7 Days Challenge :World’s #1 Remedy To Stop Hair Fall & Get Longer,Thicker & Faster Hair Growth❤️

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This video is a challenge for all those who have had a severe hair fall or are having or are likely to have. Your hairline has receded. The hair in the crown area has reduced, the density of the hair has reduced, the hair is thin and the hair is not tied, So today’s video is only for you.

I promise you that if you follow today’s 4 step process, No matter how severe the hair fall is you have given up the hope of hair regrowth? I have come to give it back to you, And the hair fall will also be removed.

Hair growth will also be there. I promise you Just follow exactly as it is told and see the magic for yourself. Let’S know what are those amazing, 4 steps, Hello to my wonderful people present over here welcome back to the channel.

I hope you are all healthy. Happy taking care of yourself and are very positive If you have taken the challenge that we have to restrict our hair fall and we want very good hair regrowth. So I promise you that today’s 4 steps are, for you, see carefully, make notes, follow with your heart and believe the truth.

Your hair fall will also stop and there will be such hair growth that you will be forced to come back and say I love you. You say that anyway, but believe me after this, you will get a lot of help If your hairline is receding, the hair in the crown area has reduced a lot Or you are having hair fall in any way, and you are not being able to control it.

You are panicking, Believe me just do these 4 steps and you will be really happy. The first step is sulfur. Rich oil now see there are many options available for sulfur content, But they cannot be infused in oil, so the best option is onion.

Now, whatever variant of onion, you have available to start with, you have to use the small onion So that you get maximum results. But if you don’t have, then the red purple onion available with you, You can take that and peel them well, wash them and chop them small.

You do this for too. After this you have to take iron kadhai See. I have talked about deficiencies many times. I have talked about topical applications many times, But the house where there is no iron kadhai.

Believe me, you are missing a very important factor of , So make arrangements for an iron kadhai heat it. It should be a little thicker. Otherwise, the possibility of oil burning increases so take the thick pan, one Iron kadhai and you have to take coconut oil in it.

It is the simplest oil. It is easily available. It controls your dandruff and does many other things. So you can take this as a base. If you don’t have much idea about hair washing and you think that oil will get stuck, Then you can also take argan oil or olive oil because they are non-comedogenic and your pores do not stay there.

So you can take the base oil for which you are comfortable. Let it heat a little on sim And put the onions that you have cut in it. Let it simmer a little Let the sulfur content of the onion be infused in the oil.

Let it cook A new strange oil will be formed, which we call onion oil. You can call it whatever you want And when it is ready. How will you know that it is ready That the onion that you have cut will be slightly browned? That’S it after this, you will let it cool and preferably flip it in a glass jar.

Your onion oil is ready. I would like to request you that, no matter how good the brand is, If you are purchasing onion oil, then I don’t know what quality it is, But it is a waste of your money, time and energy.

Why am I saying this Because the potency of the oil that you make at home is something else. I agree that you are busy you go to office, you really don’t have time for all these things. Then you purchase it.

I cannot help it, But if you have even a little time, then prepare it and see how your hair fall stops instantly Step. Number 2 is going to be Omega and Vitamin E Rich Spray. Now how to prepare this? It is very simple.

It is very easy. First of all, you have to take a little milk in a cup you can take the milk that you drink Turn it in a little oven, make it a little lukewarm. You have to keep exactly the same amount as you drink And you have to take 1 spoon of castor oil in it.

Now you read about it. 1 tablespoon of castor oil has 120 calories, But you are not using it. You are applying it In which castor oil is very rich. Omega 6 Omega 9. Vitamin E content, Which gives you hair regrowth.

No one can compete with it. Now it is very thick, so we have taken its solvent milk, which will also work as a cleanser, And it will also dilute it a little so that it can penetrate your roots and strengthen them.

There is no better alternative than castor oil to increase density. That’S why you mix castor oil in milk transfer it in a spray bottle, And you can apply it on your entire roots. Even on the length, it is, a beautiful conditioner Apply it on the scalp, massage it apply it on the hair tie the hair, Leave it for 2-3 hours and then shampoo it normally.

Your hair will also be very good. It is a beautiful conditioner And you have done a wonderful thing for hair regrowth. So this is your step number 2. Now topically. We have done 2 very important things for our hair.

Now we will talk about internal health, See no matter how much you do. A leap up from outside: if there is a deficiency inside, Then nothing will work. That’s why the first consumption you have to do is To take zillions of nutrients.

It will be very expensive, very confusing. It is not at all. It is very easy. You will get it in just 1 spoon How You have to take 1 spoon of amla powder, Whichever amla powder, you are comfortable with bring it Check it.

It should be of edible grade; it should be edible. Take 1 spoon in a glass fill it with water and drink it comfortably First 2-3 days. You may not like the taste, But they are not drinking for taste. They are drinking for their health.

They are drinking to make their hair and skin better. That’s why let these zillions of nutrients work on your body When you have time you can take it in the first day. It is very good. You can’t take it.

We don’t have time Drink it when you have time Before eating after eating with . Obviously, you will not take it with , But when you have time you consume it And then see what magic happens. Final step step, number 4 is going to be Very amazing: iron, rich carbs, rich protein, rich Vitamin, A B C E.

You have to give all these vitamins as food. How to give First thing: you need is 1 spoon or 2 spoons or 3 spoons, Whatever quantity of batch you are making. According to that, you will take fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek seeds are hot in Taseer. It will heat the body Along with that keep taking equal amount of water. If you keep drinking water, hot Taseer will not bother you And balance will be maintained. After this, you have to take second magical ingredient That is, curry leaves, which we call, as curry, leaves Its iron content.

It has vitamin A B E C. All these are vitamins now think deficiency will be removed, So you don’t have to apply anything topically right. So you have to dry roast fenugreek, seeds and curry leaves Now take 1 spoon of both or 2 spoons of both Just don’t worry, okay After dry roasting, let it cool! Then you will grind all these ingredients Turn it into powder And after that, the powder which will be ready.

This is a mixture of all the qualities. If you eat this, you will see hair fall in first week, Its a challenge, video guys going on. I am telling you the fourth step. This is so potent in itself That as soon as your deficiency is addressed, Hair fall subsides And this hair growth is so much fun.

So you have to take 1 spoon of this Eat and drink water. No worries. If you don’t like the taste, we are not eating for the taste. This is a tonic for your body. If the hair that is falling is due to any deficiency, It is addressed and you get amazing results, Isn’t it amazing? So my wonderful people, 2 topical applications and 2 consumptions.

If you do these 4 steps for yourself, I don’t have words to tell you. I cannot tell you that your hair fall is completely gone and whatever hair regrowth you will have. You will be really happy.

There can be a little frizz during the process, but just don’t worry if the hair fall is there. We will settle the frizz Now just focus on hair growth, and then you will see what amazing results you will get.

Okay, everybody All these steps. You can do according to your metabolism, when it is suitable, then you can fit it No worries at all. You will not do oiling every single day So when you do oiling use that oil, If you are free and want to do conditioning, Then do step number 2.

You can do consumption every single day, Till the quantity of 1 tablespoon of the powder and 1 tablespoon of the amla powder Right, so relax and read about the ingredients and then try it and when we see the results got the results.



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