Dr. Sherry Ingraham Shares 5 Natural Home Remedies for Clear, Healthy Skin


  • They did yackey wrong πŸ˜‚

  • Trying this, if you find this, ask me and I'll tell you how it goes

    Here's everything they talked about in the video –‐>
    At Home Face Care;

    – Take aspirin, crush it with a spoon, put it in a cup, and with a Q-tip that has water on it, dab the pimple. Shrinks it and takes the redness out

    – Take green tea bags and let them sit for five minutes. Relax wherever, take the washcloth you've soaked in green tea, and let it sit on your skin. A wonderful soothing mask, great for sunburns, rosacea, or acne. Then you get up and do your daily routine. Make sure when you're relaxing to keep the washcloth on at all times

    – Apple Cider Vinegar is a great thing to use, don't want to use it straight? Mix about a tablespoon with two cups of water, again, and put a washcloth on the face, best for acne and oily pores. Can be used every day as a toner, make the mix and use a ball (or pad) of cotton and wipe your face with it once or twice a day. It'll remove oil and impurities. Great for acne

    – Take oatmeal, and mix with water (can be done in a blender), should be thick enough for a paste. Apply the paste to the skin, and make a mask. This'll draw out impurities, also very soothing. Great for acne, inflamed skin, and sunburns. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes then remove it. You can add raw honey which is anti-inflammatory! You can do the aspirin trick with the raw honey and put the oatmeal mask over this causing an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect making things heal faster.

    – You can also use the raw honey by itself. Dab the raw honey on any pimple you want to be healed, you can leave it on for 5-10 minutes (sometimes with a mask) or even 30 minutes before it becomes harder and stickier. Best to do this when you're doing your hair, brushing your teeth, etc.

    Hope this helps anyone who may find

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