A cleanse won't detox your body — but here's what will | Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter

Put down the cayenne-lemon water and step away from the tea. Cleanses and detox products like these don’t remove toxins, says Dr. Jen Gunter, and some them may even be hurting your health. Learn your body rids itself harmful substances and what you can do keep this system running smoothly.

Think you know how your body works? Think again! Dr. Jen Gunter is here shake up everything you thought you knew — from how much water you need drink how often you need to poop and everything in between. This TED original series will tell you the truth about what’s *really* going on inside you.

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  • I really don't like the thumbnail of this video. Youtube recommended me this video and I immediately had to comment about it

  • I don’t have an opinion on whether detoxes work or don’t, I haven’t studied it enough to know. But this is spoken like a true Regine Spokesperson, a certified representative of “The Science”(copyright, TM). I wonder if this esteemed Regime puppet advocated the Covid vaccine, which flouted every single long-standing standard of good clinical trials, good pharmacovigilance, and common sense? 99.9% chance that she did, and Proundly Stands By That Support, as a rep for “The Science” (copyright, TM).

  • Apple Pectin Reduces Caesium-137 by 62%. Some countries in the middle east where Caesium toxicity is common have been using this for years. Heavy metal chelation could be a true form of detox. It really dpends on what someone means when they say "detox" For instance I use the word "detox" loosely to describe what happens when I consume a lot of probiotics in fermented sauerkraut and kefir and I experience die-off of bad bacteira. I may use it to describe the benefits that turmeric and milk thistle have on my liver.When you have a UTI and take cranberry that is kinda sorta a detox because it stops harmful bacteria form sticking to your internal organs so you can pee them out. In that case it's the water pushing it out that detoxes you. There are of course so many "detox" and "cleanses" you can find on the net that some of them are absolutley going to be bogus.

  • I had surgery in my abdomen, and my doctor later told me i had such a beautiful liver. Best compliment I've ever received.

  • YOUTUBE: Excess deaths, the silence
    Dr. John Campbell
    2.82M subscribers
    Jul 16, 2023
    Excess deaths, Dr. Vibeke Manniche. Leading medical researcher in Denmark

  • Lady you are not being truthful instead you are pushing misinformation on behalf of population control. If people follow your advice that cleansing doesn't do anything but then you push vaccines you outed yourself and you may only get a small uneducated audience. Truth Matters in todays world.

  • Beware of some of the comment(or)s, they're trying to sell bogus cleansing crap, exactly the kind of things the doctor warns about.

  • This woman is trapped in lala land. How about chronic issues that need to be addressed with fruit and herbs, I'm talking cancer, diabetes, diverticulitis and so on. Our bodies have the power heal and rejuvenate. There is nothing wrong with detoxing. There is the grape only fast that will heal cancer, juice fasting that will help with healing the gut, mono fruit eating that will remove mucus buildup strengthen the kidneys and will help our lymphatic system remove toxic waste and yes lemons only as well. Open your mind and research.

  • she didnt say at all how to actually cleanse the body

  • Clearly elite controlled woman, this is a clear disinfo campaign to steer u from the truth

  • As a Seventh Day Adventist, we take our fasting to heart, both literally & figuratively. Don't be intimidated by the word or the concept. You don't need to starve yourself, rather the term 'fasting' encompasses many different iterations the natural process of fasting that we all do naturally every time we sleep. In fact, if you focus your efforts on maximizing the time that separates your last food consumption in the evening, to the first food consumption the following day when you wake, you need not ever even attempt to endure an entire 24 hour period without eating, to see optimal results. My magic ratio is 8:16, which simplified, means to concentrate all your daily food consumption into one continuous 8 hour period, and conversely refrain from any food consumption within the 16 hour period that follows, 8 hours of which, ideally would include the time you are asleep. And thus, no conscious effort need be exerted during that stretch. That leaves 8 hours manage your fast preferably by tacking 4 hours each, onto either side of the 8 hour sleep period. So you're really only making a conscious effort not to eat for 4 hours when you wake until your first meal, then 4 hours again after your last meal. The objective here is eliminate excesses from your daily routine because excess causes the body to be overworked, which is fundamentally the main contributor to inflammation, the main factor in failed or rogue cell regeneration processes that are linked to many cancers & other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure & heart disease. It's an easy, effective way to limit caloric intake, maintain intestinal flora & influence strong liver function, all at once. Everyone should try it for 30 days. Health is wealth within our grasp!

  • Of course get the V and watch out of herbs! So wrong

  • "There's nothing particularly magical about mixing cayenne and lemon." 😂

    Thanks Dr. Jen! Less marketing, more science.

  • The only way to "detox" your liver is to eat a lot less sugar, avoid fructose, eat real foods and also eat a lot of foods with fibers.
    But the food industries don't want you to know that because they want you to continue to eat their garbages and the big pharma want you to take their medicines.

  • Thank you otherwise healthy people for over simplifying and discrediting what those of us with chronic illness have to go through to regain our health.

  • they think detox is like fiber for the liver. issue is, nothing escapes the liver

  • Yeah, in America you gotta work 100 times harder to be healthy you know family that’s just my observation especially because I have spent time out of the country over 30 days and I see that it definitely is the food. It’s a lot of chemicals in the food that makes everybody grow fat and it’s the hardest thing to get out of your body because they are parasites those chemicals turn into parasites. I was out of the country for like 20 days this last couple of months and I literally came back looking like a new person and I was eating the same thing over there that I was eating over here only I came back smaller so that’s interesting to me, so I know it’s the food. It’s the chemicals in the food should I say

  • And also other countries don’t really have that many gyms as well like how America does. We have one on every corner assembly because everything out here is so bad when it comes to food like you know, but every time I go out of the country always come back like 15 or 20 pounds lighter.

  • What a waste of time this video was…

  • ❤❤❤❤❤and drink water

  • Detoxing works 😂 its been around in non-western cultures for centuries. Maybe the "specific" word may not be right in todays world but cut it out lol

  • The leaches were used on the lymphatic system, not the arteries.

  • As a doctor this is whats wrong with modern medicine. To be fair most detoxes I review are far from what I would recommend. Detox is important and effective when done right.

    "Get a vax for your health." Uh, no.

  • lol, just dont and dont things

  • The quick fix is to stop putting stupid stuff in your system

  • Dr Gunter, you are misrepresenting the "Lemon and Cayenne" cleanse if indeed you are referring to "The Master Cleanser". Dr Burrough's cleanse is fabulous, but has been been Bastardized so much on the internet it is Shameful. Integral components of the cleanse have been left out such as the Grade B Maple Syrup (Originally Grade C fuli of minerals) and that you flush out your system with sea salt every morning. Please read it so you can speak intelligently about it and not poo poo all "detoxes" in a matter of minutes. I am sure there are many fly by night detoxes, but if you do your homework you will see that it is to cleanse from the top down, and the "stuff" it cleanses out of the intestinal is Amazing… let alone the amazing energy you get at about day 5 or 6. … I have also done Dr Supervised vegetable juices/broth fasts and those are amazing too. My current D.O. thinks fasts are great for detoxing if done correctly. Suggestion: do your research, do not take one 5 minute video as gospel.

  • I have a question, what proof (because science is all about proof) do you have that it does not have a positive detoxification on the blood stream? What studies have been conducted to prove what you are saying to be true? What rigours research has been conducted to say that this is incorrect ?

  • In essence don't do it do government drugs and and pay big pharma 🖕 u

  • Dr. Jen Gunter's eye-opening video challenges popular detox and cleansing trends, debunking myths and emphasizing the importance of understanding how our bodies naturally eliminate toxins. A must-watch for those seeking evidence-based insights into maintaining a healthy and well-functioning system.

  • I am forever grateful to Dr Omole on YouTube who cured me from herpes with his herbal medication, you are so real and trusted..

  • western medicine has no clue about detoxes. its just figuring out parasites that need heavy metals to live causes cancer and other diseases. our immune system doesnt seem to get rid of parasites right? aluminum gets lodged in your brain and causes high level of daily inflammation right? why isnt our live and immune system taking care of it?

    sometimes our bodies, as wonderfully made it is, needs a bit of help.

    also, lemon helps with level 2 heavy metal detoxes that happen in the liver. mercury and such. but you need selenium.

    her listing of these risks associated with drinking lemon juice and cayenne pepper causing imbalance of electrolytes is disturbing. firstly, most ppl are lacking potassium which you get a bit of in the lemon, cayenne pepper is pretty harmless and healthy ect…

    shes right about being careful with herbs.

  • You most definitely can detox by juicing your own fruits and veggies!

  • Fasting in Sanskrit its called upwas … fasting Practice used from so many years in India

  • 😂 😂 😂 This is the ‘expert’ advice??? Omg! In the part where she says to get the 💉 😂

    It’s funny and sad at the same time because people will actually believe her and follow her bad advice.

    At best, you’ll lose a couple of pounds?? I’m going to guess that she’s not a holistic doctor.

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