Air Fountain System Review: How Does It Work?


us, water is seen as obvious and limitless. Therefore, people often pay little attention protecting environment, limiting use or regeneration of new sources.

However, as earth is getting warmer and environment is more polluted, all resources are running out. With aid from the Air Mountain System, you’ll learn how protect, use, and exploit the water so it will be limitless. Is this really possible?

What You Should Know About It

Air Fountain is a comprehensive manual for surviving and thriving in the impending global water shortage. The detailed plan is effective for surviving the impending 100-year drought in .

The simplest, step-by-step video tutorial demonstrates how to build your own “Water Generator.” John Gilmour has given you clear directions on how to get fresh, clean liquid for your household.

The lesson will help you create a device that will provide you with water whenever you need it. It is then kept in a tank where it can be used for whatever you can think of, including drinking and watering plants.

You don’t need to worry about reserving, even if your space is restricted. Its generator will start to create liquid as soon as it is turned on. Because the entire system is so light, you could carry it in a bag in an emergency.

Learn how to protect and use the water with this ebook – Image source: Air Fountain System

How Does It Function?

You actually breathe in around 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, leaving only about 1% of your breath for the vapor.

And even though it might not seem like much, that’s a lot of water! Consider the rain that pours annually from the sky. The method is based on the straightforward idea that air condenses when cooled.

A rather simple liquid condensation mechanism serves as the foundation for this gadget. This device converts dry air into water by removing humidity from the air. Its vapor condenses as the air cools and is gathered in a reservoir.

Any 12-volt power source, even a car battery, can power the Air Fountain. Therefore, the Air Fountain is the only environmentally friendly option to acquire your daily water usage. Anyone wishing to live off the grid or save monthly bills should use it!

The Program Content

How To Secure Your Water Reserves

In places that water is hardly accessible, finding strategies to guarantee that you have enough water to serve you in an emergency is more crucial than ever. This ebook can assist you in doing that.

This in-depth manual covers everything, including the safest ways to reserve liquid and how to cleanse it before drinking. The ebook also has information on reusing greywater to reduce wasting.

How to Purify and Mineralize Water

The significance of liquid mineralization and filtration is often underappreciated. People believe they are safe if they don’t drink directly from a river or pond. However, tap water contains a variety of impurities that may be hazardous to your health.

This ebook provides you with all the do-it-yourself methods to clean and transform any water into a fresh one. You’ll learn nine exclusive tips for making the most of the dirtiest supply. Learn everything about iodine use, solar liquid disinfection, filtration, and more!

How to Purify and Mineralize Water – Image source: Air Fountain System

The Deadly Agents Hidden in Your Water

Even though the water may appear to be safe to drink, it may contain hidden contaminants that are quite dangerous. In this ebook, you will learn need-to-know things about unseen toxins (like lead, fluoride, or arsenic) in your liquid and how to recognize and prevent them. You’ll also study parasitic worms, protozoa, other organisms, and various viruses and .

Eventually, this guide will teach you useful information about preventing and treating waterborne diseases.

Benefits You Will Receive

  • Learning about the system provides users with pure, clear liquid.
  • Costing no more than 10 cents an hour, it’s inexpensive to use.
  • It is more energy-efficient than turning a TV on and consumes less power.
  • Without the electrical power supply, you can still use it.
  • Simple to set up and operate.
  • It is ideal for emergencies since it can still deliver a consistent supply when the power is gone.
  • Being portable and light, thus making it simple to store and travel.
  • It will last for many years because it is strong and well-made.


With the Air Fountain System, you will learn how to make water from air, use it properly, and regenerate it. Overall, we can affirm that it’s legit!

As mentioned above, water resources are increasingly scarce. The knowledge from this ebook will help you apply it in practice, especially for survival in harsh environments.

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