Cowboy Cures Part Two | Homemade Natural Cures and Remedies

The Timeless Natural Cures and Remedies Used by Cowboys

For over 30 years, as a seasoned Chuck Wagon cook in remote Rough Country, I have relied on tried and tested remedies and remedies that have been passed down for generations. While I must emphasize that I am not a doctor, I have personally found these natural remedies be effective. In this article, we will explore some of the ingenious solutions that have stood the test of time.

1. Treating Minor Cuts and Wounds:
When you find yourself without a knife or hydrogen peroxide clean a wound, don’t fret. Instead, reach for a fresh lemon. Although it may sting, lemon juice acts as a natural antiseptic, cleansing the wound while the vitamin C promotes healing. Remember avoid covering the wound and allow it breathe.

2. Soothing Burns:
Whether it’s a hot skillet or a welding accident, burns are an unfortunate part of life on a ranch. Contrary to popular belief, applying ice can worsen the burn. Instead, grab a potato and squeeze out its juice. The starch in the potato helps draw out the burn and speeds up the healing process. For burns on the palm, pour the juice on the affected area, wrap it with plastic wrap, and cover with a towel for quicker absorption.

3. Relieving Sunburn:
When the scorching sun leaves you with a sunburn, reach for a tomato slicer. Gently rub the affected area with the tomato for approximately five minutes before rinsing it off. The natural acidity of the tomato, combined with its potassium content, will provide relief and aid in healing.

4. Natural Remedies for :
Consult with your doctor before making any changes to your medication regimen. However, for those seeking natural alternatives, consider incorporating lemon water into your daily routine. Squeeze a freshly rolled lemon into a cup of warm water every morning to help lower and cleanse your liver. Additionally, beet juice has proven to be effective in improving circulation and reducing . Consuming half to three-fourths of a cup each day can provide notable benefits.

5. Simple Solutions for Indigestion and Heartburn:
When the spices in cowboy lead to indigestion or heartburn, two common household ingredients can provide relief: baking soda and water. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it to neutralize excess stomach acid. This simple remedy can alleviate discomfort and promote digestion.

While these natural cures and remedies have been used for generations by cowboys, it is essential to acknowledge that individual results may vary. Always consult with a professional before trying alternative treatments. Nonetheless, embracing these time-tested solutions can provide a holistic approach to well-being while living off the land.


  • Love and appreciate you guys! Not only for your knowledge, but for the spirit your videos bring to our home. ♥️

  • First time I'm seeing this, I like it!
    I'll go see your other videos, i think your wife's laugh adds to my interest in the video! Laughter is a good medicine, stay happy!!!

  • I'm 98% sure that if God forbid, they ever had to do an autopsy on Kent, they'd say his blood stream is 50% beef and 50 % potatoes. LOL

  • Hi from England. Love your natural remedies. I'll certainly try them.

  • Instead of a lime on the wound, just use honey or pine sap. Natural antiseptics and it will seal the wound once it dries. Just rinse it beforehand.

  • Thankyou Mr Rollins. I always learn somthing from one of your videos. I believe in natural things like foods, spices and stuff like that. My body will accept those things better than chemicals mafe in a labratory. I call the Gods phamacy. We need to learn this stuff and utilize them for our better health. Preventive medicime naturally or if need be natural things to feel beter and keep going. God bless yall and the family Kent.

  • This might seem a little crazy but I've done it and it works.

    If you have a sliver or a thorn that you can't get out, take some egg white and dab it generously on a bandage and put the bandage over where the sliver or thorn is and leave it overnight. Seal up the bandage good with saran wrap or tape or whatever of course. In the morning when you take the bandage off that egg white will have drawn that sliver out or at least out far enough you can just pull it out. My grandma showed me this when I was little and had a rose thorn stuck in my leg and we couldn't get it out.

    I'm not a doctor but it has worked for me.

  • In my younger years I worked for a family doc. He had three natural remedies; 100% Cranberry Juice for gout. Drink 1 c. three times a day till the gout or kidney stones or kidney/bladder infections were gone & then continue for an extra 3 days or a maintenance of 1 c. every day. Another one was what he used to tell folks to use for Impetigo, cold sores, or sores in the mouth. Take 2 Tbls of Milk of Magnesia & 1 tsp. of liquid Benadryl, mix them together & rinse your mouth. The last one was what he prescribed for stomach flu. He said use the BRAT Diet; Bananas, Rice, Apple Juice, & Tea. This is the only thing you should eat till it passes & then 3 days afterwards while your stomach & bowels completely heal. I’ve never seen any of these fail. 👍🏻

  • When I got mouth sores from my chemo I use to get hot water and baking soda and it helped a lot

  • Hibiscus tea is supposed to be great for BP too. Apparently 2 cups a day is as good as any statin medication!

  • Awesome Awesome and wise💯💯

  • I drink hamburger pickle juice for gout. It works for me

  • Hey cowboy Kent Rollins I love your video I was wondering if I could use the tips you showed us in this video if you don’t mind me I make a video using the same tips. Thank you.

  • I have found that putting salt on a cut works wonders too. It will hurt for a little bit, worse than alcohol, but to me it keeps the soreness away as it heals. I never knew about the tomato and sun burn. thanks

  • I have another cure for indigestion and heartburn…1 spoon of yellow mustard. Something about the type of acid or instantly stops heartburn. Its almost magic. Yes it sounds strange to eat mustard when you are already burning. But try it.
    Wish I had a food poisoning cure. I was poisoned Tuesday. Not fun.
    Another good cough relief is honey and whiskey like Jack Daniels. Toss in a little lemon.
    Wish I could lower my blood pressure without pills. Its the top number thats the worst. Also something good for the kidneys to prevent kidney stones.

  • did he just put lemon juice on his cut

  • If you want a good nights sleep. Try 8 to 12 ounces warm water, think a cup of tea, and a tablespoon of each honey and lemon juice and sip. I sleep like a baby. I will say I have weird dreams, not nightmares, dreams. A great nights sleep. I usually add a little more honey and lemon juice than a tablespoon

  • Awesome. Thank you so very much.

  • Shredded potato works great on a burn from steam

  • Z

    Man I love how this showcases how Kent’s a humble genius 🧠 smart natural cures with a side of laughs!

  • A natural remedy for dissolving kidney stones and possibly preventing them, is fresh squeezed lemons into water. Or better yet, drink lemonade sweetened with *organic sugar only* or stevia. The organic sugar will prevent acid indigestion due to drinking so much of the organic lemonade. You have to drink A LOT of it over a number of days or weeks. BUT! It really works! Ask me how I know. 😉

    My body loves creating kidney stones that sometimes need to be surgically removed. One day my surgeon suggested that I start drinking lemonade and so I went on a regimen of drinking a quart a day of organic lemonade (you can find Paul Newman's brand at most grocery stores) and within a month, the stones that I thought would have to be surgically removed had been reduced to a size that I could naturally pass on my own and some of the other stones completely dissolved! That not only saved me another surgery, but thousands of $$ in medical bills!

    It's the citrate. Lemons contain citrate, which is a chemical that prevents calcium stones from forming. Citrate can also break up the stones, allowing them to pass more easily and in my case, dissolve them completely. A word of caution: Follow every glass of lemonade with a glass of water. Swirl it around in your mouth for a second before swallowing. If that's not done, the acid in the lemon WILL dissolve your tooth enamel making your teeth weaker and even causing them to crack and break.

    Drinking Lemon juice from fresh lemons (not that powdery stuff) can also prevent kidney stones from forming. I have not had another kidney stone attack since I started drinking it and believe me, I used to be a kidney stone quarry.

  • how made sun burn lolotion

  • Why is a baby standing barefoot with all these people ? This baby is out of place in this photo!

  • I have done the potatoes for my dad eyes when his eyes were burnung.

  • I did a lot of stuff like this and from the other video when I didn't have health insurance.

  • My grandmother would make Mullien tea feom congestion. And Yellow Bitter Weed tea for Diarhea.

  • You are so right my dad take some of this stuff everyday I say it all the time our elders know way more smarter

  • Great suggestions! Turmeric is also great for heartburn!

  • My cure for a cold garlic and corn whiskey

  • Baking soda paste works well for burns too. It also helps for bee stings. I learned that in Girl Scouts.

  • Hi Kent! I work in an electrophysiology lab in southwest missouri. We do heart ablations every day, I hope everything turned out okay for you!

  • i use natural remedies for the rescues #1 organic honey natural antibiotic

  • I take the Tart Cherry Tablets (1 a day), which helps inflammation in the body and gout. (I get it from Amazon). Great video. I love natural remedies, which is so much better for us than prescription drugs. Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Cowboy Kent I been watching your videos and I'm new to your channel and I also love spicy stuff,I love me some habanero peppers especially habanero sauce it's my favorite kinda thing to put on chicken

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