Doctors explain how Wegovy and Ozempic work | 60 Minutes

most important false impression about weight and weight problems is that one way or other your weight is beneath your management. Weight problems is a illness of pathways that regulate your vitality steadiness.

Dr Caroline opovian, who focuses on weight administration at Brigham and Ladies’s Hospital in Boston, defined how the anti-obesity treatment would Govi and the diabetes drug work these new drugs which have come out.

What do they really do within the physique? These new drugs are analogs of naturally occurring hormones that your physique makes when the meals goes by way of. Your intestines, these cells within the gut makes these hormones and the hormones go to the and say you are full.

That’S what we’re placing in a pen and we’re simply giving sufferers somewhat extra of that fullness hormone. So the brand new treatment is saying all proper. You’Ve eaten sufficient, you’ve got eaten sufficient and it does so once you’ve eaten much less meals.

That’S what it is presupposed to do are these the drugs. It’S identical to an EpiPen. Let’S say for a month, you open one, you are taking it, oh in your abdomen in your abdomen. You are taking it, go like that press, that is it! That’S it so unwanted side effects of those drugs how extreme, how severe, how lengthy lasting, very uncommon unwanted side effects of pancreatitis, however in any other case it is actually GI unwanted side effects, nausea, vomiting, , diarrhea, very minimally handled with low doses, however if in case you have nausea on the low stage proper does That imply you’ll be able to’t take the treatment it would not.

Your physique has to get used to the medication and you may keep on the low stage for so long as it takes to alleviate the nausea, and solely then do you go as much as the next dose yeah, nevertheless it does go away. It does go away.

The nausea does go away solely in uncommon instances is the nausea so dangerous that you would be able to’t take the drug. That’S why these medication are dosed slowly and beginning with low doses, construct up and construct up so, for instance, .

If for diabetes will Govi for weight problems, we begin at 0.25 per week after which after a month of weekly 0.25, you go up the following month to 0.5. If in case you have no nausea or your the nausea is minimal, then the following month you go as much as 1.Zero after which uh 1.7 after which 2.4, which is the very best that is the excessive and at 2.4. That’S the place the common weight reduction in within the research was 15 to 17 p.c after which one third of these sufferers over 20 weight reduction.


  • Ladies taking this. Is this painful to adminiter in the stomach? Does it burn? How was your first time? Im a little nervous about the injection part and what were your symptoms as soon as you injected the medication? I am 27 and Im still waiting to start as there is a shortage of the Wegovy. Im hoping i can start my latest next week. Ive been skinny all my life until starting a long term medication that soon changed my life for the worst making me gain an uncontrollable amoount of weight, fatigue, and just general overall exhaustion, cant fit into anything and am hungry 24/7. I went from a normal weight of 139/145 lbs to 212 lbs. I am now down to 196 lbs without the Wegovy as i am waiting for my script to be filled. I hope this works! I know my mother was on this or a injection similar (maybe ozempic) and it made her uncontrollably vomit for 3 days to the point of having to stop the drug. I pray this isnt the case for me as I was told there isnt many effective weight loss medications that can be prescribed at the moment if this not work…. unless i was given incorrect information and there actually is more weight loss medications that are and have been sucessful. If anyone has any tips or tricks i seriously need the advice before starting this drug.

  • So basically it's the benefits of intermittent fasting and low carb/keto for those who have no discipline of doing it the hard way.

  • I'm a diabetic and been on Ozempic for 3 yrs at 1 mg I never lost any weight I' ve put on weight and i do suffer from vomiting n diarrhoea from time to time so can't understand how people are losing weight the only good thing is its keeping my blood sugars are are a good level. But I don't like it at all.

  • I have this in my fridge ,starting today super nervous 😅

  • Dude I love this I’ve been struggling with weight my whole life and I’m gonna ask my doctor about this.


  • When I started Wegovy last April, I felt bloated, light headed, irritable, and I still felt hungry. I have now lost 40 pounds. My blood pressure is down. My back hardly hurts anymore. I can pick up my two grandkids at the same time. I can also bend over and tie my shoes…something I couldn't do for 10 years. I exercise more (but not crazily so) and I watch what I eat. In short, I feel a whole lot better about myself than I used to.

  • This is insanity plain and simple. Another example of treating symptoms and not causes. After hundreds of thousands of years we now need a drug to tell us to stop being hungry? Get insulin down and protein up and you won’t be hungry. That means stop eating carbohydrates which now make up 60% or more of the American diet. Sugar is the drug everyone is addicted to. Now we need another drug so we eat less of it? The underlying cause is still there. Until you deal with that you’re now addicted to two drugs instead of none.

  • <- we have kittens. They definitely don't need ozempic or wegovy 😂

  • From what I’ve gathered is that most ppl who are nauseous on this drug and have side effects are due to either over eating or under-eating on the drug and constipation is from an improper diet without veggies and protein. Also electrolytes are important. Most of those with side effects can reduce them by switching things up. Also drink plenty of fluid.

  • I have type 2 diabetes and had been on Truelicity for over a year to manage it. Six weeks ago, I asked my doctor if he would switch me to Ozempic to try and lose a little weight. After 4 weeks on the Ozempic, I was DONE with it. I was sick all the time, diarrhea constantly, it even changed the color of my stool to a grayish/black color, vomiting. I just couldn't tolerate it anymore. I decided losing a few pounds just wasn't worth it. This, for me anyway, was a demon drug. Never again.

  • How much is she getting paid from the manufacturers…

  • Does it not bother anyone that Ozempic carries a
    black box warning for thyroid cancer?

  • So they just aren’t going to mention the self-deletion side effect?

  • Ladies and gents be careful with this thing

  • Take what she said with a grain of salt. She lied and said obesity is genetic in this same interview which even the NIH admits is BS to tiptoe around feelings.

  • I like having the nausea. Make me feel less

  • Pancreatitis 😅….. nah I’m good

  • This is the vibe I get from her: Another Doc who is promoting medicine to get rich..

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    As a full time obesity management physician I wanted to eliminate some of the controversies. The medications ONLY work if you have a complete team involving a psychologist, nutritionist and possibly a sports physiologist. Taking these medications on their own and expecting to lose weight is simply poor management and education by your doctor. Imagine if you had heart disease, your heart surgeon did the surgery and said good luck, you seem to be doing well and no further education or follow up- very poor medicine. Good luck to all of you on your healthy journey (weight loss is a very pleasant side effect)

  • I’ve just started it now – 3 weeks on 0.25 – so excited to see where it goes – I’m so thankful I can pay for this and at last have found something to help me at last 🤦‍♀️

  • Don’t do it!! Unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to Wegovy .25 horrible feeling like you can’t breathe on top of extreme cotton mouth and headaches. Not worth it lesson learned!!!

  • NY Post article on this today titled: "I went off Wegovy — here’s what really happens when you stop taking the weight-loss drug"

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    People still don’t get it, do they?

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