Ejaculation By Command Review – What Does This Book Write About?


Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing problems for men while having sex. No one wants their sexual experience to be so bad. Thus, they will find ways to solve it.

On the market today, many functional foods and drug manufacturers advertise their products as having to treat that issue. Experts don’t recommend this method.

Ejaculation By Command appears to help men handle premature ejaculation in natural ways. Is it effective? Let’s scroll down this post for a detailed Ejaculation By Command review.

What Is Ejaculation By Command?

Ejaculation By Command is a program that can help men lengthen their climaxes and improve their sexual . This way, it can give them complete control over their sexual experiences and pleasure.

Ejaculation By Command contains the top-secret male adult film stars employ to maintain their rock-hard sexual performance for as long as they choose.

Moreover, the application is incredibly thorough and packed with various insightful data that can fundamentally alter you play between the sheets. The author divides it into two sections for ease of reading:

  • I. Secret of sexual stamina
  • II. of the mastery

The first section contains all of the information you need to understand premature ejaculation and Ejaculation by Command may help you solve this problem.

The second section has all of the actions. This contains workouts, food suggestions, perfecting positions, sex tactics to utilize in the bedroom, hacks to overcome worry and fears, and much more.

Does It Help You?

Ejaculation By Command simply instructs men on how their body reacts to sexual arousal, the time to an ejaculation explosion, breathing techniques, and increased blood flow. Then, they might lead to the falling off the cliff situation.

The book also contains an outstanding section on proper breathing methods that is both extensive and simple to comprehend. There’s also a reason why distraction strategies are frequently useless. Instead, you might learn how to pay attention to the correct kinds of bodily sensations.

Indeed, the author of Ejaculation By Command shows many useful ejaculation control methods. It explains how you should practice alone to understand and manage your levels of arousal. This is critical for developing control, so it’s fantastic that it’s discussed so well.

One of the most crucial components of the book is that you must spend the bulk of your time focused on the partner. Much advice on oral sex and foreplay can get her closer to climax, allowing you to spend less time in bed.

In addition, you can refer to an intriguing section on what foods you can consume to boost your endurance, which most other books don’t cover.

Overall, the author, Lloyd Lester, has done excellent work in approaching the subject from several perspectives and providing various solutions.

Are Techniques In Ejaculation By Command Effective and Safe?

All methods in the book – Ejaculation by Command are risk-free. There are no extreme procedures, and the author does not recommend purchasing any drugs or supplements. They are all-natural that does not include doing anything unusual or dangerous.

Depending on each person’s body and physical condition, the effectiveness can be . However, because it is 100% safe and doesn’t have side effects, why don’t you give it a try?

Note: Just buy the product from the official website or its affiliate stores to ensure its authenticicy.


  • Provide straightforward ways to deal with premature ejaculation.
  • Well-written and concise.
  • Natural methods.
  • There is a section with immediate assistance tips.
  • No hidden charges such as accessories or supplements for the methods to function.
  • Include the audio version


  • Contain several commercial pitches to purchase more manuals.
  • Cannot be a permanent remedy for men.


After this Ejaculation by Command review, we cannot deny that this is a fantastic -help book showing men natural sex prolongation techniques.

Remember that you must be patient to do the guide to get the greatest results. Moreover, continuing with it can help you better regulate your ejaculation reaction and last substantially longer during sex.

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