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  • My husband won't believe me can you please send me some proof

  • Anyone who is a resident of California….and purchased Balance of Nature in the past 6 years, can request a full refund from the company due to misleading information being spread in their radio and TV advertising.
    You must ask the company for forms to begin the refund process.
    For some people that can mean a thousand dollars or more. Act fast as there is a overall limit in the court settlement.
    For information Google Balance of Nature settlement
    There may still be some money in the pot. Regardless, make the request and report back.
    For now, the settlement only applies to California.

  • They like to hire LDS and FLDS people to work for them. I used to work there. They are heavily influenced by Scientology. Scientology owned probably. The CEO claims to be LDS.

  • Bet he feels bad now that the FDA shut them down for major manufacturing violations. They had no specification documents meaning they really have no idea what is really in the bottle. Disturbing to say the least

  • Does balance of nature deliver on claims? That's what I'm interested in,,,

  • Balance of Nature is dried, powdered vegetables in capsules. That’s all it is! For $80, you get 2 bottles, each containing about 2 whole vegetables in large capsules. THAT’S IT! That’s about $20/sweet pepper! Fresh vegetables are better. Does that seem like a good deal, to ANYBODY?

  • Lol, Shapiro the Snake Oil Salesman … Big Surprise 😅

  • Hey A-Aron, love your content. Maybe you've addressed this, but how can Ben Shapiro be Jewish and support a Scientology owned business at the same time ? I thought I saw in one of your videos that the 'church' does not allow or recognize other faiths ? Just curious.

  • Yeah I am sick of the bullshit commercials. I'm not a nutrition expert but I'm also not a fool and if you buy into balance of nature, in my opinion you are sadly a fool with too much extra cash on hand as these useless pills cost $60 to $100 for ten days supply! The only benefit people can get from taking these useless pills is psychosomatic.

  • charlie kirk promotes this too.

  • balance of nature is a scam selling fiber to senior citizen ! they need to go to jail!

  • Thought Balance of Nature was privately owned by Dr Douglas Howard out of St. George Utah? I dont see anyone else saying its owned by Scientologists

  • NT

    i’m a conservative & I can’t stand Ben Shapiro – he’s a complete hypocrite in his ideology. One of the fundamentals of conservatism is the appreciation of the bill of rights & freedom of speech – but he’s for israeli anti-free speech laws against jews. he’s the mega shill of all shills

  • Well, here's my two cents worth. You can't really expect a you tube channel or an individual to do a background check of every sponsor they happen to get. I doubt the daily wire knows what every sponsors, brands or company's personal views are and whom they might be affiliated with. Also, I doubt Ben personally chooses his sponsors. He just does the add read that his team give to him. So, asking whether Ben cares or knows about scientology's abuses is a bit silly. Overall, it would be a pretty unrealistic standard to have, to expect people to be that kind of vigilant over every person or company they might deal with in the future. Especially a busy company like Daily wire. If you started boycotting every single brand or company that publicly stated views or affiliations that you disagreed with, you'd probably find there were hardly any companies left to deal with at all. Now I'm not saying Aaron is suggesting any of this or that I'm being hyper critical over what he said. I'm simply putting the topics into perspective and answering the hypothetical questions he raised.

  • Scientology also targets denturists.

  • great product love my Balance of Nature

  • So… ok, Balance of Nature is run by a Scientologist. But my concern is , is the product’s claim legit?

  • Balance of Nature's current revenues are over 72 million per year….

  • I’ve been living in Utah for about 30 years and I have to say I am surprised that brands headquarters are in St. George of all places. That literally one of the most Mormon places in Utah. So to see two cults residing in that little place is interesting. The LDS cult and the Scientology cult. 😂

  • You think that Zionist gives a crap if he’s promoting another religion as long as it’s not Islam.
    However balance of nature has a contract with daily wire so all their hosts promote and advertise this thing on their shows. I’ve seen it on Candace Owens too
    I live in Utah. So no wonder I see that stupid brand everywhere in the grocery and pharmacy stores. And they’re ALWAYS BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 😂

  • Your merchandise is way too expensive. $21 for a coffee mug, are you serious? You’re aware that we’re knee deep in a recession, right?

  • OMG, me and my mom wanted to try that stuff, we had no idea that it was linked to Scientology, I’m sure Ben doesn’t know either.

  • This is the shit that freaks me out. I had no idea. I don't use it, but I thought about trying it. I won't support anything that's pays Scientology's bills.

  • I’m pretty sure Fox News is selling these too!

  • Ben Shapiro is a scam artist just like all these jokers

  • Wow1 wow! Does that make it a lie?

  • This product scams elderly people. My 87 year old father has been taking this “supplement” for at least a year. He’s had absolutely no benefit from it. He still can’t be convinced that he shouldn’t waste his money on it. It’s heavily pushed on Fox News and other conservative media outlets. I think that explains a lot.

  • Lol, conservatives love money. That's Ben's ideology, Steven Crowder's, Matt Walsh's, Tim Poole's…. on and on. The filth that they spew wouldn't be spewed if it wasn't lucrative. Everything else is subordinate.

  • S K

    How can anyone stand to listen to a whole show of Ben Shapiro?

  • Oh yeah they just got sued for 1.1 million in California and lost the case

  • Yes this company forces you to do scientology during work hours. They make you fall for this basically saying they use it as a business tool. The moment you deny the courses you are then outed. They find a reason to fire you. EVIG. Ship It. Premium Production. Premium Health. These are all under BON to avoid taxes etc. United we pledge also a tax free company under Balance of Nature

  • Balance of Nature advertises all over the place. The media that runs the ads, doesn’t know the connection with Scientology and if they did, is it legal to turn down the account. Why not send a letter to Ben’s company and ask him?

  • As if their Scientology connection wasn't bad enough, Balance of Nature is one of the biggest scams in the supplement world. Their product is essentially freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Let's look at the economics of their 'Veggies' product as an example (the same analysis can be applied to their "Fruits' product as well.). The daily dose of their Veggie product is 3 capsules. That costs roughly $1.50 per day (taking 3 capsules of their Fruits capsules would cost another $1.50 per day.). According to the bottle label, those 3 Veggie capsules – together – deliver 2 grams of dehydrated vegetable powder – essentially vegetables that have had the water removed. Now, vegetables are, on average, around 90% water. The math is pretty simple – it means the 2 grams of powder in 3 capsules — if reconstituted with water – would be the equivalent of 20 grams of raw vegetables (that's less than an ounce). The general recommendation for adults is '5 standard servings of vegetables per day.' BUT – a 'standard serving' is about 80 grams (roughly 3-4 ounces). SO – this means that your daily dose of 3 Veggies capsules is providing the equivalent of 1/4 of a 'standard serving' of vegetables. You would need to take 12 Veggie capsules per day (at a cost of $6.00 per day) in order to equal the nutrient intake of a single serving of vegetables.
    For the 'customers' featured in the commercial testimonials to claim that taking the equivalent of less than one ounce of vegetables daily 'increases their energy' is simply nonsense.

    Finally – Balance of Nature recently paid a 1.1 million dollar fine to the FTC for its misleading claims about its products being able to treat cancer and heart disease. They may think that by avoiding such blatant lies, they can still rip off people by promising 'a better life with more energy' – but there is currently a major law firm putting together a class action suit against B of N for their ongoing lies about their product.

  • Lol he hates vegetables. What a real man lol. Why does it sound like AI?

  • Liz

    I keep seeing those supplement commercials on tv, i had no idea it was affiliated.

  • I’m so glad you put this out there! I really wish you would reconsider doing that list…

  • The media can really change people's perspective especially when people don't have information so a guy talking in his YouTube channel can say all malicious lies about Balance of Nature.I know the company and have some friends who work there 99 percent of this video is lies.. We need real journalism not some guy on YouTube channel saying whatever zero proof and we are supposed to believe him.

  • This guy is so full or crap!
    I work for the company and I don't know a thing about Scientology nor do they push it.
    I know the owner and he (and his family) are NOT Scientologists.
    And…I personally know Dr. Bond as well.
    In fact, the owners of Balance of Nature AND Dr. Bond belong to my church NOT Scientology.

    Do not listen to this guy. He's full of crap!
    Lying through his teeth when he doesn't know any of these people.

    Balance of Nature is hiring all of the time though and this guy can get a job here and see for himself.

  • Wow, I almost ordered these a couple weeks ago because I know I don't eat enough vegetables… I hear ads for them ALL the time on AM talk radio & on Fox News.

  • My back doctor said if I go to a Chiropractor he will stop seeing me, he said it is that bad for you.

  • I had no idea about this. I’m pretty sure that Ben didn’t look into this either……

  • It's not FDA approved also!

  • Neo con zionist grifter little hat man child

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