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  • I've been taking these for nine months. Loads of energy I am 57 years old started walking 2 miles a day. I have lost 50 lbs but I have also changed my diet. My doctor has taken me off of blood pressure meds. I feel like a different person

  • I started taking this 3 weeks ago and no joke this product is serious. I’ve got so much energy and I feel so much better i usually open the capsules and stir it into milk. It’s delish and I take them every single day. Love this product.

  • A picture of health…. 😋 Ya might wanna try some 'real' fruit rather than a powder that 'tastes' like fruit… LOL Hey! Where'd the fiber go?

  • Dude im a year late but i love your fkn attitude in all these replies to other comments i subbed

  • Jon

    I just got my order

  • The only downside is the stuff’s EXPENSIVE.

  • I am an active cancer patient and an active equipment mechanic. Chemo, keeping a positive attitude and taking Balance of Nature along with my oral meds has proven to be a POSITIVE influence on my battle. I take one red and one green capsule almost every EIGHT HOURS. This has proven to deliver the most reliable feedback to my body. My Cancer doctor is well aware of my actions and is monitoring my performance. This is NOT a recommendation by any means but is what helps me and MAY help others too. GOOD LUCK !!! William S. sends😊

  • I love that someone else feels better after taking these supplements. I approach products like this with a healthy amount of skepticism because usually the claims are B.S. and I end up disappointed and feeling cheated. But I can't say that about this product. Since going through menopause, I wasn't sleeping well, I felt lethargic and totally lacking in energy. I would drag myself around the house trying to get things done and was having to waste a good chunk of my afternoon napping. I've been on Balance of Nature for a month. I wasn't consciously waiting to feel a difference-I was just taking them as directed and found myself not only getting all my housework done in record time, but I had energy left over to start exercising again. I'm also sleeping through the night without the benefit of a sleep aid like melatonin or Unisom. I'm down 15 pounds (in a little over a month!) and I feel great. Now while I can't attribute my weight loss to this product, I am hoping that this really works and isn't a placebo effect. I would be open to reading more studies done by independent firms (double blind tests, etc.) to be absolutely sure this isn't all in my head. Results for me seem to be legit.

  • I just started on these today. I took one of each with breakfast and my energy at work was much better. I also take one of each with my lunch and dinner.

  • So how have you been feeling how much time did it take to know it is helping you. Give testimonies

  • I take balance nature and it's good stuff makes me have more energy at work

  • Como podría para poder comprar en Monterrey

  • This stuff is great! Been taking it for six months and will not take anything else.

  • Wish I could afford this every month. Looks promising

  • Glad it works for you. However, I have one thing to say and that's the price $$$$$$$… For a 28-day supply you'er looking at $89.95, why they just don't say $90.00 bucks is beyond me. And lets not forget the tax. And I have yet confirm if there is a shipping cost. Sure your first payment (to suck you in) has a 35 off. To add insult to injury they charge your card after every 28-days and put you on an auto payment. Sorry, but it's too rich for my blood will have to stick with a Casco multi vitiman. lastley, I take it that it does not work for diabetes.

  • I just don't believe you can take real fruit and vegetables turn them into a powder and make them as nutritious as the real thing. Just eat the real thing and get your fiber at the same time.

  • I've been taking this for about 2 months now & it's unbelievable, I've had a lower back pain for quite a while also a severe pain in my shoulder plus sometimes pain in my feet because of them being flat but I tell you the pains are absolutely gone, I just couldn't believe it worked that well but it's the real deal without a doubt

  • I work for Balance of Nature for 7 years! this is an amazing product and amazing Boss. Zac, If you have Diabetes its best to double up ant take 6×6

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