7 Natural Chest Infection Treatments (Home Remedies)

Have you ever been experiencing shortness breath, a persistent cough, yellow or inexperienced mucus, fatigue, achiness, and/or a fever? In that case, then you’ll have been affected by a chest an infection. this video, we’re going to cowl among the greatest pure strategies for treating a chest an infection that may assist clear up your lungs and make respiratory simpler.

1. Attempt the Basic Lemon and Honey Answer
Sipping an answer lemon, honey, and heat water is a basic house treatment that’s extensively used the over. It’s helpful in assuaging sore throat signs which might be attributable to repeated .

2. Keep Hydrated
Greater than 70% of the human physique is made up of water which is why it’s all the time vital to remain hydrated — particularly when a chest an infection is current. Dehydration causes the mucus and secretions within the lungs to thicken up which makes it harder to cough them up for removing.

3. Make the most of Humidity and Steam Inhalation
One motive that signs worsen throughout a chest an infection is due to dryness within the nasal passages. Humidity and steam inhalation is an effective way to counter this and soothe the airways. A humidifier produces steam and disperses it all through the room in order that it could simply be inhaled into the airways which gives reduction and helps loosen up secretions.

4. Attempt Natural Cures from the Ginger Household
In relation to food-based pure house cures for a chest an infection, ginger is a good one to contemplate. The roots of a ginger are extensively used for meals and pure medicinal functions wide.

5. Use Pure Important Oils
Utilizing naturally extracted important oils comparable to eucalyptus, lemongrass, rosemary, and sandalwood will be efficient strategies of treating a chest an infection. You should utilize these oils both by inhalation by way of diffusers, vaping, or by topical software within the type of pure vapor rub.

6. Take away Mucus By way of Postural Drainage
One of the crucial widespread issues that happen with a chest an infection is the buildup of mucus and phlegm within the chest and the airways, which might result in shortness of breath, discomfort, and generally wheezing. The human physique makes use of as a pure mechanism to eliminate extra mucus. However generally, pure is simply not sufficient.

7. Take Over-the-Counter Drugs
Pure cures are nice, but when the signs are too extreme or insufferable, that is when you may look into some over-the-counter drugs that may assist. They arrive in varied types comparable to vapor rubs, ache relievers, and decongestants.


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  • Is there an effective enough, natural way to treat Pleural Effusion? (due to heart failure) My elderly Mother cannot cope with any more medical poking, and prodding. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • 1 Hot honey nd lemon drink
    2 stay hydrated 3lt plus
    3 use a streamer r humidifier
    R hot shower
    4 take ginger supplements r drink
    5 essential oils lemon grass
    6 remove mucis postural drainage lie down keep hips nd legs up high
    7 over the contend meds de congressions vapor rubs pain killer ibrofen


  • I havnt been able to breath properly for over 6 years I’ve been having so many test and no one can find nothing

  • Is a small amount of tiny blood in morning mucus normal ? I had a past TB four years ago and completed my treatment. Moreover I have mucus every morning.

  • Yep I had this since Sunday 21 May 2023 still got it and it bloody sucks

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  • Anyone else suffers from constant ear ringing (tinnitus)after the COVID-19 vaccine? The constant ringing sounds In my head went away after weeks which of using ear drops and engaging in tinnitus program by dr Liam Ogbebor herbal centre YouTube channel ❤❤

  • Am very happy today because I was able to get rid of my bad breath and acid re-flux with the herbal supplement I got from #drobaedo on YouTube.

  • My husband God has been very good ❤

  • No, none of these solutions works in my case. I have tried all of them and nothing has helped, still coughing. Three months. Also tried Lichen Islandicus, Camomille tea…

  • I’m panicking I started having panic attacks then went to my doctor and added that I have mild case of chronic bronchitis and in inflammation in my lungs just to ad to my pain now I’m confused wether if I’m suffering from a panic attack or asthma and I’ve never had asthma but I’ve been having trouble breathing after coughing and also worried if it’s long COVID and if it’s going to be permanent I’ve never smoked nor did drugs/alcohol and I’m a brain tumor survivor as a child anyone would be depressed at this point and I’m omw to take an Ssri many doctors say I’m fine it’s only anxiety but my breathing ain’t the same I rather focus on my lungs than my brain I’ve done that already I need Jesus or a miracle never thought I’d have lung problems oh yea I also deal with arthritis in my right arm I’m barely in my freaking 30s and dealing with senior health why me

  • Garlic goes a long way. I left Moon child my recipe for instant relief

  • Do you own stock in Amazon and Walmart?

  • Good remedies but horrible lector who reads text like he is bored to death!

  • Thanks for the info. I am just wondering if ANYONE out there ended up having any kind of Lung issue's after receiving any COVID-19 shots. I have always been a perfectly healthy person. After getting my 3 Covid 19 shots. I end up in hospital with severe Lung bleeds…. doctors are stumped…I am saying its these shots.

  • A natural antibiotic that is said to be 10 times stronger than penicillin without killing the good bacteria in your gut – works on colds , bronchitis , toothaches – etc etc etc almost any type of bacteria/virus.
    I've been using this for over 25 years – haven't used Dr. Prescribed antibiotics in a long long time. Used in on myself, my son, family, friends . The ingredients 1) Real Natural Honey from a source close to where you live .( Honey is very medicinal but should always be bought from a honey farm close to you – the medicinal effects are better when the bees and the patient are in the same environment – dealing with the same pollutants etc) . Open glass jar of honey remove 1/2 of the honey and transfer into another glass jar.
    2) Garlic – garlic needs to be finely chopped up
    As fine as you can get it. Add finely diced Garlic and the garlic juice equally in both glass jars of honey.
    How many cloves depends on how small or large your jar of honey is. You want to have enough honey to be able to saturate the garlic. The more garlic The stronger the antibiotic will be. The reason we are mixing these 2 ingredients together is so they ferment together and the medicinal properties of honey and garlic create a very powerful bacteria/ virus killer.
    Store your Garlic honey in dark dry place ( like a cupboard – not in fridge). This preparation should be made as soon as you can than leave it in the cupboard for weeks – months as long as you need. The fermentation process makes it stronger Occasionally stirring the honey to keep it from hardening ( once a week or 2 weeks ) .
    3) ACV ( Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother – for those who are unsure of the mother it will be written on the ACV bottle if it is with the Mother )
    4) Water – optional
    When a cold or infection comes on
    Take your Garlic Honey mixture put 1/3 of a cup of the mixture in new glass jar – add in 1/3 of a cup of ACV and mix together. If you choose to dilute the mixture ( for some Adults /some Children who might find the honey garlic mixture too strong ) you can add 1/3 cup of water to your mixture. Always add equal portions of all ingredients.
    Dosage : Adults should take a tablespoon every hour till you start to feel better – when you start feeling a bit better 1 tablespoon every 2 hours , 3 hours etc eventually morning – noon and night . Than morning / night.
    Children – a teaspoon every hour till they start to improve than 2 hrs – 3 hrs same as for Adults.
    I always try to have a prepared Honey Garlic Mixture fermenting in cupboard at all times Always prepared for anyone who may come down with a cold, the flu, ear ache, toothache , etc , etc , etc.
    You can also take a spoonful of the Garlic Honey mixture everyday to Stay Healthy by boosting your Immunity
    Enjoy making your own Natural Antibiotic.
    No more need to wait in line for cold medication.
    Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor – I am just a Mother who loved taking care of her family and found an Amazing Easy Natural way to keep.my family healthy

    You can Google "10 times stronger than Penicillin" and you will find many different articles and videos explaining (Garlic – Honey) Antibiotic also called Honey Garlic Cough Syrup.

    I just wanted to Thank you for your Awesome Videos -💓💓💓 I love learning new Natural ways of staying healthy and healing the body naturally.
    So sorry for the length but really wanted to give as much vital info as possible by sharing this very Effective Natural DIY Medicine with easy to find ingredients that anyone can make for themselves family and friends.
    Blessings to All 🙏 I Pray this works as well for you as it has for my family so many others 💓💓💓

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