Alive After The Fall Review – Get prepared for a post-EMP world?!


To begin today, let me tell you a story about a person…

His name is Alexander Cain.

He is a theology professor working at one of the largest universities in Arkansas; He earned a doctor’s degree in Theology and Ancient History. And for the past 19 years, he has studied the ancient scriptures…

Back in 2015 when he saw Russia arriving in Syria he knew things were getting serious…

And as he saw this prophecy come true, he knew he had to do everything in his power to protect the ones he loves to survive the coming tribulations.

And the obvious place to look for answers is in what people did 200 years ago to survive and thrive without electricity…

Alexander started to study, and explore. He set to work on writing down everything he had learned. And when it was all done he realized everything he had learned added up to a comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving during the coming EMP-generated dark ages.

Every word is written in the knowledge that what’s coming is worse than Katrina, Sandy or any other natural disaster.

He has named his work “Alive After The Fall”. This is like a “Noah’s Ark” packed with knowledge for the coming disaster…

For more detail, please keep reading my Alive After The Fall Review.


Let me show you exactly what “Alive After The Fall” means:

It’s just a seemingly normal evening and you are home probably watching TV when suddenly all the lights and electronics go out.

Without any warning and without any explanation, the utilities are out: there are no more lights, there is no running water or gas for your oven.

Your phone doesn’t work. You look out the window and see that everywhere you look it’s the same: darkness and silence.

You knew this was coming… you know what has happened and you know you are ready because:

You discovered and put into place a step-by-step plan to prepare for when the EMP strikes. This is what “Alive After the Fall” is all about.


When you get “Alive After the Fall” you will also get access to the “Alive After the Fall” member’s area you can check out the products, download and print them. I definitely advise you to keep multiple hard copies around. When the power goes out all of this information has to be easily accessible.

✅Here’s A Preview of What the Program Can Show You:

  • You’ll discover how to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling with no power available for you fridge. Keep in food and medicine will become powerful trading items when the dollar goes down the drain. And soon they’ll even show you how to never worry about food again.
  • You’ll learn what are the There are 7 MUST-HAVE medicine supplies that can get you through any disaster. I will show you how much of them to store and . There is nothing more valuable than being 100% healthy, especially in a survival situation.
  • They will show you how to build a device that will shield your electronics from the EMP… this “Faraday Cage” is sold on the black market for $1499.. and they have discovered a blueprint to assemble one by using common parts lying around in your kitchen in just 10 minutes of your time.
  • And they’ll show you what are the 5 vital things you need to keep functioning after an EMP strike… using this knowledge you and your loved ones will have heat and running water during the coming catastrophe.
  • Most importantly, they’ll show you how to keep your family hidden and safe so that desperate and violent mobs won’t even notice your presence.
  • They’ll show you how to pick the perfect safe spot to retreat and how to protect your home from any looters You will learn how to make sure your car will still run…even though EMP fries car engine circuits. When disaster strikes you will need to travel to the safest possible spot.

All of the information above is designed to take you through all the immediate effects of an EMP and to help you put together the best survival plan for this biblical disaster.


  • It tooks them 16 months to develop this state of the art guide to surviving the EMP
  • This is hands on, hard earned experience and knowledge from those who discovered how to live a happy and even comfortable life without electricity…
  • You will discover how to put together an EMP survival plan for your family, how to keep a cool head when society collapses around you and how to be safe, clean and keep diseases away.
  • This is the vital and essential knowledge for the most dangerous and desperate times in American history.
  • Alive After the Fall” is not just EMP protection… it’s also about how you can cope with a food shortage, a mass pandemic a natural disaster or any other type of emergency situations.
  • Very informative ebook. There are things/tips that you may not think of


  • You can only get the program from its official website.
  • You need some time to read and understand the program before implementing.


A risk-free, worry-free, all--done-for-you plan. If you care about your safety, if you really want your family to be secure and are willing to do what it takes to do that, this is the option for you.

I highly recommend you go through the entire “ Alive after the Fall” and gain all of the valuable insights from it by clicking the buy button right now. Finally, thank you for reading my Alive After The Fall Review.


⭐Bonus 1: Survival Mindset: Keeping Calm and Assertive After the Fall

You will also need to know exactly how to make sure you and your loved ones stay calm and are prepared for the mental of such a calamity. That’s why when you get access to “Alive After the Fall” you will also receive “Survival Mindset: Keeping Calm and Assertive After the Fall”.

You should know that the human is the most powerful weapon in any disaster situatiom. Having this knowledge will make you sharp, aware and focused even when others are falling apart mentally.

  • This guide is dedicated to showing you all the secrets to overcome the powerful emotions that can overcome even the most seasoned survivalist during a disaster.
  • In chapter 1 you will discover the simple blueprint to coping with the emotional that can ruin even the most carefully put together survival plan: Anticipate, Identify and Manage.
  • You will learn the simple remedies for the most crippling emotional states: Isolation, Anxiety, Hopelessness and many, many others. This knowledge will keep you and every member of your group confident, disciplined, and steadfast and will maximize your chances of survival.
  • How to keep morale up and how to maintain a positive attitude. Using this information you will easily become a true leader of the community.

Keep in that many have lost their lives because they succumbed to emotional first and having this tool will make sure you are not among them.

⭐Bonus 2: Secrets to Sanitization After the Fall

The final thing you need to know immediately after the Fall is how to keep basic hygiene and sanitary conditions.

It’s called “Secrets to Sanitization After the Fall” and this is what the final part of the “Alive After the Fall” Package is designed to show you:

  • How to be safe from diseases by using survival techniques to dispose of potentially harmful waste and garbage. The horrifying truth is that bacteria and microbes that generate disease are responsible for 65% deaths after a disaster and you will have the knowledge to keep them all away.
  • How to efficiently use limited hygiene supplies to maximize their effectiveness. You will take comfort by knowing that you will make the most of the limited supplies you have and that they will last two to three times more by using simple tricks;
  • You will also discover how to prioritize hygiene needs during a disaster. Valuable resources must always be kept for high priority sanitization needs and not squandered on petty ones.

All of the information above is designed to take you through all the immediate effects of an EMP and to help you put together the best survival plan of this biblical disaster.

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