Documenting a Real Life Ozempic Journey (An UNFILTERED Look at the Good, Bad & Ugly)


  • A numbers warning😂😂 are people so stupid that they need a trigger warning for numbers now?

  • I have a Ozempic pen in my refrigerator but tried the Berberine 1st. Nope, you are wrong. I started Berberine the first week of November. I AM 55, MENOPAUSE, INSULIN RESISTANT, WORK FROM HOME * SEDENTARY (LONG 9+ HOUR DAYS.)
    I have lost 13 pounds, taking 2 Berberine per day prior to my 1st meal.
    I highly doubt that I will ever try my Ozempic pen because if I have to pick my poison for a lifetime, I prefer staying on the herbal supplement Berberine vs Ozempic because I am not a diabetic or even pre-diabetic been fortunate to have good lipid panel results.

  • I appreciated hearing about something I experienced that devastated my health, made me 100lbs overweight and was shockingly simple (though not easy) to resolve. I was hungry! All!The! Time!! And in spite of avid reading and awareness of better choices, I was addicted to unhealthy “food”. In 2011 I read that eating wheat might be causing an immune reaction that contributes to reduced thyroid function. I wanted to fix that, if it was possible. Within 3 days of stopping eating wheat, I had a “normal” response to food, could eat a reasonable amount, of healthy food, at wise times. I began to lose the weight, without doing anything like extra exercise . Just real food. I have since termed what I experienced “the weird hunger”. It comes back temporarily if I am glutened, even a tiny bit from cross-contamination. My doctor confirmed I do not have celiac disease, but “non-celiac gluten sensitivity”. Staying away from this, then making other improvements in the quality of my food, plus taking supplements suggested in “The Craving Cure” by Julia Ross, (which are also useful for depression), resulted in my losing 110 lbs and keeping it off ever since. I had so many explanations for my hunger and addiction issues that were simply not why I overate, gained 3 lbs overnight, or sometimes felt crushing fatigue, nearly suicidal or ugly. In my case, the gluten sensitivity triggered or blocked something in my brain that goes away in 2-3 days of avoidance. As long as I avoid it, I am a happy, calm person. So, I do, which means I eat food I know was prepared safely, just as a person with celiac disease should. And because I am no longer an active addict, my life at 62 is much healthier than at any phase of my life, growing up, or as an adult. Surrounded by poor quality non-foods, in a culture that lauds treats foremost, it can be lonely to pick and choose, but so worth it.

  • Hello! 5 months later here lol but I wanted to comment on the diarrhea… I'm an ozempic user and got the gallbladder out as well. Normally, Ozempic will constipate you, what was/is happening to her is because she doesn't have her gallbladder. Her body is getting used to not filtering everything through it, and doing this "phenomenon" of "dumping "(that is what my endocrinologist called it) hopefully she eventually got out of it with proper diet and hydration. Some people never get out of it and need treatment, a friend of mine had it. 2 years after my surgery I'm still having BM issues but it is manageable.

  • I think any of us can relate to this childhood, being raised by people who were raised people growing up during the great depression.

  • did she get paid for endorsing this horrendous medicine??? Maybe just stop freaking eating garbage and start working out instead of ruining or body with this? Don't listen to her!!! In no way buy it, unless you are actually diagnosed with diabetes

  • Ginger's experience is so relatable

  • You lost me at this drug being used for eating disorders. You lost me there because the potential for abuse with those disorders are so high. To an anorexic, this drug will only fuel the disorder. I think it would be a serious problem if someone with an eating disorder got their hands on this drug. Now for binging eating disorders this drug could be extremely helpful..but at the same time may help them switch over to anorexic tendencies

  • I’ve had terrible awful constipation on this drug down 30 pounds in 3 1/2 months.

  • oh but SO SO MANY "claim" Suhars NOT adictive*eyeroll

  • any updates on her journey????

  • My friend said she is doing wonderful on it and no problems.

  • My mom amd mom mom went to lean line. A 70s version of ww that came around.

  • Ive been on ozempic 6 weeks and down 34 pounds. I have a lot to lose. I was 328 the highest. Now im 294. I follow weight watchers too at the dame time.

  • Black box warning far pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer, no magic shot to cure eating disorders.

  • Same here. No shut off valve.

  • I'm not obese, I'm 5'2 I got to 150 ibs. I'm down to 125 with mounjaro!! Hardly no side effects! I feel GREAT not always thinking about food. Do it if u can afford it!

  • 90% idle talk, %10 content. Could've been a 5 minute video.

  • Diarrhea is also common after gall bladder surgery, especially with spicy, greasy, or fatty foods. I think with the meds and the surgery it was unavoidable. She is awesome for sharing her person life and experience.

  • Thank you Ginger for sharing your journey.

    I’ve never had an issue with food or drank soda my overweight came from a different issue, I just couldn’t lose the weight from a pregnancy for a baby loss.
    As a result I became diabetic and now I’m also on insulin.
    I asked my dr could I try Ozempic to drop the kilos. Unfortunately at the time it was unavailable.

    I’ve been on it since June 2023 and have lost a significant amount of weight. Maybe about 15 kg/33 pnds.
    I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in 10-12 years.

    However the side effects last between 3-4 days out of 7 days. One day I get nauseous, another couple I get dreadful indigestion & nothing works to relieve it, I may get an upset stomach along with the nausea.
    Yes my blood sugar is better, I’m not eating a lot (which I never did anyway) I’m not taking my insulin as regularly due to not eating, I try to cook but the will isn’t there. I don’t eat junk food, love my coffee 😅& I drink a lot of water. Sometimes I need to force myself to eat to live.
    It’s a double edged sword in reality.

  • I feel for her but she just had her gallbladder out when she started….that is probably more the reason why she had bathroom problems….

  • I’d like to see the lady on Ozempic rather than the 😂focus on your face.

  • I can relate to so much of what Ginger says….Wow. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I'd like to know which foods she has in the house. She mentioned eating a cookie and a diet soda.
    I would start with removing junk food and eat low-carbohydrate.
    Behavior modification and conscious eating is more important than a lifetime on medications.

  • Blbost,blbost a zase blbost.Ozempic jsem měl možnost vyzkoušet a jediné co se projevilo bylo trochu špatně od žaludku které nebránilo tomu abych se zase pořádně najedl…

  • Dear God, I'm 40 years older than you, and you might as well be reciting my food/weight story. Brought back so many memories.

  • You need 3 healthy meals and a workout….go to gym bring healthy meal, hit it for an hour, stuff your healthy meal in your face in your car…you are halfway there! Another meal 3 hours later, 1 more…3 later ….this huge worked for me became fit and lean in about a year…yea takes a year

  • So you never had ANY hunger-full cues, that's why you need ozempic but hunger crushing combo helped you with satiety… 🤔🤨 really – drugs are not solution, they're quick fix for now but in long term they don't fix any of the problem. Want a proof? Get off the medicine after 5 years and see if problem diminished/disappeared. I guarantee that not. Plus some of side effects.

  • Just take Imodium if it gets bad

  • I so get the never feeling full. Just never. I could never understand when people said they’d had a big meal and weren’t hungry. I was ALWAYS hungry. When I cut out processed food OR (I seriously don’t have to do both) do mild IF the cues come back. I have no idea why but it’s so stark and so obvious and such a RELIEF. It is so upsetting to never feel full—only pain once my stomach is distended but IM STILL hungry. It’s why I could fully do intuitive eating. I agree with the theory once I’m feeling my cues. It’s the weirdest thing but between having them or not having them I’ll do what I have to have them. It’s so stark. I get why Ozempic is popular.

  • Probiotics help with the Ozempic tummy issues.

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