Embracing the Bounty of Tropical Plant Medicine: Unlocking the Power of Nature

Welcome to our enchanting island foodscape, where permaculture and art of planting seeds secure our family’s future. In these uncertain times, need to reconnect with incredible plant medicines that surround us has never been greater. Join us on a tour through our garden as we explore the wonders of tropical plant medicine, showcasing their versatility and properties.

Comfrey: Nature’s Elixir
One of the most useful plants we grow is comfrey, also known as bone knit. This versatile plant serves as a beautiful border for our fields while also preventing unwanted growth. Beyond aesthetics, comfrey possesses remarkable medicinal properties. It aids in broken bones, sprains, and bruises. To harness its power, we prepare compresses using its leaves. Additionally, comfrey is highly nutritious and can be incorporated into soups and steamed dishes, providing a delightful cooking green. Its ability to accelerate by increasing cell division is truly remarkable. However, caution must be exercised with deep cuts, as comfrey’s rapid may outpace the body’s natural healing process.

Propagating Comfrey: A Simple Art
Propagating comfrey is an effortless endeavor. By carefully dividing its roots, we can create new plants. After gently shaking off the soil, the divided roots can be replanted, ensuring their rapid growth and establishment. These comfrey starts, once planted about four inches deep with ample water, will flourish within six months. As a dedicated football player, comfrey has become my trusted ally in healing soreness, bruises, and strained bones. Crushing the leaves into a fine consistency and applying them to the affected area offers almost immediate relief.

Olenna: The Golden Elixir of
Meet olenna, also known as turmeric, one of my favorite medicinal plants. Revered by herbalists worldwide, turmeric is considered a cure-all for many ailments. Regular consumption of turmeric enhances overall well-being. Its versatility is highlighted by its myriad culinary uses. We incorporate turmeric powder into stir-fries, use fresh turmeric root in soups, and enjoy its juice sweetened with honey. Our journey with olenna began when a Hawaiian medicine man shared his passion for its cultivation. Now, after 13 years of farming, we continue to cherish its healing properties.

Propagating Olenna: A Journey of Transformation
Propagating olenna is a straightforward process. In some regions, people plant the fingers of the root, while others prefer using the mother root. We opt for replanting the mother root, ensuring the growth of healthy new clumps. However, each section can grow into a new olenna plant, making it an easily propagated medicinal herb. Its vibrant reddish-orange color signifies the curcumin content, which holds the key to its healing powers.

The Spiritual Symphony of Olenna and Taro
Our approach to cultivating olenna mirrors our method for growing taro. By heavily mulching the soil with organic matter and grass clippings, we create optimal conditions for growth. The rich orange-red hue of the soil indicates the high curcumin content, ensuring the potency of our olenna crop. Beyond its physical , olenna also plays a vital role in spiritual cleansing. It embodies the delicate balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual states. Sprinkling ourselves with saltwater and olenna leaves purifies and rejuvenates, acting as both an external and internal remedy. Its connection to kanaloa, the Hawaiian deity of the ocean, symbolizes its regenerative qualities.

As we conclude our journey through the enchanting world of tropical plant medicine, we invite you to embrace the power of nature’s healing gifts. Whether it’s the remarkable comfrey or the golden elixir of olenna, these plants offer endless possibilities for physical and spiritual well-being. Let us cultivate these treasures in our backyards and unlock their full potential. Nature has always been our greatest ally, and now, more than ever, it reminds us of its immense healing prowess.


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