Herbal Plant Remedies : Herbs: Ginger for Arthritis

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  • The sugar is not good for the arthritis.

  • I like this arthritis treatment method “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it)! I`ve had arthritis on my hands and joints for several years, and this product really helps to relieve some of the discomfort. I personally use it frequently, not always every day depending upon how my joints feel, however I liberally spread this on my fingers and hands and within an hour they`re feeling better. .

  • I can not say home much I love this arthritis treatment solution “Rοngοdο Ruzο” (Google it) product. It will take out the pain and discomfort from my many years old arthritic hands and joints. I personally use this regularly especially when the pain is too much, however I only need to spread enough of it on my hands to make the pain go away quickly.

  • Another effective way of consuming the ginger is by cutting a ginger root about half a finger size (or maybe a little bigger than that depending how strong you like it) and blending it with 400ml of warm water resulting into a ginger juice, drink it every morning on a empty stomach for best results. The taste will be a little strong but i found this to be really effective, in fact at one point i haven't felt any rheumatoid arthritis pain in over 5 months until at one point i started to become lazy to drink it everyday and stopped for a good month before the pain started to come back, so now i'm drinking it again. C:

    PS: Used to be on methotrexate for over a year until i discovered the ginger.

  • My knees can really give me problems at night when its time to go bed. I buy ginger where I can chew it..small..and it works.the pain in my knees melts away.

  • My rheumatologist had me on three different immune suppressants to control my psoriatic arthritis symptoms.

    I get the same level of control by ingesting a little ginger every day. Mrs Thompson also recommends turmeric, which I have been taking, and avoiding "nightshades" like potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers.

  • why not just eat ginger raw. why take extract ???

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