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  • You have repeatedly use the term “stratification”. I believe what you mean is “vernalization”. Stratification is the classification or grouping of plants or anything else. Vernalization is the term describing when a plant, seed, bulb, etc, needs to be exposed to cold or freezing temps in order to grow properly the following season. I hope you see this post though it is a year later. Be well.

  • Go to a hair salon or barber and ask to put all hair cuttings in a provided medium trash or bucket. Place hair around the fruit or veggie plants. Deer smell the hormones and stay away Good luck

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  • I have ordered quality seeds to star my medicinal garden. I’m a good gardener and have grown herbs but more for cooking. My big concern is where and how to plant. As an example I don’t want to plant things next to each other that shouldn’t be next to each other or things that need room to spread or self seed I don’t want to close to something else and I don’t know if things will cross breed with each other or not I want to till up a section of my yard so it’s all in one spot as far as things that I would use for medicinal purposes look and I still have a lot of pollinators and different flowers I plant down in my garden for specific reasons like helping with Polynesian and with attracting certain healthy garden helpers and for the tree rabbits and things like that and cooking herbs and stuff but I’m worried I’d I plant them in bunches or rows or something I may mess it help. How can I find advice on how to plant for spacing and what they can grow next to? Any tips would be so appreciated

  • I love your channel! I just found it this past weekend after starting our beginning forays into homesteading (aka I have no clue what I'm doing so we planted a garden and starting at the very beginning).

  • Where did you get those fantastic seed storage containers?

  • GREAT video; thanks SO much!🙂

  • Do you have any books you recommend from going through your health issues and healing? I’ve been on Gerd medication for 35 years and would love to get off of it.

  • Lol, I was wondering if you were gonna mention roses! If I could only have one plant in my garden, it would be roses. They are by far one of the most versitile plants both medicinally & for aesthetic pleasure, and are so easy to care for. I've honestly been quite surprised at how infrequently they are mentioned on garden/herbal/homesteading ect. channels. Anyway, very helpful info all around! Will be saving to my library, thanks!🌹

  • Great video! Can I ask how long your seeds last if kept in the container you are using? I have mine in sealed containers in the freezer and what are your thoughts on keeping them in the freezer. Thanks Melissa ❤️

  • Are medicinal herbs seeds different than regular seeds?

  • I can't get the free chart in the blog post to work. I disabled my AdBlock and enabled pop-ups but it won't submit.

  • We've just moved to a very different climate then we're use to, it's extremely rainy particularly in summer when we have our hot weather. I would love if you could do a video about how you deal with the rain, how you protect your crops, any varieties that work better or any tips or tricks would be fantastic? We've had basically three straight months of rain and our poor plants are drowning, I would love to be able to protect them better next season.

  • Excellent video! Very important info, especially in these times.

  • Melissa!! I can't over express how much I enjoy your videos. I'm sorry to say it's been sort of recently that I've discovered you but I'm taking in all I can!

    I am hoping to start a medicine garden this year and have several seeds already! I really appreciated this video and cued off on something you said as it relates to something I've been searching to determine!!

    >>>>> When it comes to medicinal plants, flowers specifically, do varieties change the efficacy? In other words, is it just as effective to choose varieties that are aesthetically appealing (pretty colors)?! I will gladly prioritize function over beauty, but if I can have both… I mean why not?! I just worry that getting varieties of medicinal flowers that I think are prettier may impair their efficacy. Any advice will be an enormous relief!

    Keep up the great work – I can't wait to continue to discover your bounty of treasures!

  • Do you sell seeds? If not, where do you buy them? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks.

  • Where did you get the seed box? It’s awesome

  • Do you put them in pots?
    And do you mix them?

  • If a type of seed needs stratification, can I just plant them outdoors in the first place?

  • Thank you so much for the useful idea of charting. Could you share the container you keep all your seeds in? I love that, and living where I do this would be very helpful. Thank you so much for this video.

  • Have you heard of Uprising Organic seeds out of Bellingham?

  • Sage is delicious in the southern chicken dressing!

  • Hi Melissa I would just like to mention two of my favourite plants which happen to be deer proof and edible for us they are Autumn sage of which I have four different colours courtesy of local parks and gardens there was a sign that said don't pick flowers well I just wanted some stems 🙃 we don't have deer roaming Christchurch and I think the flavour is too strong to eat but the kids can't stop picking the flowers and sucking the nectar of the back they flower predominantly summer and autumn into winter here and are mostly evergreen and Hibiscus syriacus obtained in similar fashion the leaves are pleasant enough to eat I have 7 white with crimson centre's and more recently a couple of near black which should flower for the first time the plants do like it to be hot before they flower.

  • Wild crafting for elderberry is a good way to start new plants from cuttings. When it comes to deer, fencing and dogs are your best friends. Consider the old cottage gardens were always kept inside the fence.

  • Thanks. I love learning about new seed companies. You are so organized. My seeds are tossed into two boxes.

  • Is there a way to grow medicinal herbs in my apartment? I have a fluorescent tube grow light, but that may be a long shot. There is nothing but concrete for a back yard where I rent. Or can I buy some of these as already potted plants some where?

  • I love your videos!
    How do I equate your knowledge for my climate and timing? I live in a moderate climate but in the winter, almost my entire garden gets shade from oak trees on the southern hill that blocks much sun. frustrated. thanks! Also what is your area and climate? thanks!

  • Would you add your seed company

  • Blog what is the link I am new to your channel

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