Herbs and Ancient Irish Healing

The traditional Irish have lengthy been recognized for his or her therapeutic practices and natural treatments. For hundreds of years, the Irish have used quite a lot of herbs to deal with a variety of illnesses. From complications to digestive points, these herbs have been used to assist folks really feel higher and stay more healthy lives.

Probably the most fashionable herbs utilized in historic Irish therapeutic was nettle. Nettle was used to deal with quite a lot of circumstances, together with complications, joint ache, and pores and irritations. It was additionally believed to have a relaxing impact on the physique and thoughts. Nettle was usually brewed right into a tea and consumed to assist relieve ache and irritation.

One other fashionable herb utilized in historic Irish therapeutic was . was used to deal with quite a lot of circumstances, together with digestive points, fever, and even wounds. It was believed to have antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties, which made it an incredible alternative for treating wounds and different pores and irritations. was usually brewed right into a tea and consumed to assist cut back irritation and promote therapeutic.

Different herbs utilized in historic Irish therapeutic included , dandelion, and . was used to deal with quite a lot of circumstances, together with complications, insomnia, and digestive points. Dandelion was used to deal with pores and irritations and was believed to have detoxifying properties. was used to deal with anxiousness and despair, and was believed to have calming properties.

These herbs had been usually mixed with different pure elements to create therapeutic salves and ointments. These salves and ointments had been used to deal with quite a lot of circumstances, together with pores and skin irritations, wounds, and even complications.

The traditional Irish had a deep understanding of the therapeutic properties of herbs and used them to deal with quite a lot of illnesses. From complications to digestive points, these herbs had been used to assist folks really feel higher and stay more healthy lives. Whereas fashionable drugs has come a good distance, it’s necessary to recollect the therapeutic energy of those historic herbs and the knowledge of the traditional Irish.


  • Thank You so much! I am so blessed today to come across your videos. You speak of the real Truth and the light! I hope this spreads like Wild Fire and People wake up! I'm so thankful to you and everything you teach! Just can't say thank you enough! Thank you!💚💛💓💚🐾🌱🌲☘🌿🍁🍂🌾🌸🌻🌷🌹

  • Thank you for a really great video, so true about the truth. I've noticed it more and more, especially over the last few years, a lot of people don't actually care about the truth anymore, they're so disillusioned by life, caused by all the untruths and social engineering they've grown up with. Your videos shine a beautiful light on how things should be…❤

  • Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. I greatly appreciate it. I am Irish and Scottish but grew up in America and its nice to hear about the Celtics. I have always been fascinated with how they lived and wanted more information but haven't come across anyone talking about ancient ways. Thank you for sharing, and if you have any other wisdom you would like to share, that would be lovely. ❤❤❤❤

  • Really nice Video! Im really glad you have made all these Videos to share your knowledge with the World! I've been in Hawaii for almost 60 Years and here you would be called "Kupuna" So We all appreciate the Lifetime of Knowledge you have Accumulated and can share Very well through these Videos.

  • I love your philosophy of life!

  • Beautifully said and so right. We are so disconnected. I have gotten way out of balance as of late. I know better. It just seems life is going sooo fast. I studied with a shaman for about 7 yrs after a near death experience, although I am a Christian, the connection to God is so real when you stop and "be" in His creation. We really have never left the Garden, we have just been blinded to it. I am sooo happy to have found your channel. I am 59 and my ma has been gone for awhile, and I miss her so much. She was a wise woman and my best friend. You and her would have been good friends I think.

  • I’m going to hug Adam. ☝️🌳

  • I’m going to write your speech out and send it to my Mum and Dad they were also kept healthy until my mum took too many of the thing. I’ve had a terrible time with some lol. I tell the truth too much apparently. 🤷‍♀️☝️😅

  • I love the Water…we only have a little Garden we were going to do a Pond cleared and cleaned the area…then 2020 came and went and all of a sudden it was 2022 lol …so I put out a washing up bowl and made an island and some stones for our birds..lthey all come and bathe …We Love
    Our Beautiful Birds. ❤️🌻☘️

  • It’s been the most beautiful Sunshine her and we had Rain yesterday beautiful seeing our daughter …helped us get through a very worrying week. The hospital is lovely but they’re starting building I hope they do t ruin that one aswell.

  • Bring back the Truth…Terri Conroy. Very well said. I’m going g to make a meme lol. Everybody worries about everything they hear aswell now. It gets on your nettles it’s nothing like it was …worn us out. Lol 📻

  • Our Son was ill also,after a thing not his lifestyle he has always works very hard too but a thing…that was in June 2021 we had to bring him home to live to look after him. I did try to warn them I Detoxed him and a box round the ears aswell for being so naive…he was on,y 23 his mates all…I couldn’t be,ie e it…we’re not allowed to tell the truth in facebk either. ☝️ 🤷‍♀️that’s what we all have to look after a our Beautiful Mother Earth and our Beautiful People.
    This year he’s just come home for. His Festival this wkend…I looked at him and he’s grown twice as big in 4 days…he’s strong again lol 💙🦢💙

  • They definitely Lie a lot yes…do they tell any truth any longer. Lol 🤷‍♀️😅

  • I rode my bike everywhere love it. ☝️

  • And your two beautiful doggies awe bless our younger daughter and her family have two dogs and two cats just got a new little a kitten…Elijah. 🌻

  • I watch you and Lols video over and over again such a Beautiful Land Ireland and beautiful a music and Beautiful Souls. Reminds me of Scotland my Nana and Papa had
    D a wee Burn…running along the bottom of their garden …two,little brothers always playing out by the burn over the burn and in the burn and I. I fell in The Nettles a few times ouch lol.
    I don’t know if that’s how you spell it
    A wee burn maybe it’s Byrne but that’s what they called it. Funny name for a little river lol. Is it a full Moon or something. When we saw our Daughter on Sunday she was back to being a little chatterbox bcs we haven’t seen her for so long aswell like I am typing long. Kim is doing g remarkably well but it s not her lifestyle always worked hard our Kim …it’s what happened and the kindest Soul too. 💜🤍💚✍️📻☝️😅

  • I’m Really lucky my Husband is a great cook and he loves doing it lol ☝️😅 I do too but it’s a bonus when you both can lol We are Nature and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden. Lol ☝️😅

  • Very well said Terri .llThankyou our 34 year old year old daughter has just suffered a heart Attack. But she has pulled through …she’s not my blood daughter but you’d think she is she’s so like me in her nature lol…but I took the Twin Daughters on when they were only 8 .
    I merried my amazing Husband Kevin …things had not been good for the girls with their birth Mother.

    She caused so much trouble to us and then terrible thing to her third Husband.

    I was at the end of my tether…but our Daughter is doing really well now her Dad and I have been down.
    She was threatened with losing her job to have a thing if you know what I mean.
    She’s doing so well now I knew she could and would pull through. I’m so lucky so much support from my lovely friends also my lovely friends in facbk lol.

    We have Cherries growing on our Bay Laurel…loads. Wow it’s Magical. We
    She’s tried to cause trouble again on Friday night Harrassing us…unbelievable. Our daughter Kimberley does not want to see her. They let her in while Kim was…I love our Willife Freinds I am Nature Terri and Lol are Nature. Lol
    Sorry to be in with such bad news but it s relevant this what you were saying but Kim was fine before these things. She managed well. 💜🤍💜

  • We eat lies, digest hypocrisy and defecate fear.

  • Your videos are what I wish the world was,people living off the land and helping each other.

    THEY keep going on about saving the planet but always going against it,THEY do not care about us.

    I really hope for a huge shift and a huge shift in consciousness and things change for the better 🙂🤟🏻

  • That was the most beautiful thing Ive ever heard. A beautiful Lady teaching ancient wisdom. Wise Woman, I salute you mame! I am posting this to FB & Twitter. I am subscribed

  • what a wonderful video, thank you

  • Loved this…. makes so much sense!!

  • What a beautiful meditation Terry! Thank you!

  • The footage of the black water is so beautiful! I don't know what it is about it but there's magic there …thank you for sharing such lovely content!

  • So much wisdom in one woman, thank you for your videos!

  • The truth is always hidden by the lobbying pharma companies to the politicians. You're show is truth!❤

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