The only way a farmer makes any money is if they do all thier own marketing, distribution, and sales… In those cases, for the few that can manage to do all of that, then farming can be a good business…

    But I suspect you already knew all this and made this video as part of a deceptive propaganda campaign to attract gullible greedy morons into becoming farmers… If you really want to do that, you have to pass laws to protect them and ensure it is illegal to screw them over the way they are currently being screwed over… .10 cents on the dollar is robbery, and it is often much less… for the vast majority of farmers that are lucky enough to get out of the red, $90 to $140 dollars per acre is considered doing good. That is what they have to live on and possibly reinvest back into their farms (buy or repair equipment, etc).

    Spoiler alert… No one is going to pay back a loan on margins that thin, they are going to end up losing their farms, like millions of others.

    Not $60 per gram, $5 or $6 dollars per gram… if the farmer is lucky… And the farmer still has to pay for all the labor… This is why Saffron comes from other poorer countries, who tend to average a penny per retail dollar…

    But hey… Don’t take my word for it… Go buy a farm if you think you are gonna strike it rich and make millions… Let me know how that shit works out for ya…

  • he said silicone 😂😂

  • Dear all Farmers, if everyone's making these products, you are hurting the cost.

  • If labor is free, you can make money, but since covid? Good luck hiring people.

  • This is all bs you'll never get rich doing any kind of farming because of government controls how much money you

  • Cultivated ginseng is not as valuable as wild ginseng

  • Coke and weed much more profitable cash xrop

  • Who does youre math ? Joe Biden?

  • I know of flowers behind sold for far more

  • If everybody pro saffron the price will drop you're liable to lose your shirt but hey if you make a million all except a couple of grand for this advice

  • Who would buy these crops in volume

  • Mushroom ginseng lavender saffron and goji berries

  • Meh. I'll stick to weed and poppies.

  • While living in Southern Alberta, I bought a goji berry bush at an end of season sale. It produced even when it was still in the pot. A few years later, I had more berries than I could eat. Strangely, the birds in that area didn't touch them, ever.

  • Marihuana is a crop that will make you a millionaire since it was legalized.
    There are specific mushrooms used in medicine when sold to US firms because they pay well.
    Lavender is a weed and is hard to find buyers
    Correction safron is the best LEGAL crop to sell. But in illegal crops are and tons that makes far more money to make drugs, tho i wont name them cause this is YouTube however i will give you a hint: All of the wars in Afghanistan have happto fight for the control of the production of the most valuable illegal cash crop in the world. Yes all of the Afghan wars including the US invasion because the Americans use it to make the strongest pain killer in the world: Morphine.

  • It be 300 $ a gram be good wages to collect it .

  • Ginseng wild is way more valuable than growing under fake shade environmenta and absolute no to bamboo

  • What about a pound of that bc green

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