• 1:39 Honestly, we're living in the dark ages. We need to eliminate the corrupt disease care system that milks you out of your wealth when you get sick. MDs, mostly, are nothing but drug pushers, and big pharma has a racket that's beyond belief. Have you ever had an MD ask you about your lifestyle for diet etc? Doubtful! How can we trust them when they can't even cure a common cold. They don't want to cure the common cold cuz billions are sold in cold remedies. The medical disease care industry has become a major part of our economy. It's no longer about manufacturing, mining, and agriculture: these are the things that make a nation strong. I had a girlfriend that was an MD ($3000 per day) and she told me their entire philosophy is to medicate. She could care less about the patients' welfare. It's about the almighty bucks, getting rich at your expense. Doing the research, there's a 1000 different types of herbs that supposedly are good for cancer tumors. But big pharma doesn't want cures. It's a multi-trillion dollar scam. As far as I have experienced the only good doctors are ER doctors. And let's not get into the veterinary industry. The vet I just spent $1,000 on didn't do anything but take over-priced xrays and sedated my beloved dog nearly to the point of a coronary—-the next step is always the same: "we need to do a biopsy for $600". Vet care is exclusively for the rich. Animals suffer. When will this incredible greed stop in the medical industry and actually transform into a healthcare industry? My final comment is that having an MD next to your name is actually an embarrasment. Nurse practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, and PA's are vastly superior to MD's. That has been my experience in 40 years of dealing with doctors (and vets). One more thing: I went to a vet that markets himself as a holistic vet. When I mentioned basic tea tree oil, he had never heard of it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ!!! I feel sorry for these people that are being scammed with a super expensive degrees. A lot of them went into the field thinking they were going to cure people. After a decade of indoctrination they become part of the modern disease care scam.

  • Okra, garlic ,cloves, blackseed ,are very good at fighting cancer

  • 99.9% of all pharmaceuticals have their roots in natural Plants and Animal Venoms.

  • Garlic tea is great in killing cancer cells, Blessed Be.

  • Am battling stage 4 prostate cancer with garlic, tomato, oregano along with SUGAR RESTRICTION

  • Tumors feed on glucose. Take all sugar and carbs out of your diet.

    Then cancer goes away. All these other things are a waste of time

  • Raw Garlic and panax ginsing

  • read practical knowledge about cancer. just google "prasant rai quora"

  • Will thsi work for VHL patients?

  • I used carrot juice and blackseed oil and apricot seed therapy. Iโ€™m the author of The Angelโ€™s Advocate-How I Overcame Cancer The Natural Way

  • It won't work, it never does. The plant works synergistically. you can't just take out one chemical and synthesize it and expect it to work the same as the whole plant, like one bolt out of a complex factory of machinery. These people are grifters.

  • Thank you Dr emuakhe on YouTube.this is my third time of experiencing the effectiveness of your great herbs for the immediate relief to Cancer.i will place order for my old mom.more grace to your able..

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